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    So, you either had something that you just had to post or for some reason, you decided today was the day you stopped and started posting.Whatever the reason, welcome! We're glad you're here. It can be a bit confusing getting started on any web site.Breath deep, it's not as hard as it looks and most everyone here will help you out....Read More

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  • Mock Draft: "If Tevin Coleman Is Available, Colts Should Take Him With 29th Pick
    by divineprodigy
    Defense has been th recurring theme amongst most Colts fans and NFL personalities as we draw nearer the upcoming draft. Most of the reasoning behind that being the team's innability to stop the run when it counts against the elite teams of the league. The image of LaGarrette Blount running wild against the Colts in the AFCCG in NE has been the latest rallying cry for why the team's primary focus should be on shoring up the defensive side of the ball. Still, the more prudent move might be for...Read Entry (Posted Apr 16 2015 10:29 AM)

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  • For Luck and Manning, It was Destiny and Innumerable Parallels
    Apr 10 2015 10:42 AM Very nice job, great read.
  • Draft needs
    Apr 05 2015 01:24 PM I think what is overlooked by the many players we have added, are the players we have lost.....La...
  • Draft needs
    Apr 04 2015 07:16 PM I like your methodology - this is what I do every year when I start thinking about the draft...
  • Draft needs
    Apr 03 2015 08:56 PM well buddy, I have totally bought into the iron sharpens iron approach and I think even though wh...
  • Draft needs
    Apr 03 2015 05:22 PM Colts7 you forgot the support staff! CHEERLEADERS - Not a need area! Pre- combine and pro day r...
  • Draft needs
    Apr 02 2015 05:47 PM S, C, CB, DL and MLB would be my 1st five picks not necessarily in this order but these are the n...
  • Grading Grigson ( free agents +)
    Mar 29 2015 01:19 AM Grading Grigson's FAs picks as of today 3-28-15 : A+ It takes time to build a "consistent" th...

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