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  1. I think we keep Lefeged. I see Whalen making our team. Chandler Harnish is a sleeper I think he could be used in the Wildcat. I think Vick Ballard starts over Carter. I like Buddy Jackson I think he beats out Kevin Thomas and Rucker.
  2. I think war going to make the greatest turnaround in NFL history and tear this league up!
  3. We should have given a 7th rounder for Asante Samuel . . .
  4. The rest of the world is though, The guy is a natural and he can really carry an offense on his back.
  5. I didn't mean wer gonna get a ton of draft picks, I meant that we need to be smart with the way we deal Freenery, just like Dallas was with Walker.
  6. You never know . . . Trading Freenery might end up being smart. Just like the Hershel Walker trade Dallas made . . .
  7. Don't be surprised if Fleener and Allen turns out to be a better version of Hernandez and Gronk.
  8. According to his tackle numbers Coleman is particularly good at run stopping so the Colts should definitely take a look at him.
  9. AFC 1. Ravens 13-3 2. Patriots 12-4 3. Broncos 11-5 4. Colts 9-7 5. Bengals 11-5 6. Chargers 10-6 NFC 1. Cowboys 13-3 2. Packers 13-3 3. 49ers 11-5 4. Panthers 10-6 5. Lions 11-5 6. Eagles 9-7 Reasons 1. Left out Steelers: Defence is too old 2. Jets won't get past 7-9, Sanchez will win 2-3 games then Tebow comes in and gets them to 7 3.Texans have a very tough schedule won't see them get past 7-9, Colts have ten winnable games, they should win 9 of them 4. Raiders won't get anywhere with Carson Palmer 5. Bills are still a young team 6. Saints won't win more than 6 games, Panthers beat the Falc
  10. From what I have heard the quarterback we took in the last round led the nation in rushing yards and could throw. Basically the draft's miniature Tebow. Maybe we use him in wildcat situations?
  11. I put Dwight Jones in the 6th. I really like him he's 6'3'' and he will go up and get any jump ball. The kind of receiver we need
  12. Thats what I was wondering, like how are the receivers you listed different from Sanu?
  13. I honestly think that if Gringson drafted this way we would be in the playoffs next year.
  14. Jenkins was committed to stopping his off the field issues and promised the league it would not be a problem. Luck needs better weapons and in the 3rd round he's the best option to go with at WR.
  15. Honestly they should take Michael Floyd and wait till next year to get a QB if they still feel the need to draft one. Matt Moore is very capable of being the starter and the only reason he wasn't doing vey good was because there were no weapons on that offense for him to work with. If Tannehil comes in he's going to be on the bench and expected to learn from the veterans. Thats a waste of a first round pick.
  16. Thank you I took your advice from the last mock i did yesterday. So you agree with the title?
  17. I like just bout every pick except Fleener(because i would rather go with Janoris Jenkins) but the problem is that your order is a little mixed up. Audie Cole can be a 7th round pick. James Hanna can go in the 5th. Baptiste is a 5th rounder and Streeter would go in the sixth. I think your picks are great but id rather go with Dwight Jones out of North Carolina for WR. He's better than Streeter.
  18. The title doesn't lie. . . . So here goes: 1. Andrew Luck QB, Stanford 2. Janoris Jenkins CB, North Alabama 3. Mohammed Sanu WR, Rutgers 4. Orson Charles TE, Georgia OR Ladarius Green TE, Louisiana-Lafayette 5. Nicolas Jean-Baptiste NT, Baylor 5. James Brown G, Troy 6. Dwight Jones WR, North Carolina 7. Audie Cole ILB, N.C. State 7. Adrien Robinson TE, Cincinnati 7. Chris Owusu WR, Stanford
  19. I like everything about this mock, especially how you took advantage of the later round picks, the only thing i would change though is that i don't think that Jenkins will make it to the 3rd round so I would take him in the 2nd. Other than that I think the mock is great and I hope we draft like this on Friday
  20. You're thinking of something Polian would do, in the past few years he drafted very conservatively after the first round. But i expect Gringson to take some chances in the new era . . .
  21. Agree, I think that we do need depth at Guard, but depth is something you look for in the later rounds of the draft not the 2nd
  22. Yea I was just thinking about that, I was looking through the list of D-linemen and they had Ta'Amu rated pretty low but i guess because he is the best true NT in the draft the demand for him will be pretty high. I think going with Baptiste would still fill our need pretty well though. Would Tommy Streeter be a good fit in the 6th?, I honesty have no idea about the kid . . .
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