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  • coach manning?
    Today, 08:57 AM He will start his own pizza franchise and call it Papa Manning's.
  • coach manning?
    Today, 08:56 AM  He has 21 Papa Johns Franchises & I believe Pizza not the Pigskin will be his not so distant future .  
  • coach manning?
    Today, 08:52 AM Alright guys, there is enough Manning in the NFL General section. It gets old after a while.
  • Drafting a Pass Rusher
    Today, 08:32 AM i would love Jeremiah Attaochu at 59 trade up agin get a safety then let the draft play out go colts!!! 
  • coach manning?
    Today, 08:29 AM Peyton has the money to buy a team if he wants too. I don't see him coaching. doubtful. The raiders are the cheapest team at $825M...thats still to expensive.
  • if anyone was interested in what andrew is doing during the offseason
    Today, 08:26 AM well he is making 6 figures  Some of the girls probably think he's still Austin Collie too.
  • coach manning?
    Today, 08:16 AM I would LOVE to see him on the Indy sidelines coaching, but if I were a betting man, I would bet he ends up as a first rate sports commentator for one of the networks.   Re...
  • Manning ready to move on to 2014
    Today, 08:10 AM Can he win a 2nd SB & take a similar beating from Seattle or the Niners that's the question? You honestly think Manning can take another physical beat down like that again...
  • Andrew Luck
    Today, 07:47 AM We've GOT to get him more time to look through his rotation, Grig's better come up with an answer for the O-Line this year!!!   Luck's numbers are directly related to the f...
  • Reggie feeling confident confident about his recovery
    Today, 07:41 AM Reggie will be back AND be the receiver we come to depend on, I'll take an any % Reggie over no Reggie at all...   Any Day   Even at 80% he still much better than a go...

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  • What I Think "Building The Monster" Means Intro
    by My Opinions Are 0% Fact
    It's something that we have seen on T-shirts, in player, coach, and front office interviews, and all over forums. Build the Monster has become a sort of rallying cry for the Colts organization and fan base. It's catchy and it conjures up images of an unstoppable football juggernaut. When I first heard the slogan a wide smile spread across my face, but after the initial effect wore off I began to wonder what the slogan really meant and what it would take to actually build a monster. In this bl...Read Entry (Posted Apr 17 2014 06:10 PM)

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Game Rewind: Indianapolis Colts

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      18 Apr

    The Fender Stratocaster turned 60, Happy Birthday to the man's best friend. You can never go wrong with a good strat, never.

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      16 Apr

    I saw in the Colts mailbag that Nicks will wear number 14. That's weird. I wish they would have just given him 88. Marvin was great, but you don't have to retire everyone's number that's ever been good on your team.

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