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  1. They both are bound to become problems in the locker room for both teams, but I'd say T.O. Seattle is looking for a lot of trouble I must say. They signed Braylon Edwards, and Kellen Winslow both, and now T.O.? I don't think the 49ers are going to suffer much offensively with Moss. Just look at that offensive line and remember how they looked last year. That defense already does 3/4's of the work. I'd say Seattle suffers more, and that's what really matters over stats for the two of them is how they impact their teams.
  2. It's only pre-season, don't worry about it too much, he's not the only 3rd stringer that's looking great against reserves on defenses.
  3. Oh boy, I was dreading it when I seen it in the news. I just hope the Packers offense is not as predicatable as last years. We seen them in the playoffs running that same stuff. The other half of the problem defensively is going to be worse if things aren't fixed. I will say last year was a blue moon of a year with the QBs going over 5,000, a team going 15-1 and not even making the confrence championship, and a 9-7 team winning the super bowl. Much tougher schedule this year too for the Pack.
  4. It's still preseason, I don't think power rankings should count this early.
  5. Madden has been the same game for years now, and is boring. Tecmo Super Bowl anyone? Jeff George is my man in the SNES version, no lie, I take Indy 13-3, #2 seed with him airing it out to Langhorne.
  6. Thanks. Just to let you nice folks know, southern man over here, so I'm generally a Saints fan, but not here to rub salts in anyone's wounds from past years.
  7. Blah. Those uniforms are super ugly, but it does fit the Redskins tradition of being losers under Dan Synder. They need some kind of circus look for that show they are putting up already trading so much for RGIII.
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