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  1. On the surface, that seems like a reasonable argument. However, the first 8 games of the season his yards per attempt was 7.48. ....we also averaged 130 rushing yards per game during that stretch. JB then gets hurt and TY is out as well. ...can't help but think that played a big role in his lack of production the second half of the season. It was a tale of two seasons for JB. ....I'm not saying JB is great, but i think there's more reason to believe that between the injuries to JB and TY, that better explains JB's decline than him just not being a good enough QB. ...with that being said, the coaching staff has more insight into his issues than any of us. So, i have to believe JB was regressing in other ways beyond what we saw on TV. For that reason, it's hard for me to argue against bringing another QB in. I just don't like the idea of a stop gap solution for two years. Cheers!
  2. Full disclosure: I'm not loving the idea of getting Rivers. With Reich in the building, I don't think we need a "mentor" for any potential young QB coming in next year. I know I'm in the minority here, but I just don't think Rivers is a significant upgrade over JB and I'd rather give JB another shot unless there's a young QB the organization is in love with in the draft. Anyways....to the point of this thread: By the sounds of it, Rivers will soon be a Colt. There's a bit of a debate over his arm strength or lack thereof. I've been in the camp questioning his arm strength. ...and the fact he'll be another year older entering this season does have me even more concerned. With that being said, to be fair to Rivers, I reviewed his highlight tape from last year and have to admit, he did show the ability to make some tough throws and even push the ball down the field better than I initially thought. ...at the same time, I can remember watching Chargers games last year thinking he's lost it. Whether it's JB, Rivers, or any other QB, we've got to add some other credible threat to the passing game. If TY goes down, we're screwed on offense. For those curious, check out Rivers' highlight tape from last year.
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