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  1. Skip Bayless gets paid to spout garbage. He is always the devils advocate on any issue he "debates" on.
  2. I think the Broncos will suprise you. I mean seriously they made the playoffs and beat Pittsburgh with Tebow at the helm. He was a terrible QB, at least in the throwing dept. They have a lot of underrated weapons and the only piece of the puzzle they were missing was a good QB. Plus Peyton will make everyone around him bettter, if he is back to his old form.
  3. This would have been an easy question if Peyton had gone to the 49ers. No one could have touched a team with that many weapons. They still have a chance, but their QB situation is garbage. Green Bay maybe... Def feeling an NFC team winning it all.
  4. I hate to admit it, but sometimes the truth hurts...
  5. Are a lot of the games going to be blacked out this year with ticket sales on the decline? Didn't really want to shell out the extra money for the NFL package, but it's not looking good, aye?
  6. I am afraid all of this talk about "will Luck ever be as good as Manning" will give him less of a chance to succeed here in Indy. Peyton didn't have to deal with that right out of college and neither did most of the greats. Let's be real, Peyton is in a class of his own. You can't directly compare Walter Payton and Adrian Peterson, but Peterson is still a heck of a RB. Comparissons are just ridiculous. But give Luck a chance to build HIS legacy, not continue someone elses. Who knows maybe Luck one day will be a great QB in his own right, but undue pressure to be like Peyton will hinder t
  7. After the Bears signed Bush from Oakland I tweeted Forte and told him that the Colts don't disrespect their players like that. I am totally down for signing Forte, he is def an elite back in my mind.
  8. Ok seriously. I am a Colts as well as a Purdue fan but I still don't understand why any team ever took a chance on Painter. I mean he was benched for most his senior year because he wasn't good enough at Purdue. I was under the impression that only the best college players made it to the NFL.
  9. I just hope that if Luck does have a rough start that people give him a chance. All of this Luck/Peyton comparission noise makes me nervous that he won't get a fair shot at a long career. The NFL is a buisness that is quick to judge. Just remember that Peytons first year wasn't all that stellar.
  10. I didn't know I had to be a season ticket holder to a) be a fan and b) have an opinion. I have supported the team Colts through highs and lows as many people (especially in Indiana) do not, thus I am not a fairweather fan. Fair Weather Fan Definition A fan of a sports team who only shows support when the team is doing well. During hard times they usually bandwagon other teams. They basically have no real loyalty to the team, but still manage to get better seats than you at the game. Strangely they mysteriously vanish at the first sign of trouble. This
  11. 1. I go to at least 2 games a year, so I do spend as much money as I can justify on the team. 2. I'm not just talking about the Colts. I said Indiana fairweather fans, not attacking the Colts fan base at all. I am speaking out against the fairweather fans that bail on a team when they are not winning. i.e, all of the Butler fans that came out of the woodwork when they made the final four. Where have all the IU fans been when they were at the bottom of the Big Ten? I am simply saying that these fans show their true colors in tough times. Why would I attack the fans that I consider myself
  12. I would if I had the money to buy them. You don't have to physically be at the games to be a die hard fan. Some of us aren't as lucky as you to be able to afford the tickets I guess. Does being poor make my comments any less valid?
  13. Man, the fairweather fans of Indiana strike again.
  14. I understand the optimism people, but 10 wins is a crazy dream with a totally revamped team. You are setting yourself up for disappointment. Let the realist in you come out to play.
  15. I believe Pac Man Jones took it a little farther than simply smoking weed.
  16. I would imagine that this behavior isn't rare of an NFL player.
  17. Man this story just verifies why I loved Peyton so much!
  18. Hank Baskett.... come on, it was at least a little funny in hindsight!
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