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  1. I hope our first two games are against our toughest non-division foes. It seems like every season we lose the first two. It might as well be against two we would likely lose to mid season. How about the Steelers and the Seahawks?
  2. No surprise there. I expect TE coverage across the middle was near the bottom too. Losing Freeman hurt. DQJ and Morrison were horrible.
  3. Maybe Grigson was channeling the Dolphins? Marino + 2 smurfs, Clayton and Duper Luck + 2 smurfs, TY and Dorsett No Super Bowls
  4. Not so much. Minter is much, much,much better than DQ in coverage.
  5. If you believe the flu can be a factor, get this...for game 2, 15 Steelers were reported to have a stomach virus mid week.
  6. With all the drops, the Packers receivers remind me of the Colts (sarcasm)
  7. I believe one factor that has fans bringing pitchforks after Pagano is that his public statements, full of cliches, don't give the outward impression of a coach who understands the nuts and bolts of football. (No Spider Y Banana) Perception is reality in fans' minds perhaps. Not the most important factor by far, but it's part of his image. I'm with a lot of folks in that I see ample evidence of poor game planning. I'm also concerned that every season we seem to start 0-2. It makes me wonder about Pagano''s preseason prep program/strategy.
  8. I'm already ruling out Von Miller II..lol
  9. With all of our defensive needs l would make RB to groom behind Gore a lower priority for this year and try to get lucky with a later round RB pick. We can make do with Gore and Tobin if the draftee doesn't work out. I wanted to see more use of Todman too. I thought he was getting to the 2nd level better than the other 2. And forget Ferguson! We sorely need all the young defenders we can get.
  10. I agree. I was for taking Malcom Brown too.
  11. In free agency I would focus our limited resources on defense. I don't believe there is a proven edge rusher in the FA pool. A quality ILB and or CB would be my next preference.
  12. Grigs and company blew the entire 2013 draft. Holmes and Thornton weren't NFL capable. We are still suffering the consequences of that blown draft and not only on the OL.
  13. What at this point does it matter?
  14. The talking head announcer on CBS was wrong. The game was not IN Jacksonville. It was in the freak London environment. Jet lag can bedevil you for days. I know from personal experience. If the NFL wants level competition they will eliminate the stupid international games. No, the NFL wants to expand the marketplace for its licensed merchandise.
  15. Yeah, expecting Vontae, with a bad ankle, to be able to cover Brown without help was a bad coaching decision.

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