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  1. I see you'd rather see a stretch of YEARS of bad defense or your prized QB getting his internal organs lacerated? sorry...I don't mean to be a jerk ....but just trying to point out the obvious issue here.
  2. I was on here screaming up an down about the Dorsett pick ....i hated the pick. ...and while Dorsett looks like a guy with a high ceiling, i still don't like the pick. ....i had lobbied on these boards for one of two guys with that pick (Eddie Goldman or Malcom Brown). ....and to this day would still prefer either one of those guys. ....the bottom line to me is, Dorsett isn't going to transform this team. said it correctly. ..he was a luxury pick ....but that was the mistake, we couldn't afford a luxury pick when there were far too many other positions of need to address. wasn't like there wasn't any good talent available at other positions.
  3. I think the better question is .....why? Why bring him in? He wasn't that good in his last year. .....and running backs are not that difficult to find. he's been away from the game for an extended period of time. .....makes no sense to me.
  4. I was one of the people not excited about the Green pick .....he looked so lost at times on film. ....i hope i'm so wrong about him.
  5. I'll take it.
  6. great point! ...we were brutally awful last year out of the gate. If this OL gels nicely, we can start controlling games on offense and not have Luck have to carry the team on his back all the time. ...not to mention, keep him off his back at the same time.
  7. Not sure if this was posted anywhere else on the boards. ....Thought this was interesting.'s cool they are now teammates.
  8. Agreed. ...that's exactly my point, I'm simply supporting my opinion ....i'm not presenting my opinion as fact. ...TJ Green may end up having a HOF career. ....i certainly don't know how good or bad he'll be. ...but just sharing my opinion. ....not sure why people are misreading my original post. I've simply stated why i have concerns about drafting him in RD2. ,,,it isn't anymore complicated than that.
  9. It's simple...I'm picking apart the pick in order to support my lack of confidence in it being a good pick. Considering the talent still on the board, I don't like the idea of drafting a guy that's essentially a project....not in Rd 2. A 40 time is a terrible thing to fall in love with. It's never been a good gauge for finding good football players. Again, I never said it was a terrible pick. That would be a bit arrogant on my part considering he hasn't played a single down yet. ...but to be fair, I do have an opinion about the pick....and if I'm going to give my opinion, I feel it's necessary to support my opinion with some evidence. I don't feel comfortable saying "I think it's a good pick" based on him having "tremendous size and speed".
  10. I never said he was a terrible pick. ...just expressing concern from what i saw. Having a couple of bad games happens. ...but when you look at a player that looks like he's completely lost out there, it doesn't instill much confidence he's going to be a good contributor to this team. ....great players don't look as consistently bad as he does on tape.
  11. I didn't love him, to be honest. ....he's got ability out of the backfield in the passing game ...which we could use, but i don't see him as a guy that's going to be a factor. I actually think Todman is going to do a good job for us this year. ..he's got a gear in him that we haven't seen in a while on this team.
  12. So, i watched a couple of games last night with TJ Green. ...first game i put on was the bama game. ....oh brother....I'm sure he won't ever watch that tape again. ...just an awful performance by him. ...he was getting knocked all around the field, blew coverage twice for TDs ....and looks like he can't tackle ....field awareness was poor as well. ....He wasn't exactly good in the Louisville game either. ..he gets a sack where he wasn't even touched going to the QB. I don't typically like looking at the "Highlight" tapes out there on YouTube... .but i figured maybe i'd see something that impressed me ....but even the highlight reel didn't do him any favors. ...i hope i'm wrong, but i'm not liking the TJ Green pick in RD2. I'm wondering if if the size/speed thing is what got him drafted so high.....which, to me, would be a ridiculous reason to put stock in a guy. ....does the tape show the guy can play football?? Blythe: Watched a few games of Blythe and have to say i was doing cartwheels in my living room. i think we've got ourselves a player here. The guy knows how to get good leverage when blocking and has good instincts. ....plays hard as well. ....absolutely love this pick! ...would love to see him at RG. be honest, i like him more than the Clark pick. At the very least, we've made great strides at getting the OL solidified. ...and having depth to go with it.
  13. would love Prosise as well....just don't want to spend a 3rd rounder on him. ..but i certainly won't kill them for grabbing him in me, he's the best value at RB. ...the thing is, i think there will still be very good defensive players available in RD3 ...would prefer to go defense and then go Collins in 4 or 5.
  14. i know there's risk there ....i don't think we take him anyway ...but i'm still a big fan of his talent. if it weren't for the off the field stuff, he'd be in the top 10 easily. ....Conklin is overrated and has looked pretty bad in some games. ...i do like Billings though.....wouldn't mind us picking him at all.
  15. i'm actually a big fan of him. ....would love to get him in RD 5 ...depending on the other talent on the board. ...probably won't be available though.

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