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    Duke Basketball, Colts football and Pacers Basketball. and I love horse racing.
  1. He is my underdog favorite that is for sure and it would be something special if he does win and beat out the favorites, He is also owned by the famous horse farms in Kentucky, Calumet Farm's but under new ownership the farm is finally rising back up..
  2. Chris Ballard press conference 1/30

    I am really excited about Chris! I think he meant what he said and I like when he said that there is No I, and its always a team effort and when he screws up he will own up to it, and not place blame to the other guy. He seems like a down to earth guy and not arrogant at all. I can't wait to see what he does to the Colts I think he will do great with the Colts and managing the Colts and I think he will get in the right players. He is a whole lot better than Grigson who was arrogant and did not own up to his mistakes he placed the blame on other people.
  3. Chris Ballard press conference 1/30

    Thank you
  4. If I duplicated a post about what time is the press conference today. I will say I am sorry and admins can lock up this thread. But I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled this morning and I am still not all focused on reading the forum . LOL But does anyone know what time the press conference Is for today to introduce Chris Ballard to the Colts? I believe I heard on the news last night that Irsay said that there will be a press conference today?
  5. Pat Mcaffe did not hold back about Grigson LOL

    Here is some other tweets from former players they have the same thinking as Pat does.
  6. He went off on him on Twitter. Its okay Patty Mac we all felt the way that you did, and we all have smiles on our faces tonight and I know most of the players if not all has smiles on their faces as well.