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  1. Life long Colts fan Mike Sands (in Reggie jersey) weds long time sweetheart Melaina Phillips (in Luck jersey) on August 1st 2015 at North Myrtle Beach, SC. The wedding was Colts themed and the wedding party all wore Colts jerseys and the guest wore Colts attire or something blue. The best part is, former Colts Pro Bowl receiver ROGER CARR (in green shirt) performed the wedding ceremony. Carr pastors Chapel By The Sea in N. Myrtle Beach. Roger Carr wore number 81 for the COLTS from 1974 to 1981. He was voted to the Pro Bowl in 1976 along with his quarter back 1976 League MVP BERT JONES. It was a great day to get married and to be a Colts fan!!!!
  3. Colts at Titans 2012. Rookie RB Vick Ballard scores game winning touchdown in over time. An awesome example of pushing your body to the extreme for your team! I LOVE THIS MAN! I pray for his 100% recovery so he came get back to work for us! This touchdown is a work of art so I treated it as such. This is my favorite Colts TD of all time!

    © 2014 Mike Sands

  4. Carolina Colt Fan

    Me & Tarik

    Me posing with Tarik Glenn at 2012 Home Opener vs Vikings. He is a big dude!

    © 2012 Carolina Colt Fan

  5. Hey Colts! Go do what all of the sports media says is impossible.... BEAT THOSE STINKING PATRIOTS!
  6. This Divisional round play off game is the start of a new era for the Colts. This is the first post Manning era playoff trip to New England and this is the start of new rivalry with an old foe. The media is not giving our beloved Colts a snowballs chance in El Paso against the Patriots. I'm loving the fact that we are going to New England this week-end because I want these modern Colts to be validated by beating who some will call one of the best ever in Tom Brady (jury still out on best ever). History repeats its self and looks like the days of playoff trips to New England are back upon us. I'm positive our boys with the lucky blue horse shoe on their helmets can go into Foxboro on Saturday and give us our first playoff win in New England. The 2013 Colts are like the bumble bee, according the to laws of physics, it is impossible for a bumble bee to fly because its body is so large in relation to its wing size. Thankfully the bumble bee can't read and so its never learned about this fact. Our Colts have beaten the 4 BEST TEAMS in the NFL this season 49'ers, Seahawks, Broncos and Chiefs even though going in they all said we could not beat them. Like the bumble bee the Colts don't know that they can't do the impossible but just go out and do it! GO COLTS! I'm so #&%@! proud to be Colts fan!
  7. .Tebow would be a great addition to a team with high moral standards like the Pats or even better, the Colts. His talent is in his legs and not his arms so he should really play halfback for those 4th and goal situations.....
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