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  1. Cooks is more of a replacement plan for Amendola & Edelman as they are getting older. Amendola is injury prone and Edelman has been banged up.
  2. Sorry guys, but I had to!
  3. You forget that his attitude will be left at the door when he walks through the NE office, if he starts acting up BB will simply bench him. No one is more important than the team, a lot of people forget that.
  4. How that work out for the last 15+ years lol....they are inept.
  5. Let's discuss this...these are just few... I think the winners are: Jaguars, for picking up a very good corner back and adding Calais Campbell, their defense is gonna be stacked going in the draft. All they really need is a better QB, and people are saying they may end up bringing Romo. I also think the Browns are winners, 11 picks in the first two rounds in 2017/2018, they might become a relevant franchise by 2019, they will need a franchise QB, maybe Jimmy Garappolo? Losers: Redskins, they are bringing back Cousins, but he ain't go no weapons on offense, what is Cousins going to do with no receivers? Houston, they lost their best corner, sure they free up some room dumping Brock however they lose that 2nd round pick next year, they still need to fill that QB position and more weapons on offense.
  6. Lmao, when there are locker room drama queens they get traded to the Browns. This is how BB rolls.
  7. Defense wins championships, the question is, how much has the Colts defense improved?
  8. People keep mentioning Houston and Denver and keep saying they are a QB away, sure they are, but look at this years draft, weakest QB draft class in years. A defense without a decent offense is gonna run out of steam once mid season hits. The Pats are in prime position to repeat because if they clinch the number one seat again, except the Ravens no one else beating them at home.
  9. Jerseygate lol.
  10. Draft is coming up with combine
  11. Well he has his one ring from SB xlix... so I doubt he wants more success, he just wants a steady paycheck without worrying about being cut/traded since the team as a whole is a dumpster fire.
  12. The only team our team might have had trouble with would have been the Ravens.
  13. Jack Del Rio has balls of steel! What a play call he has been making those calls all season long. Time for the Raiders to move to Vegas, they love gambling!

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