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  1. Look at the strength of those teams' rosters vs. the Colts. If a Chevy Volt couldn't win the Indy 500, would you blame the driver?
  2. Woods can't be an all star and he's not young. The Colts are his 6th team and he's 30. If Stewart shows enough in TC and the pre-season, might the Colts be willing to cut Woods and Parry?
  3. A lot depends on what the coaches want to do with Butler. He is our best nickel CB IMO. Will the coaches want him to swing back and forth between nickel CB and safety depending on down, distance and offensive personnel? Seems reasonable to me. With all the young DBs it might be tough to get get all of them the reps that they need to best sort the various roles out. But that is what the coaches are paid to figure out. I wish them well.
  4. I hope Pagano has a few whispers of help for TJ Green as well. TJ was brought in for his unique traits. He needs a lot of development.
  5. I think Tobin is already a good 4th and 1 back. However, Ferguson failed IMO. Marlon Mack could be a 3rd down/scat back.
  6. Marlon Mack - rb Howard Wilson - cb
  7. Yesterday's Hooker. Very good. Today's Wilson and Basham?? meh Who really knows?
  8. Double darn!! Williams gone.
  9. Tim Williams. Please.
  10. Tim Williams if he isn't already taken
  11. Reuben Foster if he falls to 15. Otherwise Haason Reddick.
  12. I'm surprised that their is not a signed Reuben Foster and that there aren't more forecasting Reddick.
  13. Far too early to draw conclusions. Generalities don't predict specific cases.
  14. I very much like your second group. I'm not sure how Sidney Jones will rebound from his injury though.
  15. If there are more than one or two players left that would make Ballard happy, it would make trading down more tolerable (and likely).

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