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  1. great start so far, that is why painter should start ahead of collins
  2. Painter, why did they sign collins? as in they threw a lot of money his way, surely there was a cheaper vet option
  3. Whats the strong position in this years draft? is it a good draft for the colts to have a high pick??
  4. how well has Costanzo played? Nevis played much? Hughes mad any contribution yet?
  5. whats the strongest position in this years draft?
  6. did he do anything today?
  7. colts fan all the way from wales uk, any fellow uk colts fans on here?
  8. We now have three reports: 1 says Manning had procedure, season over. Another says he will have procedure, season in doubt the last report says he will have surgery and his season likely over. quoted from stampedeblue on twitter
  9. news is that manning's season might be over!!!! heres the link! http://www.stampedeblue.com/2011/9/7/2410947/report-peyton-manning-out-for-entire-2011-season time to draft a qb next year? gutted
  10. Grav


    watched him last night, really impressed, cant help but think the colts should have got him in the 3rd round, would have been a great back up and in the end a potential starter or great trade value @LlyrGrav
  11. Simple, who are you looking forward to seeing the most in preseason? I want to see costanzo and Jerry Hughes
  12. Just a thread where i thought you might want to share your favourite colts videos?
  13. How are the rookies looking in camp? Costanzo being playing much? what about Carter?
  14. Grav


    Big colts fan from Wales Uk and have recently found that twitter has been a great way to follow the cots in preseason, get all the news and info. Anyway was wondering who is the best to follow on twitter for colts news?? Any of you guys on twitter? feel free to follow me @LlyrGrav
  15. Grav


    Hi, first post on here, fan all the way from a country called Wales which is in the uk. Anyway do you think its worth us taking a look at this guy, hes just been released by the seahawks.
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