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  1. I feel like tackle is a better spot for D good, he showed alot of potential
  2. I understand where your coming from, but I know for a fact people are sleeping on our o-line and our team as a whole. Even alot of our fans are too, I can understand the outside noise but I don't understand is why do many of our own fans have so little fait in OUR TEAM .GO COLTS
  3. Yes I totally agree with you I feel like d good will surprise people this year. So I'ma call it now frank Gore gets 1100 yards and 7 rushing touchdowns thanks to our young power House of a o-line. People need to wake up and stop sleeping on our o-line and on frank Gore, this season is taking forever lol.
  4. I have a feeling Denzel good will be our starting right guard after a hard camp battle with j hagg. Our o-line has alot of upside, I think our o-line Coach will give banner the laraven Clark treatment. Can you imagine banner and D good together on run plays that's like 700 pounds!
  5. Denzell good is holding up it's hag and catonzo that's the problem
  6. I hope they win let's go Vikings
  7. What omfg !!!!!
  8. Wasn't no point of catching that ball
  9. Where is Arthur Jones at ?
  10. Allen and Ferguson killed us

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