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  1. We gone do the titans bad don’t worry about them .
  2. I watched him every snap he was in he definitely made an impact in the pass game. Lewis and sheard forced two key incompletions , besides that Lewis was abusing their left tackle all game go rewatch the tape
  3. He’s definitely a factor, was around the ball all day . We’ve found ourselfs some gems in Lewis and turay!!! this year is very fun but next season is ours
  4. No some of these posters are over critical I’m starting to think most of them just fake page trolls
  5. I just love my colts through thick and thin plus this year we look really good and prepared
  6. This team has so much potential , I believe week in and week out that we have a shot, we as fans gotta stop letting the media and big name teams make us doubt our colts. Hell they played good last week, but came up short and corrected mistakes this weak our coaches are serious go colts
  7. Where the doubters at now , I know it’s still early but our team is young and dangerous
  8. I’ve been a colts fan since 2005 this team is the reason why I love football. I have unwavering faith week in and week out , and this week is no different our team is better than a lot of y’all give them credit for . I bleed blue go colts
  9. HE didn’t even watch the game probably just watched the highlights
  10. Everyone writing the jets off but they looking real good right now . I’m convinced that y’all just love names be rams got their new coaches they were a dumpster fire . How do y’all call yourselves fans when all you do is bash and put down our team .. even fans at our stadium smh we have the quietest fans in the nfl they don’t even be engaged. But soon as we turn it around like I know we can watch how many people start acting like they been down and loyal hell the Browns stadium is louder than our week in and week out it’s just a shame
  11. The fact We are Such a young team and coaching staff is scary good. Besides a mistake here or there I haven’t seen this team so well prepared in years, Andrew back and is looking great, and the defense is hungry and aggressive. I love the new look colts it’s gonna be funny how people tunes change when we start winning we got a lot of improvements to make but luckily we got 15 games left . I whole heartedly believe in 9-7 this year and Super Bowl next year, 110 plus million in cap space , 2 second rounders I can’t wait
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