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  1. We need Rex Ryan as DC!!!!!!!

    Not this season , I feel we ride it out with what we have unless we look completely awful. But when Rex focuses as just a D coach I think he excels.
  2. We need Rex Ryan as DC!!!!!!!

    I feel Rex could bring a tough ,nasty, blitzing, in your face type culture that we deserve. Ted just isn't the answer on the defensive side of the ball, we need someone nasty that will coach this D up and have us feared and respected around the league. It's alot of football left so I'll stay positive and hopeful we can turn it around but if we don't then this off season I want Chuck and his entire staff gone. Actually I them all gone regardless because as colts fans we deserve better on game day!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thoughts on Denzel good ?

    I feel like tackle is a better spot for D good, he showed alot of potential
  4. Thoughts on Denzel good ?

    I understand where your coming from, but I know for a fact people are sleeping on our o-line and our team as a whole. Even alot of our fans are too, I can understand the outside noise but I don't understand is why do many of our own fans have so little fait in OUR TEAM .GO COLTS
  5. Thoughts on Denzel good ?

    Yes I totally agree with you I feel like d good will surprise people this year. So I'ma call it now frank Gore gets 1100 yards and 7 rushing touchdowns thanks to our young power House of a o-line. People need to wake up and stop sleeping on our o-line and on frank Gore, this season is taking forever lol.
  6. Thoughts on Denzel good ?

    I have a feeling Denzel good will be our starting right guard after a hard camp battle with j hagg. Our o-line has alot of upside, I think our o-line Coach will give banner the laraven Clark treatment. Can you imagine banner and D good together on run plays that's like 700 pounds!