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  1. Manning would have put up absolutely ungodly stats playing against the defenses Unitas saw. Unitas won two of his titles when there was no Super Bowl and there were like 12 teams in the entire league and no one was passing the ball. Unitas couldn't play today's game. Manning would have been a dominant force in Unitas's game.
  2. What do you think are the odds that Luck ever wins a Super Bowl, much less more than one? This is a serious, non-rhetorical question.
  3. I'd say 41-42 is when he'll hang it up barring any more health setbacks.
  4. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7628737/ex-indianapolis-colts-czar-bill-polian-joining-espn-nfl-team Looks like we should prepare for a lot of Polian analysis on the Peyton situation.
  5. Um...because it's none of our business and we suck at evaluating things like this anyway?
  6. Anthony Gonzalez was supposed to be Marvin Harrison's replacement. Needless to say, it never worked out that way.
  7. When did this become a thread about Bert Jones?
  8. In the words of Steven A. Smith..."SO DISRESPECTFUL!"
  9. The "cold division games" you keep harping on make up 3 of the games the Dolphins play all year. You don't think he'd have to play in the cold three times anywhere he went?
  10. I wanted us to win that game at the time. Although it's been insinuated that I'm not a "true fan", I've never rooted for the Colts to lose.
  11. What on earth would entice him to the Redskins? Money? He doesn't need it. Everyone says he wants to go to a team that is an instant contender. Redskins are atrocious. One decent receiver. Running back by committee. I just don't get it.
  12. Because they like Hoyer better and Mallett is now third string.
  13. QB - Peyton Manning RB - Barry Sanders WR - Jerry Rice WR - Randy Moss WR - Cris Carter TE - Shannon Sharpe OL - "The Hogs" RE - Dwight Freeney DT - "Mean" Joe Green DT - Bob Lilly LE - Reggie White OLB - Lawrence Taylor MLB - Ray Nitschke OLB - Jack Lambert CB - Rod Woodson CB - Deion Sanders S - Ronnie Lott S - Ed Reed K - Adam Vinatieri P - Ray Guy
  14. Hines Ward's long tenure in Pittsburgh has come to an end, according to ESPN. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7564969/pittsburgh-steelers-plan-keep-hines-ward-report-says
  15. Allows me to focus on UK basketball, so I'm not complaining!
  16. You missed my point. I was responding to people who think that Luck will have this team in a position to never draft this high in the draft again. I'm saying that we drafted high again after getting Manning, so why should we automatically assume that we won't finish with a bad enough record to draft high again with Luck?
  17. OMG, that's true! Maybe we should just realize its impossible to predict the future an appreciate the fact that a wide array of outcomes are possible.
  18. Really? Because when Peyton was a rookie, we went 3-13.
  19. Was watching ESPN, they had Dilfer, Young, and Jaworski discusses Peyton's future in Indy. Says a Peyton Manning at 90% is better than Luck and that it would be best for "the horseshoe" for the Colts to keep Peyton in Indy. Dilfer: Manning will probably be gone, but the Colts SHOULD keep him and trade the pick to build around him. Jaws: Time for Colts to move on from Manning and go with a younger QB. Young: Doesn't think Peyton can play right now, but if he proves he can play in the next 30 days, the Colts should draft him and pick Luck, as they would benefit from having both (just like the
  20. . What a problem. We now go from having the worst team in the NFL to having an embarrassment of riches and having to trade away guys that are at their prime because they will start to decline someday. .
  21. He isn't superstitious....maybe just a little stitious.
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