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  1. Is all of this using the assumtion that Alameda Ta'amu is not available? I think he would be a great snag if he is still around.
  2. Looks like the Bears second stringers are drooling. If these guys are as injury prone as they were here, next man up is going to be taken to the next level!
  3. LOL...Joe Flacco's parents must have really instilled in him that you can be whatever you dream to be! Keep dreaming Joe.
  4. Plus he got cut from the Bengals...how good can he really be!
  5. I honestly think the Colts are doing the responsible thing and weighing the options for both QBs. Rash decisions usually end in mistakes. I am a huge Luck backer and I think Grigson and Irsay are as well, but this is a potential make or break move. Can't blame them for taking their time on this.
  6. Agreed, we need to really focus on our weeknesses rather than chaning what we already have in place. Our MLB spots seem to be average and I say: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  7. Is he even on the ballot anymore? I thought the voting was down to the final 16 and I didn't see him there.
  8. A bit suprising to me, but we'll take it. Thanks BR.
  9. Ok this answer my main question of whether McAfee had proven himself worthy of place kicking! Thought all this talk about him switching to place kicker was just mere optimism, but looks possible.
  10. Devastation would be an understatement to me.
  11. I have heard that he is not doing any private workouts period...regardless of the team. Still nervous that the Colts will draft him over Luck.
  12. Do you really think Ta'amu will still be around in the 3rd round?
  13. When I see a press conference with Irsay and Luck I will believe it, otherwise it's hearsay to me.
  14. I hate how every "expert" is trying to show similarties and differences amoung Luck and Manning. Luck will never be Manning, but his potential to be a great QB is very high. There will never be another Johnny U or a Bart Starr, but I'd say with certainty that both teams had great QBs follow. News flash, Luck and Manning are not the same person! Quit comparing and just focus on what they both do well.
  15. Technically and legally, but like any volunteer activity in sports there is probably an assumption that it is not optional.
  16. Failed the physical by the Colts, so unlikely to be picked up anytime soon if he is still unhealthy.
  17. Ha agreed, since we are all going to need new jerseys, with all of the players released and such!
  18. Eventhough I despise the Pats I have gained a lot of respect for Brady with this move. This shows a lot of character.
  19. Anyone that keeps written records of know illegal activities deserves to be caught in my book. Saints should have been smarter about it, like the other 31 NFL teams.
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