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  1. It was a very sad press conference
  2. I would be there if it wasnt for living in Massachusetts
  3. I agree White is a terrific player with a lot of potential I think
  4. Wallace would be a great addition, but not at the price of a first round pick
  5. Even if we keep all those players on the team and peyton, we could still go 6-10. There is never a guarantee that just because the players are good the team will win. I think the Patriots and Cowboys are pretty good examples of this.
  6. Unfortunately, I think it will be Colts fans who will have a tougher time
  7. It was for a really dumb skit they did for Jimmy Fallon's show back in February
  8. Agreed. Mathis was only going to be a free agent on the 13th, so they had time to work out the details. They definitely should have used the tag to keep Reggie
  9. According to Adam Schefter, not sure how accurate it is, but apparently the Colts and Mathis are trying to get a new contract worked out, but if they cant, the Colts will use a franchise tag. If this is true, the announcement should come shortly because the franchise tag deadline is 4:00 p.m.
  10. Thats a great memory to have! I think my favorite was just the entire 4th quarter in the Colts/Pats game in November 2009. The way Peyton lead the team in that come back being down by so much so late to advance to 9-0 was incredible
  11. What else is Archie going to say, "Oh yeah Peyton, he is doing horrible. He cant throw! He cant even tie his shoes." This is pretty insignificant
  12. How are we a sinking ship? If anything we are a ship that has already sunk and is now coming back
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