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  • Will This Finally Be The Season?
    Today, 09:31 AM I think the question should be - Will we beat the Bills?
  • T.y. Is Not Happy With His Madden Speed Rating
    Today, 09:31 AM For reference I think Dorsetts is 95.   thought it was 96 but yea, i saw that and TY's speed and though to myself, "somethings not adding up lol they ran similar 40's...
  • Will This Finally Be The Season?
    Today, 09:28 AM When Peyton's Colts got "sick and tired of being sick and tired" they found a way to exorcise the Pats demons. The Luck era Colts need to get "sick and tired of being sick and...
  • Will This Finally Be The Season?
    Today, 09:22 AM In the divisional game 2 years ago, Colts were down by only a TD in the 4th quarter. That was a competitive game, then the D gave up 2 huge TD runs, and the score was blown ope...
  • Donald Thomas Removed From Pup List
    Today, 09:21 AM Are you sure he didn't  just say Donald Thomas was walking "slowly," as he did on his Twitter page here:https://twitter.com/...574746151825408 Yeah, pretty sure
  • I Really Wish Tampa Took Mariota. This Kid Looks Legit
    Today, 09:19 AM Mariota has a cannon but Luck has a weak arm? Gotcha.   Is it not allowed to make a positive comment about any QB in the NFL but Luck?
  • Will This Finally Be The Season?
    Today, 09:18 AM Well watching how the Luck era Colts have actually played against the Pats to date doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence. They haven't even come close to beating them. A...
  • Colts Vs Rams Hopes/predictions (Merge)
    Today, 09:16 AM This will be a good test for our first team offense. Rams have a legit defensive front. Can we protect Luck and run against them? Rams made Colts look foolish a couple of yea...
  • Donald Thomas Removed From Pup List
    Today, 09:13 AM Good news. Hopefully he can stay healthy so we can finally find out what he can do.
  • Will This Finally Be The Season?
    Today, 09:10 AM This mindset of being scared of the big bad Patriots is getting stale. The Colts have overcame them before and they will do it again. Fans may or not have that mindset but I dou...

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  • Pre Season-Some Questions Have Been Answered...some Not....
    by COLTS7
    Pre season games, as far as won-loss records mean ...nothing, but they are not meaningless, they are necessary for finding out answers to many questions, mainly, who makes the cut and who doesn't. And they are necessary to get ready for the real games. It's very hard to understand why the Colts for the past decade (+) look so pathetic in these games and then go on to , at times, dominate the regular season, this is a very good team and very good teams, especially very good over an extended pe...Read Entry (Posted Aug 25 2015 01:46 PM)

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      27 Aug

    How many of you are CD collectors. I have at least in between 60-80 CD's. As most people are going to I Pods and other tech stuff. Just wondering.

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      27 Aug

    I was listening to 101.5 WIBA FM yesterday driving home & the DJ on duty was talking about buying a ranch home with a 2nd story tower on it with his wife. He said he goes up in 1 room in there & blares Dio music which according to him "can lure & summon dragons to his residence." LOL!

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