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  1. Big Ben throws somebody else under the bus.

    Big Ben has done this few times, no matter what, you don’t see guys like Payton, Brady, Brees putting their coaches on blast like Ben did over the years, the guy needs to take responsibility and act like a leader.
  2. 2018 NFL MEME Post Season special edition!

    Meanwhile Bills Mafia:
  3. Yep, its that time of the year again! Its time for the 2018 NFL Postseason Memes!
  4. New Orleans (+5) at Minnesota (1-15-18)

    Choke hahaha! Saints omg!!! That guy is gonna get cut before they hit the locker room! They had one job and they screwed up royally omegalol!!!!
  5. Tennessee (+13.5) at New England (1-13-18)

    Titans played 39 downs and pats 30 1sr downs. Lol. the Titans are not that good, I’m still shocked how they beat KC.
  6. London Games 2018 Announced

    Only game worth watching is Eagles vs Jaguars.
  7. Congrats bills!!!!

    They won’t beat us if they get past the wildcard weekend. Shady might be unavailable for this weekend and the Jaguars are no cakewalk.
  8. Broncos to keep Vance Joseph as coach

    I agree, Joseph was handed garbage QBs and that team was broke after all the spendings they made over the years to get that Sb ring, which imo was worth it. Not a bronco fan by any means by Joseph is a likable coach and players like to play for him, he just didn’t have any decent talent left on offense and Demaryius Thomas looks to be done.