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  1. Hmmmm I actually agree with that so instead of Owusu i would take any other receiver at the 6th with the way my mock is
  2. This is my mock . . . 1. Luck QB 2. Janoris Jenkins CB 3. Mohammad Sanu WR or A.J. Jenkins (If both are available take Sanu) 4. Orson Charles TE or Ladarius Green TE which ever one is available 5. Really want Kendell Reyes DT but afraid he won't be their so Im going with Alameda Ta'Amu DT 5. Demario Davis ILB 6. Chris Owusu WR 7. James Brown G 7. Anthony Miller TE 7. Christian Thopmson FS
  3. Yea I liked the second one better because janoris jenkins won't fall to the third round and we absolutely need him. We should go WR in #rd then TE so i agree with u there.
  4. If Gringson thinks the way u just did we may be contenders next year
  5. Good mock but IMO we should take janoris jenkins in 2nd if he's available and then take Mohammad Sanu in 3rd
  6. I agree completely except i would take wide out like Muhammad Sanu in the 3rd the best available NT in the 4th
  7. I would take Janoris Jenkins in 2nd then either Muhammad Sanu or A.J. Jenkins in 3rd then Orson Charles in 4th then the best available NT in the 5th
  8. Colts most likely will lose this game unless Pagano gets the team extremely fired up and we go play like the thugs in black and purple.
  9. If you think about it, we could just as easily go 0-16 as we could 16-0. Every game is winnable under the circumstances. I mean possibly even the GB game because we're at home. The difference is consistency. Can the Colts play quality football for 16 games consistently?
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    Thats Ryan Leaf's number
  11. Position by Position break down Jay Cutler vs. Andrew Luck I say this one is even. Although Cutler obviously has superiority in terms of experience, I would say Luck has more raw talent. Jay has a strong arm, however his decision making and accuracy has been a question throughout his career. I believe that combined with the Bears lack of an O-line and the impossible task of avoiding Freeney and Mathis, Cutler will kiss the ground many times throughout the game which should mess up his rhythm. Luck will do fine in his first outing, but not spectacular. He should be able to manage the game appro
  12. Finally a mock that i actually like but only thing is that maybe orson charles is available at 5th? Only a maybe though.
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