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  1. cpd190


    Well, I meant to say..........Either punt from your own end zone with 30 seconds left and make them use their last time out. Or punt from your own end zone with 30 seconds left and let them save their one and only time out.....ugh
  2. cpd190


    I don't think it gets much worse. Either punt from your own end zone with 30 seconds left and let them keep their one and only time out. Or punt from your own end zone with 30 seconds left and let them save their one and only time out. Choose one......im just baffled! However, as a team, the Colts looked pretty good finally. I am just ready to fire the coach so we can move forward. I'm afraid Chuck will win just enough games this year to keep his job!!!!!
  3. cpd190


    Why is nobody talking about the pass we threw instead of letting time tick off the clock (with a run) with less than a minute to go. Arizona would have HAD to have burned its last time out to stop the clock and then we punt. Did Chuck really think we were going 70 yards to get into field goal range to win the game WITH A MIN or so left? Then we punt..... and that's when the other time out fiasco started by good ol' Chuck. ITS NOT THAT HARD!!!! If you cant manage that simple thing....I have to question his management of a lot of stuff, about the team, that we don't know about.
  4. cpd190


    At least Tolzien loves America
  5. cpd190


    Oh shut up about Kaep!!!!! I love America!!!!!
  6. cpd190

    Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Luck does not play defense. This team sucks because of the coach!
  7. cpd190

    Who will score the Colts 1st touchdown?

    We did have a touchdown. Dumb chuck took it away.
  8. cpd190

    Who will score the Colts 1st touchdown?

    Nice job coach. This is worse then any fumble. I just expect the coach to be mentally sound. This is so aggravating
  9. cpd190

    Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

    Kaep? Really......there is more to life than football!!!! Beside the fact that he his horrible!
  10. cpd190

    The Chuck Pagano you've been asking for?

    I really want to root for Pagano. He tries so hard. He has had it with some of his players making stupid mistakes. And I think he knows that the fans have had it with him getting out coached by weaker teams. Chuck has never been successful here. It was Bruce who carried him early in his career and built this team. After that, it has slowly gone down hill. I can't believe that the changing of a GM makes a coach better ha ha.....That's just sill.....but he is our coach and I'll hope he turns it around. With that said, if his team gets out coached (again)... I'll treat him like he did Rogers!!!!!
  11. cpd190

    PFF Grades first preseason game

    Jackson is quickly becoming one of my favorite player. That dude brings it. V. Davis is the best corner we have had since I have watched the colts (early 90s). We have some good pieces. I am just so frustrated with our lack of coaching!!!!! With that said......I hope every play is the play the coaching staff finally turns it on....but I have lost faith.
  12. cpd190

    My Season Prediction

    We weren't missing our coach were we!!!!! Got out coached......again.
  13. cpd190


    Ha ha to say this has nothing to do with coaching. The only people standing up for Pagano, at this point, are people who personally know him......nice guy....just stinks at his job. He is rich compared to my standards so I really don't mind telling him that he stinks as a coach. I don't feel sorry for him.
  14. cpd190

    Who are you keeping an eye on for #DETvsIND?

    I'm keeping a big eye on................drum roll!!!!!!!!!..........our head coach!!!!
  15. cpd190


    Thank you coach chuck! It really is the same crap as the last few years. You can just tell. It's coaching. It's flat out coaching! But it I want to thank coach chuck. Now I can be productive this year at home. I can get a lot of stuff done around the house and yard. Projects I have been meaning to do and will now have the time to do......thanks. And my wife really wants to thank you! yeah it's the first pressing game.....but once again, that dumb lions coach was more prepared and out coached our coach. Thanks again