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  • Playoff Poster Winners!
    Jan 16 2015 09:08 AM Lots of winners today! Each person on the list below will receive either a Colts @ Broncos or a Colts @ Patriots poster. Congrats everyone!Go Colts! somsomawiersema2011pearmantjharris1116YellScreamGoColtssteevusMatthew GibsonjmacCindy BurkhartShaughnessy HarriganDJMONEYBarry SearsjarterbeMitomoJodie85addicted420ivelleeichorstSnakemanKaren Moss

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  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    by COLTS7
    Offense: QB- one of- if not the worst game he has played,to date RB- rushing-n/applicable receiving- whats that? Receivers- don't think there was an open receiver-all game??????????????????????? O-line- adequate Defense: (manhandled!) LB-n/applicable ( see below) DB- prob the only unit that would get a passing grade D-line- embarrasing, when they don't show up, makes it very hard for the back 7 to be a factor Special teams: Adam-not a good game McAfee- ditto Cribbs- bonehead of the game...Read Entry (Posted Jan 18 2015 10:38 PM)

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  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    Today, 02:03 AM Boo Carl.  Luck has like twice as many playoff wins as Manning had during his first 4-5 year...
  • Trade Trent Richardson.
    Yesterday, 05:06 PM I wish we could.  It is obvious to me that we have already said our mutual goodbyes.  R...
  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    Yesterday, 02:37 PM LUCK is a bum.Trade him now for a bunch of picks while he still has gms fooled
  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    Yesterday, 09:27 AM Yes the Colts were not ready for the PATS we never are in the Luck era yet,,,,,,,,Pats Colts play...
  • Trade Trent Richardson.
    Jan 26 2015 03:23 PM We are talking about a guy who is 24 with the ability and potential, someone would give up someth...
  • Trade Trent Richardson.
    Jan 26 2015 12:28 PM ColtsBTM12 covered it.  Something major to remember is you don't only trade a player you tra...
  • Trade Trent Richardson.
    Jan 25 2015 07:15 PM Believe me we could easily get a 4th, 5th or hell a 6th rounder or even a combination of late pic...

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      26 Jan

    When you go without watching television and avoiding news, all of a sudden the world isn't a bad place anymore. One more week and my TV is off for good until August.

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      26 Jan

    A recent study found that the amount of negative words used on social media...for an area was more predictive of heart attacks than traditional public health methods. So, that's another reason why people should simmer down

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