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  1. The vacated game was against Arkansas, actually, but good try. He might be the next coach, but in two years you'll be calling for his job. I guarantee it. Also, this might be the worst thing that could possibly happen to a young quarterback that gets drafted by the Colts. Look at Tressel's QB products: Craig Krenzel, Justin Zwick, Troy Smith, Todd Boeckman, Terrelle Pryor...world class lineup, right there.
  2. Actually, it doesn't count. That's what "vacated" means.
  3. How is it possible to be a good offensive lineman for one team and not for another? Serious question.
  4. 5-3? Try 4-3. Last time I checked, the Alamo Bowl was not a BCS bowl. And he was given the Miami game, which would take it to 3-4.
  5. I guess I'll spell it out. The Fish made the comment that since Saturday won't have to pay Manning, he shouldn't offer his opinion. I made my comment sarcastically, since The Fish also doesn't have to pay Manning. I was trying to point out the irony of a person who comes on the internet to offer their opinions on football calling someone else (who actually has more stake in what happens than any of us do) for doing the same thing.
  6. Jim Tressel would be a disaster hire for the Colts. I know a lot of you say, "I don't watch college football, but he seemed to be a great coach." Let me try to explain why he wasn't: 1. His playcalling was extremely conservative. If you think Caldwell lacked aggression, you will find that Tressel is not much better, and possibly worse. 2. He underachieved at OSU. Sure, he got to BCS bowl games coming out a pretty weak Big Ten conference, but when he ran up on an SEC school, his teams usually got waxed. Heck, there was even talk among some OSU fans that I know about wanting Tressel out because
  7. When Peyton retires, I think he is destined to be a television analyst. Maybe even a commentator. I think he could be a great coach, but I'd say a TV gig is much less stressful and time consuming.
  8. Maybe I should have added a sarcasm smiley? People here rarely pick up on subtle sarcasm. I know it's hard to convey sarcasm via text, but it seems especially hard to get across here. Glad at least a couple picked up on it.
  9. Yeah, I agree. Anyone who doesn't personally have millions of dollars at stake over the Manning decision should just refrain from commenting on it.
  10. Mike Zimmer is a great candidate. I wish the Colts would go on and make him an offer. Pete Carmichael is a decent option as well. Childress, Gray, and Chip Kelly, in my opinion, would not be good hires. The available coaches with NFL experience don't really form an all-star lineup. Cowher might be good, but doesn't look interested in returning to coaching right now. Gruden seems content to stay on TV as well, and he is pretty overrated as far as I'm concerned, although I know he's probably the flashiest hire out there. And let's face it, Dungy didn't retire from the Colts to come back and take
  11. Luck supporters hate America! Sorry, just had to...
  12. If we hire Zimmer, it won't be as big of a blow to lose Spags since Zimmer is a defensive-minded guy anyway.
  13. There's one question I have about all of this: Why should anyone care?
  14. If we are considering hiring Steve Spagnuolo or Marty Mohrninweg as HC, as some have said, then it only makes sense that Caldwell would get another shot.
  15. I don't know. I get the feeling that Peyton wants to be with Indy, but he wants a commitment that the Colts are his team going forward. I think you're right on with the second part of your analysis. I don't think Peyton wants another QB breathing down his neck.
  16. It's pretty simple. If the Colts see that Peyton's nerves are regenerating and his ability to throw is not going to fall off from what it was previously, he will get his bonus and be on the team next year. If there are health concerns that indicate he won't return to game form, he won't get his bonus and will get released. People shouldn't read more into it than that.
  17. It would be ignorant to hire him as a head coach. Fire one 2-14 coach to get a coach who went 1-15 and 2-14 in his time at St. Louis?
  18. I actually don't think he likes playing against Eli.
  19. An appreciative fan base... ...that isn't willing to dump him for an unproven college player that they have unhealthy infatuations with?
  20. . I must admit, I never thought I'd see anyone get accused of riding Jake Delhomme's coattails.
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