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  • Titans @ Colts Ticket Drawing Now Open
    Today, 08:31 AM Enter to win two tickets to Titans at Colts here! http://forums.colts....wings_main.htmlCongrats to todays winnersColtsGirlForSure won the Eagles ticketsDave Jones won a set of player posters

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  • Should the Colts sign Richie Incognito?
    Today, 11:17 PM IMO 1 year, 500K guaranteed, up to 5 million possible with incentives.   Sneeze the wrong way without covering his mouth and he's out of here.    Illegal offe...
  • Potential FA's on OL next offseason
    Today, 11:16 PM I'm all for upgrading the interior line with a quality veteran player....   But my hope is that all three guys (Mewhort, Holmes and Thornton) work out and so the veteran gu...
  • Should the Colts sign Richie Incognito?
    Today, 11:15 PM Given your assumption, he looks good, etc., why is money an issue? Let his agent and our front office work out the details. We have plenty of cap and we'd just be renting him...
  • AQ Shipley to possibly start at C for Colts come Sunday
    Today, 11:15 PM grigs has drafted 5 olineman since hes been here and signed the best RT in the game. how is that neglecting the oline   This excuse is becoming so old ...   The 5...
  • Hugh Thornton progress
    Today, 11:15 PM We will know Sunday night. He can stay on the field that makes him better than half the offensive lineman on the team
  • Injuries-It could be worse, at least we are not the 49er's
    Today, 11:13 PM IR including players that we're never going to make the roster are not much of a problem. Ballard and Thomas hurt the most, but we managed most of last season without either,...
  • Predictions for Sunday
    Today, 11:12 PM what is our OL missing...  any sort of proven center?   an above average starter at any position?   Miller played half a season last year.  the year b...
  • grigs quiet?
    Today, 11:05 PM Am I the only one who thinks improving the ground game is way more important than protecting Andrew Luck? No but perhaps we should sign a high price lineman to back up our s...
  • Predictions for Sunday
    Today, 11:05 PM what exactly is our o-line missing? a center? we dont even know if holmes is out. ware and miller? ware isnt the pass rusher he use to be and miller has taken a step back the...
  • QB Derek Carr named Raiders Starter
    Today, 11:04 PM pro bowler one year to backup qb the next. talk about hitting rock bottem

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  • Who makes the cut?
    by COLTS7
    There are some players on this list that will get injured, there are players who are not on this list that will be added before the final cutdown, that will effect the final roster spots, the roster as it stands now and who I think will make the cut: QB- Luck-Hasslebeck RB-Richardson-Bradshaw-Herron-Meggett FB-Havili TE-Allen-Fleener-Doyle ( Swoope-practice squad) WR- Wayne-Hilton-Nicks-Moncreif-Rogers-Whalen (Washington-PS) C-Holmes (Harrison-PS) G- Mewhort-Thortan-Louis-Reitz T-...Read Entry (Posted Aug 03 2014 08:40 PM)

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  • Less Than A Month Before 2014 Season!
    Yesterday, 10:49 PM Im so ready,  go Colts!
    Aug 28 2014 07:07 AM Give him half a season and if he's a no go still, give him the boot...
  • Who makes the cut?
    Aug 25 2014 05:54 PM I think we need a better secondary defensive.  First two pre-season games, defense was...
    Aug 25 2014 05:53 PM Trent Richardson actually had an encouraging game, I thought. He made several very nice runs an...
    Aug 25 2014 01:51 PM Trent Richardson actually had an encouraging game, I thought. He made several very nice runs an...
    Aug 24 2014 05:36 PM Trent will be fine as the starter and will surprise quite a lot of fans..... Learning an NFL play...
    Aug 24 2014 05:27 PM Trent Richardson actually had an encouraging game, I thought. He made several very nice runs and...

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      01 Sep
    T Y Goodbye

    JOES LEAGUE..I am getting sick, and not feeling well..I'll try to be on as much as possible to help with fixing the draft errors..I need you all to cooperate and rop the players you actually didnt draft and then in a day or 2 put in a waiver request for those you did draft...I may not be on but i['ll try...sorry guys

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