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  1. Not really comical when you say that Manning being forced to retire and do commercials next year is something you're looking forward to. Pretty logical inference.
  2. Can someone post a video of Jim Irsay or Andrew Luck's NFL highlights?
  3. Yeah, well judging by your posts, you seem to revel in the fact (using the term loosely) that he's not going to be here next year. So, if you're going to make posts like this, be prepared for people to call you out as Manning hater, because that's what you look like.
  4. Jim Irsay wants to be the face of the organization, that is pretty apparent. So, he is going after the guy who really is the face of the franchise. He is turning into an Al Davis/ Jerry Jones type owner. That is the last thing you want your owner to become.
  5. ESPN reporting that the Cleveland Browns have hired Brad Childress as their OC.
  6. Just saw on ESPN that Manning and Irsay released a joint statement. Don't have the text of it right now, but basically said that they wanted to clear up any "misperception" that there is animosity between them. Also said that they had talked and are committed to working together to meet all future challenges.
  7. I guess we know that Irsay does read these forums.
  8. Yeah, I love the logic a lot of the fans on here (and possibly even the front office, given recent events): 1. The Colts were good with Manning. 2. Without Manning, the Colts were terrible. 3. In order to make the Colts good again, the only thing to do is to get rid of Manning.
  9. I really don't think the injury is that serious. There may be some nerve regeneration issues, but this is not, as I understand it, an injury that is going to leave someone at high risk for permanent injury. LOTS of players come back from this procedure.
  10. I will always be on Peyton's side. Irsay is trying to become a celebrity owner. He is tweeting all the time and wants to keep his name in the media. I would prefer an owner who just stays behind the scenes and lets those who know the game make decisions.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the last time he played, he said that he didn't really like it. Also, I remember after that game that he didn't make himself available to the media afterword because he didn't want to take questions about it.
  12. I would love it for Peyton to see him in SF. Watch out, NFL, if that happens.
  13. Luck is the best QB in a few decades? You realize that would mean he is better than Peyton Manning, right? And since, by "a few", I assume you mean at least three decades, that would also put him above Elway, Troy Aikman, Marino, etc. This guy better be great to live up to all this hype.
  14. Why is Washington always listed near the top of the list for possible destinations for Manning? I know they don't have a good QB, but do people really think Manning will go there? They are terrible. He would have no reliable receivers and a bunch of running backs that can't stay healthy. Plus, he'd be going up against Eli twice a year. I really don't understand why the talking heads (Mortensen, Herm Edwards, etc.) keeping saying they are the favorite to land Manning if he leaves Indy.
  15. I guarantee that if Irsay forces Manning out of Indy, it will be the worst mistake he has made as an NFL owner.
  16. Those numbers stink. Probably because you pulled them our of your butt. Quit trying to make up numbers and pass them off as definitive fact.
  17. How could the owner of a football team, who has been around football his whole life, do something as monumentally stupid as bring Tressel in as head coach. It seems like everyone knows it will be a bad move, but it still remains a strong possibility. It just makes me wonder sometimes how executives are able to make such bad, not to mention unpopular, decisions.
  18. Luck > Any other QB who has played or ever will play the game. Didn't you know that?
  19. No one is going to fire a coach that just took them to the Super Bowl.
  20. . Yeah. This guy apparently thought you could be a fan of both the Colts and their starting QB. How foolish.
  21. "Jeff isn't liable to pay 50 million to someone who may or may not be able to contribute, he should probably stay off of it." Sounds like you're saying he shouldn't be commenting.
  22. Periods are your friend. Also, I don't think anyone was looking at Saturday's comments as a definitive answer to the Peyton question. It's just one person's opinion, but I don't see how his opinion is any less valid than Joe Nobody who happens to peruse these forums. The "homers" have some more cupcake?
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