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  1. This is all speculation. Let's sit back and enjoy the ride.
  2. Nobody wrote him off. I saw 1 topic where they were critical of run D. That's all.
  3. Hate to say it, but this forum will explode if we lose. Any given Sunday.
  4. Welcome to the club. I live in NYC. Thank god for the colts bar or else I would be gamecasting it.
  5. Being a colts fan my 23 years on this earth, depth was always an issue. Seems we are turning the corner.
  6. Low risk high reward. Remember darius butler?
  7. He'll make the squad next year with DB departure. Good stuff
  8. 16-0. I'll be a rich man. And marry scarlet Johansson.
  9. Buying merchandise, tickets, and watching on television is in itself a vote.
  10. Getting upset over unpopular decisions is in the "fan" manual. Every fan does it.
  11. Same could be said for Matt overton. One trick pony lol
  12. Asking why creates accountability. Imagine if we never asked why to political leaders? It's called a dictatorship. We pay money to watch our team. It's our right to hold leadership responsible and scrutinize decisions. No one is calling for grigsons job, we are just wanting accountability.
  13. 6 receivers? Hmmm... 4 RB's. Could've gave Nevis and ijalana a spot.
  14. surprised they didn't release kavell Connor! U was sure he was gone after trade rumours.
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