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  • Mystery Drawing Still Open!
    Dec 01 2014 06:12 AM Congrats to today's winners!Virtuoso80 won the Texans @ Colts tickets! This was our last drawing for the regular season. Fingers crossed for playoffs!krazydall won the swag drawing! Mystery prize to be sent! the drawing is still open. Enter once for the season and you are automatically entered in every swag drawing this season!Remember, you must be logged in or else you will not be able to see the drawing page. Registration is free.

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  • Time to STAND tall against "one" of the BIG boys...
    Today, 03:27 AM OTOH, the Cowboy fan doesn't even think we're pretty good, let alone a big boy. Because we beat Jaguar's but lost to Denver.  Beat the Titans, lost to Philly.  Beat...
  • Official NFL Meme thread!
    Today, 03:02 AM          
  • Official NFL Meme thread!
    Today, 03:00 AM Now, I am bringing you a special edition of Saturday Night Football!                
  • Rif dream mock draft
    Today, 02:54 AM Not a chance in a trillion that we draft a WR as our first pick given our needs; I don't care if he's better than Josh Gordan, Calvin Johnson, and Jimmy Graham combined. We hav...
  • Time to STAND tall against "one" of the BIG boys...
    Today, 02:44 AM Dallas is pretty good but I wouldn't call them a "big boy"   OTOH, the Cowboy fan doesn't even think we're pretty good, let alone a big boy. Because we beat Jaguar's bu...
  • Philip Rivers hasn't practiced for two days
    Today, 02:41 AM Chad72, Gates had a great game, he's so clutch. I'm going to cry really hard the day he finally retires his cleats. Glad you won your FF! Even after all that Rivers did, you'...
  • Ulrick John Tidbit
    Today, 02:25 AM you stated a generalization, Using what you said I could pick out (Offense only)...Again...I get what you mean but I disagree QB-Alex Smith...49ers....2005 RB-Trent Richardson....
  • Colts Receivers: Late Season Evaluation
    Today, 02:18 AM I'm anticipating Nicks getting a lot more snaps Sunday against Dallas.   For the first time this season,  his legs looked much better,  much healthier,  he r...
  • What are the chances the Colts play against San Diego?
    Today, 02:17 AM Not very likely most likely one of the AFC North teams are coming here. There are other ways it could happen but the easiest way would be for the Colts to win out, Ravens win o...
  • Just a question
    Today, 02:11 AM Just speaking of this yearthis year we are 2-3. Lost to New England, Denver, and the Eagles. They beat the Giants and Texans in nationally televised games. If you count the S...

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  • Colts/texans (Division champs)
    by COLTS7
    Congrads on another division title...That's 4 wins in a row, we hear how teams that get on a roll at the end of the year, often carry that momentum into the postseason and how it's very hard to win in this league and last week, how we will never apologize for getting a win,but.............we also hear how, we need to be playing our best football in December and January...I hope hoping that despite this current wining streak, that is not our best football Offense: very pedestrian numbers for...Read Entry (Posted Dec 14 2014 05:22 PM)

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      20 Dec

    First new years resolution done. Cleaned and reorganized the pantry. Now, on to learning cell numbers for family members. i really do not know them, I just use my cell so I never dial anymore.

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      20 Dec

    Nothing is more gratifying than doing something for someone else. Brent and I had a long to do list today. Instead, we made an unplanned visit to the hospital. Nothing feeds the soul like helping others. Hang in there Prisha! You are loved!

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