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  1. 1. Andrew Luck QB 2. Janoris Jenkins CB, Coby Fleener TE, Jerel Worthy DT 3. Mohammed Sanu WR, AJ Jenkins WR 4. Alameda Ta'Amu NT, Chase Minnifield CB 5. Orson Charles TE, Ladarius Green TE 5. James Brown G, Brandon Brooks G 6. Nick Toon WR, Josh Kaddu LB 7. Audie Cole ILB, Kevin Koger TE 7. Adrien Robinson TE, Micanor Regis DT 7. Chris Owusu WR, Antwaun Reed CB
  2. I'm the same bro I make mocks in school when I'm bored too. Im right there with you on this mock. You know what they say, great minds think alike.
  3. But remember, nobody wants him at first round because of off-field issues
  4. I think y'all will like this one like i do . . . 1. Andrew Luck QB, Stanford 2. Janoris Jenkins CB, North Alabama 3. Mohammed Sanu WR, Rutgers 4. Orson Charles TE, Georgia OR Ladarius Green TE, Louisiana-Lafayette 5. Alameda Ta'Amu NT, Washington 5. James Brown G, Troy 6. Nick Toon WR, Wisconsin 7. Audie Cole ILB, N.C. State 7. Adrien Robinson TE, Cincinnati 7. Chris Owusu WR, Stanford
  5. Absolutely terrible. I will puke if this is the way we draft on Friday. This is the way the Polians used to think.
  6. Its become a passing league, and in order to have success in this league as a defense you need to be able to stop the pass. The 2 ways you do that is with a good pass rush and good secondary. We already have a good pass rush with Freeney Mathis (Although they are getting old) and newly acquired Redding. We have 2 good safeties in Bethea and Zib. Now all we need is a pure man to man shut down corner. The only player in the draft with that kind of talent other than Claiborne is Jenkins.
  7. Many experts in their mocks have Coby Fleener going in the first round to teams like the Giants. If Fleener is gone when we are on the clock at 34, who do we take? I personally badly want Janoris Jenkins Your thoughts?
  8. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it!
  9. Thanks do you know what the Minimum number is?
  10. They have Fleener in many mock drafts going in the first round to teams picking in the 20s. Other people have him going to the Giants because that was the glaring need on their team. After Fleener is taken the talent in the draft for TE drops to players who are only expected to be picked no earlier than the 4th round. Because of this I think taking Janoris Jenkins is a great pick. The NFL is becoming a passing league, and we have to be prepared for that on defense.
  11. Don't forget Orson Charles out of Georgia
  12. Im more of a defensive guy and believe in creating a great defense BEFORE great offense. Because lets face it for the past decade we have been amazing on offense but average to below average on D and how'd that work out? ( 1 Superbowl and many losses in the playoffs due to poor defensive play). So personally I believe in taking Janoris Jenkins in the second round because CB is our biggest need on D. However, I'm not TOTALLY abandoning the offense. I still want to take a WR in the 3rd round preferably Mohammad Sanu. Then maybe a NT in 4th the TE in 5th. So I'm looking for a balanced draft on bo
  13. WOW ur first four picks, a NT in the 5th and Owusu in the 7th is what iv been saying all over these forums. No harm done but just wondering if u got that from me? BTW I completely agree with this (mostly cuz I thought of it first) mock and I think we'll be playoff bound if we draft exactly like this
  14. Completely random, but just wondering, how do you make your own topic in forums?
  15. The obvious conclusion to all this is (Lets face it) we tanked the whole season last year then won 2 games just to avoid 0-16 so we could get luck and that we are actually much better than we appear and that we are now motivated for winning
  16. Yo just wondering but how do you make your own topic in the forums?
  17. Agree we only have like 2 holes on offense, G and TE and maybe a 3rd in WR (Im not counting QB cuz its obvious war getting Luck even though he technically isn't on our roster yet) Where we really need help is on defense. We have about 5 holes on D. CB, ILB, DE depth, NT, S depth
  18. Great example was with Brandon Stokely in 2004
  19. Ijalana, Reitz, and Tepper should be moved from tackle to guard so our O-line should look like this LT- Castanzo, LG- Reitz, C- Satele, RG- Ijalana, RT- Justice Honestly, that line isn't that bad of a line, WAY better than the past few years Also Jeremy Ross should be moved to the #4 spot at WR he is much better than Fayson and Cosby, has lots of potential If we get Janoris Jenkins in second round that will solve our cornerback problem If we get Mohammad Sanu in 3rd round thall solve our WR depth problem If we get Orson Charles or Ladarius Green in 4th round that will help our TE problem If w
  20. I like situation 1 better but i don't think we should take a RB so early in the draft and I'm sure we can find a better receiver in the 3rd. This is my mock . . . 1. Luck QB 2. Janoris Jenkins CB 3. Mohammad Sanu WR or A.J. Jenkins (If both are available take Sanu) 4. Orson Charles TE or Ladarius Green TE which ever one is available 5. Really want Kendell Reyes DT but afraid he won't be their so Im going with Alameda Ta'Amu DT 5. Demario Davis ILB 6. Chris Owusu WR 7. James Brown G 7. Anthony Miller TE 7. Christian Thopmson FS
  21. In the 7th we should address depth more than need because you're not going to find many people who can be starters in this round. Id say look for linebackers, O-linemen, and TE
  22. I still say take Janoris Jenkins in the second. Dude reminds me a lot of Earl Thomas except as a cornerback. Has the potential to be the next Aqib Talib. He's like the Dez Bryant of this draft. Guy with extreme talent who drops because of character issues. I watched an interview of him and I saw a guy who had a very good personality with extreme love for the game, and who excepted his mistakes and was willing to learn from them.
  23. Agree we should get a WR in the third. Sanu is good but i like A.J. Jenkins more than Quick. And id go with Tommy Streeter or Jarius Wright in the 6th instead of waiting till 7th
  24. True but WR is a skill position. Id rather get the best possible talent I can and one round makes a world of a difference.
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