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  • Drawing for 2 Tickets to Bengals @ Colts Now Open!
    Yesterday, 07:57 AM Enter to win two tickets to Bengals @ Colts here!http://forums.colts....wings_main.html Remember, you must be logged in or else you will not be able to see the drawing page. Registration is free.Congrats to today's winners AWhalley won the Ravens tickets DJMoney won the last set of Posters, I'll look for stuff to give away so, the drawing is still open. Enter once for the season and you are automatically entered in every swag drawing this season!

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  • Would you be opposed to trading Fleener?
    Today, 09:26 PM I don't understand you guys who just have a closed mind when it comes to trading Fleener. Yes he has talent, but he seems to still underwhelm me even after being in the league...
  • Cowboys CB Morris Claiborne Demoted and Storms Out Of Facility
    Today, 09:26 PM when you get burned by a 3rd string QB,you have nothing to be angry about
  • Denver CB Harris says Wilson is better than Luck [Merge]
    Today, 09:25 PM Holy Toledo.....   This thread was complete nonsense when it began 3 days ago.   The original poster was actually looking for someone to blame for this being an issue....
  • luck vs wilson
    Today, 09:25 PM I think Wilson will protect the ball better, however Luck will win you a ball game when it is on the line (assuming Pep lets him try). Yes i am still bitter about the Eagles gam...
  • luck vs wilson
    Today, 09:24 PM So I guess Luck/Wilson is the new Manning/Brady. Sorry but I just don't have the stamina to argue about it for the next 12 years. I know right? Give Andrew Luck some breat...
  • luck vs wilson
    Today, 09:13 PM Luck should have 100% of the vote. This is not even close. And that is not knocking Wilson, because he has some great skills. Wilson is awesome to watch. Anyone with a good s...
  • ref's grades
    Today, 09:10 PM Personally, watching a number of different games over the last weeks, I have felt the overall quality of officiating has been extremely poor......extremely. I will use the Seatt...
  • Ravens owner press conf....
    Today, 09:09 PM If I may l, I'd like to point out what I see as the problems here. 1st Ray is/was wrong in his assault 2nd Ray was wrong for not truthfully giving out the entire story (moot po...
  • Can we find pass rush help?
    Today, 09:02 PM Faster as in straight line speed or getting off the ball faster? If it's getting off the ball faster then you have an argument   Faster in every way you can measure....
  • luck vs wilson
    Today, 09:02 PM Luck should have 100% of the vote.    This is not even close.    And that is not knocking Wilson, because he has some great skills. Wilson is awesome to wa...

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  • Colts/Jags-Colts get hot in Fla
    by COLTS7
    Nothing like a game vs one of the leagues worst teams to make the sun look a little brighter, a very dominating first half, followed by a lets get this game over second half....it was a very good effort, all around, but until those kind of results come vs a team with a little more talent, not sure exactly how much it means Offense:welcome back to elite Mr. Luck, after an inconsistent start to the season, Luck was clicking on all cylinders (31-39-370-4 TD's and most importantly...... ZERO int...Read Entry (Posted Sep 21 2014 04:46 PM)
  • Announcement: IMPORTANT: Read this about Creating Threads on Game Day and The Day After
    by Nadine
    We are asking your cooperation in keeping our forums organized on game day and the day after.Beginning this week (with Eagles @ Colts) moderators will create threads that should allow for all conversation related to the gameoffense, defense, special teams, coachingPlease do not start threads about the game on any of these topics. Instead, post to the thread that relates to your post.Hopefully this will minimize the complaints about excessive duplicate topics as well as thread locking by mods....Read Entry (Posted Sep 12 2014 06:51 AM)

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