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  1. Anyone still mad Grigson drafted dorsett?

    I see you'd rather see a stretch of YEARS of bad defense or your prized QB getting his internal organs lacerated? sorry...I don't mean to be a jerk ....but just trying to point out the obvious issue here.
  2. Anyone still mad Grigson drafted dorsett?

    I was on here screaming up an down about the Dorsett pick ....i hated the pick. ...and while Dorsett looks like a guy with a high ceiling, i still don't like the pick. ....i had lobbied on these boards for one of two guys with that pick (Eddie Goldman or Malcom Brown). ....and to this day would still prefer either one of those guys. ....the bottom line to me is, Dorsett isn't going to transform this team. said it correctly. ..he was a luxury pick ....but that was the mistake, we couldn't afford a luxury pick when there were far too many other positions of need to address. wasn't like there wasn't any good talent available at other positions.