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  1. Forget it. I suppose you're Blood on the Tracks. Now I understand why it's silly.
  2. I suppose - no play action though, which was our trademark.
  3. It ended while Manning was still here. After a few injuries, Peyton was worried he could no longer get to the spot, so he started pitching it.
  4. Well, I can spell it out for you. Satele, DHB, Richardson(trade), Jackson = Browns and Raiders If I'm taking a chance on a player in free agency, I'd rather do it on one coming out of a winning organization - one who was coached by a hall of fame coach.
  5. Plus, he was coached and taught by Dick Lebeau. In free agency, I'll take a chance on a Steeler over a Brown or Raider any day.
  6. Worilds certainly passed the eye test every time I saw him play. He's a step above most of the free agents we have spent money on in recent years. I'm not sure he's a true difference maker, but depending on what our other options are, he might be worth the money.
  7. From what I saw, Gordon was running through a few more NFL-type running lanes. That said, I don't want to use a pick on any of them.
  8. Gurley's college highlights look exactly like Richardson's. The guy is never touched until he is 10-15 yards down the field.
  9. It's Richardson all over again. He was inactive for the AFC Championship, just as Richardson was essentially benched in the 2013 playoffs, yet people are still expecting magic in 2015. Hopefully the Colts themselves don't beat their heads against the wall for another season, as they did with Richardson. Evaluate him based on performance. Forget where he was drafted.
  10. I don't get it either. Boom averaged 4.5 a carry behind this "terrible" O-line and caught a ton of balls. He looks like one of the more promising RBs we've had in years. Tipton showed potential as well. Add a few backs for depth and competition and you're fine. Perhaps one Tashard Choice-type vet with experience.
  11. As for their defense, at the time, they were ranked 23rd in defense. Without looking, I bet you would be hard pressed to name more than one player on their D. We're actually higher at 19. I won't disagree that we need more playmakers. In fact, that's why I say yes to Suh. Instead of types of free agents we've been going after, I'd rather go after the sure thing - the type of player who could potentially make everyone around him better.
  12. Suh - I would do it. Grigson talked about how he didn't regret the Richardson signing because it energized the team and fan base. That might have been true for a game or two, but this would be that same move with substance. This is a "big swing", as Grigson put it, which could transform you defense overnight. After we beat Denver, I recall Chris Berman comparing us to Green Bay with Favre and Holmgren - how they took a step forward every year in the playoffs. In Green Bay, it was the Reggie White acquisition that gave their defense instant credibility and turned them into true contender
  13. Can't wait for the day when we acquire a few defenders man enough to hit something other than the pizza boy.
  14. Unless we luck out and get some ridiculously easy path to the Super Bowl, we need to hit the lottery on about 4 free agent moves and 3 draft picks who become immediate contributors to even get close.
  15. You only think that because you watched Manning for 15 years. Watch other QB play around the league, then tell me he is inaccurate. 49er, Panthers and Bears fans are saying, please. Is he as super-precise as Manning? No, but he's also a different type of QB. Manning's offense was all about repetition, timing and precision - same position, same spot, same throw, every time. With Luck, there's much more improvisation. Luck makes throws Manning would never make, often allowing the receiver to make a play.
  16. It's not just Grigson. The Colts' recent draft history is pretty ugly. In the past decade, outside the QB, how many players have the Colts drafted who even approach being considered a game changer or true difference maker? T.Y.? That's about it. Beyond T.Y., you have to go back to Bob Sanders 11 drafts ago, and Bob was, at best, a part-time employee. Garcon? Might be a stretch. He wasn't a game changer for us, but had some moments in Washington. It's not pretty, but luckily for us, it's a QB league.
  17. We've gone through some permutations, but in character, this is still mainly Arians' offense. I would like too see some modifications, but it works. With Luck and our WRs, it's what we keep coming back to.
  18. Generally agree. How many players on this defense and O-line are entrenched in their jobs, where you look at them and think, this player is a Colt for years to come? One? A few? Maybe, by default. But if this is a below average team, which I believe it is, how can Luck not be in the good category for carrying this team to the playoffs every year and the AFC Championship in year three?
  19. This has to be a trolling joke, and might be the funniest thing I've ever read on this forum. The narcissistic long snapper? People lining up for photographs with the long snapper? Overton couldn't get recognized at a family reunion.
  20. If by spoiled, you mean I would rather not see Luck's career wasted like Manning's was, yes I am spoiled. By the way, no one calls Atlanta Braves fans spoiled. You might call Yankees fans spoiled, but not Braves fans... and we're not even Braves fans.
  21. Many things I would like to see. You could definitely use Luck's athleticism more. We've run the keeper a few times, but have we run a naked bootleg since SF? Watch Wilson. It's easy money a few times a game. Arians ran a designed QB draw, and, through play design, left Luck with more run/pass options in the red zone. Haven't seen much of that since. No, I don't want Luck to be rookie year RGIII, but you could do a little more.
  22. He had another somewhat unique play to get a 1st with DHB vs. Seattle. After that stretch of games, I thought we might be going somewhere. Since then, you have the recurring play where Fleener slips back across the defense. That's about it. About three plays in two years.
  23. I don't know. We certainly need to improve this defense, but when we did turn the tables on the Patriots and win 5 out of 6, how did we do it? With defense? No. We did it by acquiring and developing more weapons than they could stop - by turning practically every game into a track meet. If Belichick were coaching this team and wanted to beat the Patriots next season, how would he do it? That's exactly what he would probably do. He would play to our strengths - Luck, the passing game - acquire more weapons, refine the passing game, and try to win in a shootout. He would perfect what w
  24. Richardson can average 2.9 a carry and hundreds of people will defend him to their deaths. Boom averages 4.5 a crack, catches a ton of balls, and people want a replacement. That's not easy to understand. Why, because he dropped an over-the-shoulder catch? So, he's not Lynn Swann, but he looks like a perfectly fine RB. All that says to me is I don't try that play in a big moment again. Other than for depth and competition, in my opinion, we don't need a RB. It's not a high priority. The sample size is small, but Tipton looks promising as well.
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