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  1. The play calling was great, and the offense looked great until Brown went down. Handoffs to Richardson killed practically every subsequent drive. The guy is an absolute drive killer. With the number of 3 and outs from the defense, the turnovers and the excellent field position, that game could easily have been 48-3, and might have been had Brown not gone down.
  2. Experience is desperately needed at WR.
  3. He'll have to get 1,000 carries to do it.
  4. Good question. In their minds, they were attempting to protect Luck with a power running game, but instead turned him into a sitting duck with it. Repeated 1 and 2 yard runs from Richardson regularly put the Colts in 2nd and long and 3rd and long, opening Luck up to more hits behind a porous O-line. At some point you have to face reality and make adjustments. That's what coaches get paid to do.
  5. For most of the season it's been either a power run or a down-the-field pass attempt, and with Richardson in the backfield, poor pass protection and the lack of talent/experience at WR, it's not working. They need to transition into a spread, move the chains offense. Get the ball out of Luck's hands quickly through play design. Dink and dunk. Also, go up-tempo more. Over his first two years, that's when Luck's had his greatest success - at the end of halves, the end of games. Pass to set up the run. Run more from passing sets. In other words, transition from a 1970's Steelers-style off
  6. Bottom line - for this team to have any hope in 2013, with what is left on offense and to protect a strugglig defense, in the final three games the offense needs to transform itself into a move-the-chains offense. Pep needs to learn the definition of a drive-starting play and have about 20 of them ready on the call sheet. Unfortunately, from what I've seen to date, I have no faith of any of this happening.
  7. Unfortunately, those have been rare moments - usually when we get behind(in Cincinnati or Tennessee). At times, Arians was forced to play the same game. Year-to-date, I see little difference between Pep's and Arians' approach to the passing game. At least Arians tried to pull it off with more talent and experience at WR. You say Whisenhunt. If we could go back, I would even take Clyde and a return to the Manning offense over Pep.
  8. One, that's a terrible analogy, and two I'm speaking specifically on what I've witnessed - the Colts continuing to run far too many long, slow developing pass plays, lacking the pass protection and receiver talent/experience to pull it off. In face of this reality, there's been next-to-no adjustment whatsoever. Luck is being hit and sacked as much as last season. His completion % is below 60. Ostensibly, Pep was brought in to run a more effecient west coast style. Where is it? If this offense does have any sort of identity, if I had to describe it in a few words, I would say it's Stanfor
  9. But that's the problem - coaches get paid to make adjustments. You have to adjust your play calling to changes in circumstances.
  10. Bottom line - when you look at this season as a whole, this team has no offensive identity. Week-to-week, I have no idea what Pep is trying to do. I'm not sure anyone does, and we're painfully slow to adjust and adapt to changes in circumstances. It's a passing era. Luck is your QB. You play in a dome and in a division with 3 southern teams. I think you need to reassess where you are going offensively. You want a reasonably balanced team, yes, but for much of this season you have been beating your heads against the wall. And yes, IMO the Richardson trade had much to do with that, but
  11. Worst on-side kicks I've ever seen. Give Vinatieri a shot next time.
  12. Defense gave up 42 with no turnovers from the offense. Usually, when you give up 40+, some turnovers and short fields are part of the equation. The Bengals just marched up and down the field.
  13. That was a hot read on 3rd down, but it's 2-9 on 3rd down. Still way too many long, slow-developing pass plays on 3rd and short, 3rd and medium. I do not understand Pep.
  14. Three biggest plays of the game so far: - The TD reversal, obviously. -The line drive kick, long return after we had taken the momentum and cut it to 21-14. - Sheppard's personal foul. Slim chance for a comeback now.
  15. Too soon, but I will say this: given what he has shown so far, if he were a 6th rounder, or had a 6th rounder been spent on him, he wouldn't see the field. Anyone else would - Herron, or now Rainey. To date, he's only hurt the team, and if he were a 6th rounder, that wouldn't be allowed to happen.
  16. Ugly weather, ugly game, and it's the Bengals, who are impossible to predict. I have no idea. Absolutely. They cannot continue doing what they are doing and expect to go anywhere. Richardson is a drive killer and the pass protection, receiver talent and experience is not there for a down-the-field, precision passing game. Go Charlie Weis in the passing game(dink and dunk), run the ball with Brown and encourage Luck to run more.
  17. With injuries and whatnot, I don't know if Collie's an option or not, but at the moment, any sort of veteran WR with experience would help this team... especially one who has experience with Luck..
  18. Not just Brown - Ballard, Bradshaw and everyone who has touched the ball(but Richardson) has done well. I gave Richardson the benefit of the doubt as long as I could, but at 3/4 the way through the season, it's impossible to continue to do so.
  19. If you subtract Richardson, the Colts, as a team, are averaging 5.3 yards a carry, which would place them #1 in the league by a wide margin. This is a poor pass blocking line, no doubt, but I've come to the conclusion this is actually a good run-blocking line made to look bad by Richardson. With Richardson on the bench, I'm not so sure they couldn't be the successful running team Pagano envisions them to be.
  20. If they keep going out, doing what they are doing, then yes, they are probably one and done. The talent simply isn't there to pull it off. Conceivably, they could compete with what they have on offense. IMO this is how you try to do it: - Until, he proves otherwise, the 2013 Richardson experiment should end. Given what every other back has shown this season, with Richardson on the bench, I'm not so sure they couldn't be a successful running team. - Get the ball out of Luck's hands quickly through play design. You simply do not have the pass blocking or talent and experience at receive
  21. In the red zone, on one play, I would always roll Luck out and give him a run/pass option. He has a nose for the end zone in that situation.
  22. This isn't an overly-talented team, especially following the injuries. I still have no idea how they won 11 games in 2012, and with the injuries in 2013, I'm sure I will look back on this season in the same way. It's just been two years of pulling game after game out in the 4th quarter. So many of these games could easily have gone the other way. That said, I've seen enough of Luck to know that if you do protect him and give him a few options to throw to, he will win. In 2013, there simply isn't enough to work with, but a division title is a division title.
  23. You need a starter and some veteran depth. Any sort of proven vet with experience would currently help.
  24. This is a poor pass blocking line, no doubt, but we're at the point where I think a strong case can be made that this is actually a good run blocking line, made to look bad by Richardson. Through 12 games: Donald Brown - 5.3 avg. Ahmad Bradshaw - 4.5 avg. Vick Ballard - 4.8 avg. Daniel Herron - 6.6 avg. Trent Richardson - 2.8 avg. I'll take it a step further and say that, in a few months, you will be able look back and trace many of the team's struggles to Richardson - to beating your head against the wall with Richardson. Reliance on him is killing drives, consistently putting you i
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