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  • Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles!
    Today, 04:31 AM If it isn't illegal contact, then it's holding. If it isn't holding then it's DPI. Boykin clearly grabbed TY's shoulder bad and kept him from making his cut resulting in the i...
  • Luck is Regressing Under this Regime
    Today, 04:06 AM Tell me guys, why in the 1st place Colts wants to be run 1st offense in this passing league?? What is the point?   We have QB, WRs,TEs,RBs to be high scoring passing offens...
  • Can we get a little love for Greg Toler?!?
    Today, 03:26 AM Nice play!    I think you're being a bit optimistic hoping to get any Toler love on here though... the end of the world crowd are in full flow on here lately. I would...
  • Denver (+5) @ Seattle (9-21-14)
    Today, 03:13 AM I don't have seattle scoring more than 10 pts. There offense is weak aside from lynch (whos dealing with a back injury) and Harvin (who can step out of bounds and still get a td...
  • Vikings suspend Peterson, place him on exempt list
    Today, 03:09 AM From Anheuser Busch; In a scathing 49-word statement, the league’s official suds maker said it is “disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have ov...
  • Luck is Regressing Under this Regime
    Today, 03:03 AM You do watch the games, don't you? In Luck's first year, he was victimized by defenders just bleeding through the line. Now, he seems to be victimized more by coverage. you can...
  • The possesion with the interception
    Today, 02:58 AM Even if TY hadn't been interfered with, the pass was still thrown behind him, and likely would have been tipped instead of being caught. Luck is his own worst enemy right now. T...
  • predicting the rest of the schedule
    Today, 02:48 AM 0-16
  • Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles!
    Today, 02:48 AM Screw the Eagles. Screw them right in their ear. 
  • Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles!
    Today, 02:47 AM Forget the eagles thats over and done. We have to hope the jags dont beat us sun. Fans will be ready to fire everyone if that happens

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  • Colts/Eagles-holy running game batman!
    by COLTS7
    Now if we can find a decent QB- obviously I am kidding, but it is ironic that we have waited a looooooooooooooooooong time for a game like that from the RB's and that same game, Luck looks like he won't be playing in this league very long? It's hard to gauge anything, after 2 games, win or lose, but it is enough to see patterns developing, good and/or bad. Offense: The running game looked great, to the tune of 149 yards (169 total) and even better, both backs looked great, Richardson has loo...Read Entry (Posted Yesterday, 04:47 PM)
  • Announcement: IMPORTANT: Read this about Creating Threads on Game Day and The Day After
    by Nadine
    We are asking your cooperation in keeping our forums organized on game day and the day after.Beginning this week (with Eagles @ Colts) moderators will create threads that should allow for all conversation related to the gameoffense, defense, special teams, coachingPlease do not start threads about the game on any of these topics. Instead, post to the thread that relates to your post.Hopefully this will minimize the complaints about excessive duplicate topics as well as thread locking by mods....Read Entry (Posted Sep 12 2014 06:51 AM)

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      16 Sep

    It's sad that Trent Richardson had his best game as a Colt by far last night, and all the media brings up is how he fumbled and that he's still terrible. Makes me angry.

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