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  1. Bob Kravitz tweeted this week about a doc that was airing on TV about Indy, as i am from the uk i was unable to watch it, are there any online links to be had to this doc that Kravitz was going on about? Here's his tweet: For out of town reporters looking to understand what's happened in Indy, check out the WFYI doc on the town's transformation. Tonite at 10. any ideas where i can find this online? please help
  2. who are the Ravens free agents this year? Pagano might target? anybody on D??
  3. Thinking of watching a game over the States over next couple of years and was wondering whats Indy like as a place to visit? ANy help much appreciated
  4. Excited to see if butler can get the best out of hughes, the 3-4 should suit him better to? thoughts?
  5. Excited to see if butler can get the best out of hughes, the 3-4 should suit him better to
  6. no no no! steelers fans want rid of him. not for the colts
  7. Grav


    How well did he play this season?
  8. Right was wondering what the most successful number for a QB is in the NFL, The assignment: Rank the best quarterbacks by jersey number. just something fun to do if your bored! 1 - Warren Moon, Cam Newton 2 - Doug Flutie, Matt Ryan 3 - 4 - Brett Favre 5 - Donavon McNabb, Kerry Collins 6 - Jay Cutler?? 7 - John Elway, Joe Theismann, Ben Roethlisberger, Boomer Esiason, Ron Jaworski, Michael Vick 8 - Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Archie Manning, Mark Brunell 9 - Drew Brees, Steve McNair, Tony Romo, Sonny Jurgensen, Jim McMahon, Carson Palmer, Matt Stafford 10 - Frank Tankerton, Trent
  9. http://espn.go.com/nfl/feature/video/_/id/7303334/ultimate-scouting-report
  10. Luck playing tonight? if so what time, UK time? :-)
  11. Any of you guys follow the players on twitter? many had feedback?
  12. Any good colts podcasts to be had?? prob wont be able to listen to them because of the time diff since i live in Wales, so do they archive them or only play them live
  13. Will he ever return?? http://blogs.indystar.com/philb/2011/11/03/more-doubt-about-if-manning-ever-makes-it-back/
  14. If colts and fins fin 0-16 who gets no.1? who has had the hardest schedule?
  15. Hire Zimmer as head coach, draft Luck and Manning being a player coach? groom him for OC. Thoughts?
  16. Tebow, he just looks awful when he throws the football
  17. Hey how many of you out there are Colt fans from the UK? Im from wales. Any of you guys been on any trips to Indy, what prices are we looking at and what was the experience like?
  18. this is the colts offence that i likeeeeeee! must remember chiefs are poor, but you can only beat whats infront of you
  19. dont agree with suck for Luck at all, you guys? is this years draft going to help colts with its holes? CB? DT?
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