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  • Deflategate merge -- pending appeal results
    Today, 08:46 PM Battling cancer can make for "a trying few months" Losing your job can make for "a trying few months" Posting on an internet message board....not so much. You should be best f...
  • Cardinals , Cubs , Reds and all MLB 2015
    Today, 08:37 PM Cubs Win Cubs Win Cubs Win
  • Colts Sign FA DT Jeris Pendleton [Merge]
    Today, 08:37 PM He only played 85 snaps for us in 2013. I thought it was more than that.  http://www.footballo...tats/snapcounts   According to Football Media Website and Football...
  • Forget Moncrief's hops
    Today, 08:36 PM ....... But he doesn't do anything for the team Least Moncrief actually makes an impact in the games Colt probably is about to be a backup again this season if he even makes the...
  • Colts Sign FA DT Jeris Pendleton [Merge]
    Today, 08:35 PM
  • Deflategate merge -- pending appeal results
    Today, 08:26 PM you'd have to present a link to the logged pressure readings for each ball pre-game in order to dispute the fact I posted.   This is direct from the Wells report. ...
  • Colts Sign FA DT Jeris Pendleton [Merge]
    Today, 08:26 PM I apologize. Sometimes I think I'm being funny when really, people just want to punch me in the face.   I know this because often after I make a joke, people look at me a...
  • 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup
    Today, 08:24 PM I was hoping we would win but I was expecting Germany to shut US out, However we got our offensive act together tonight for the most part. I actually think Alex Morgan and...
  • Forget Moncrief's hops
    Today, 08:23 PM I am so jealous.
  • positions of need
    Today, 08:19 PM I agree with your assessment of all the players, but the hypothetical was under the same scenario as this year, with the only difference being having Dorsett on the team....

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      29 Jun

    Finally took two NY killers off the streets. Up to 1200 law enforcement officials and $1M a day over twenty-two days!

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