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    Jan 11 2014 05:23 AM If you are a New Member, WELCOME! We are glad you are here. Note: as a new member,you have limited posting privileges for a brief time. New Members may post 5 replies per 24 hour period until they reach 10 posts. They may *not* create a thread. Your 24 hour posting window is tied to the time of your first post. For example, if your first post was made at 4:34 PM, then you are allowed 5 posts between 4:34 PM and 4:33 PM. Once a new member has reached 10 posts, they become part of the 'Member'...

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  • Chris Johnson Signs with Jets
    Today, 04:52 PM My only question with Vick is he is going to a team where the HC is not offensive minded which is what he was used to in Philly with Reid and Kelly. I really thought Kelly's O...
  • Hakeem Nicks will wear #14.
    Today, 04:37 PM Retired jerseys should be used for transcendent players. That's Unitas and Manning. Marvin falls into the same category as John Mackey; Great and HOFer, not transcendent....
  • 2 Round Mock Draft (No trades)
    Today, 04:35 PM Dontae Johnson  I think he will be a sleeper... he can play both CB/S  hope we get him too in the later rounds
  • Hakeem Nicks will wear #14.
    Today, 04:30 PM I actually wouldn't be surprised to see Nicks change numbers after the preseason cuts. Could be, some of these guys take it very seriously. Remember when Rhodes came back and...
  • 2 Round Mock Draft (No trades)
    Today, 04:28 PM I would be happy if we Bucannon was there at 59. This board is way to high on Brooks being able to tackle is very important part of football not interested would rather get a...
  • Should College Athletes be Paid?
    Today, 04:27 PM Sure, that's what it's about "now."  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Show me a union and I'll show you a group of people who want to be paid.  It's...
  • Bleacher Reports Top 35 OLB
    Today, 04:24 PM Graham from the Eagles is 11 I think and on the trade block, Grigson loves a trade with the Eagles. I wouldn't mind that happening for someone like Brazill or Moala.  ...
  • Mock with trades
    Today, 04:23 PM Why not trade our 2015 first round for Jimmie Ward? It whould be better than trade Werner!   Ward would have to fall to around the middle of round 2 to be able to do a...
  • Manning ready to move on to 2014
    Today, 04:20 PM Does Denver have enough defensive prowess to knock off Seattle right now should they get back to the SB? Honestly, no. The Niners? Doubtful. Hades even AZ would be tough to kn...
  • 2 Round Mock Draft (No trades)
    Today, 04:19 PM  I would be happy if  Bucannon was there at 59.  This board is way to high on Brooks being able to tackle is very important part of footb...

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  • Next Week NFL 2014 Schedule Released!
    by JPPT1974
    Can't wait for the schedule to be released. And really always look forward to this. I will admit that the pre-season schedule is and looks great! But really can't wait for the regular season schedule. A week from yesterday, it will be released on 4/22!Read Entry (Posted Yesterday, 11:17 PM)

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Game Rewind: Indianapolis Colts

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      15 Apr

    I don't know how many roundabouts there are in Carmel, but I think I went through at least 20 of them today . . . which brought back memories of how hard it was for me to enter jump roping without tripping or being whacked in the head.

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