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  1. I keep hearing this name McGlynn come up a lot. Not sure who he is.
  2. Correction, great PRESEASON!
  3. There's a saying about a diamond or something in the rough?
  4. C'mon, browns came in hot! We held them scoreless first half. That's a win in itself.
  5. Relax. He's solid. Castonzo wasn't perfect last year, nobody called for his release. Let's chill out.
  6. Can you guys give me a play by play as I cannot watch game? Thanks
  7. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1745330-predicting-awards-honors-for-the-indianapolis-colts-2013-14-season 1. MVP (Luck) 2. ROY (Bjoern Werner) 3. Most improved (TY Hilton) 4. Biggest surprise (Antoine Bethea) 5. Best FA pickup (Greg Toler) 6. Biggest disappointment (Erik Walden) I usually don't like BR but Kyle Rodriguez does ok.
  8. He is the future. He will be a Desean Jackson type player
  9. GB contributed greatly being an UDFA. Any production is a net plus.
  10. He's the next Gary bracket, UDFA .
  11. Can we officially add mike mcglynn to this list?
  12. I would take a whole game with no TDs allowed any day. Usually if defense holds opponents to just field goals, you usually win the game.
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