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  • Playoff Poster Winners!
    Jan 16 2015 09:08 AM Lots of winners today! Each person on the list below will receive either a Colts @ Broncos or a Colts @ Patriots poster. Congrats everyone!Go Colts! somsomawiersema2011pearmantjharris1116YellScreamGoColtssteevusMatthew GibsonjmacCindy BurkhartShaughnessy HarriganDJMONEYBarry SearsjarterbeMitomoJodie85addicted420ivelleeichorstSnakemanKaren Moss

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  • This was so Hilarious I'm wondering how many saw this...
    Today, 01:08 PM https://vine.co/v/OtjFXOPhuvB
  • Mathis and Freeney
    Today, 01:05 PM First ballot is a very tall order.......I dont know if there's 5 guys playing today who are certain 1st ballot Hall-of-Famers...IMO there are only 2 guys playing in the league t...
  • does uldrick john make gosder expandable?
    Today, 01:03 PM We don't know enough about him yet.  I think that Mewhort was drafted with the intention of playing tackle-Donald Thomas was not injured yet (for the second time) and Thorn...
  • Mock
    Today, 01:01 PM And rumors are that there are character concerns with Dawson. Also a questionable motor. Replace him with Nate Orchard
  • does uldrick john make gosder expandable?
    Today, 12:58 PM We have no idea what we have with John.  If Gosder does go, I don't think it would be because we have John on the roster.
  • Rant
    Today, 12:56 PM what makes the patriots the better team is exactly what makes the seahawks a good team. GREAT DRAFTING it seems like they hit on every single pick. We have polian and now grig...
  • Mathis and Freeney
    Today, 12:52 PM not first ballot. they will both be lucky to get in at all.  if mathis can come back and have another good year and playoff run his stock will go up of course.  if nei...
  • does uldrick john make gosder expandable?
    Today, 12:44 PM My mistake then, I remember he was drafted as a guard and I haven't heard much of him since. I still think we need to see something from him before he can be deemed a replacemen...
  • does seau deserve to be a first ballot HOFer?
    Today, 12:43 PM Seau was a lock well before his career ended. He's on the same tier as Singletary or Ray Lewis.
  • does uldrick john make gosder expandable?
    Today, 12:42 PM Absolutely not. For one, Ulrick is a Guard, and two, we haven't seen him play in a real NFL game. He's a potential good guy, but it's speculation until he gets actually playin...

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  • My offseason hopes
    by mattyrob350
    This season we came one step closer to the ultimate goal. There are a number of holes in our team we need to fill. Here are some of my ideas. Let go of Ahmad Bradshaw. He's old, gets injured a lot, is a free agent, and would free up salary space. Pursue Ray Rice. He's a good fit for our team. He's a tough runner and a good receiver. There may be some controversy there, but Indianapolis makes the most sense of teams for him to play for. His old coach (from his Super Bowl win), Chuck Pagano, is...Read Entry (Posted Jan 27 2015 02:28 AM)
  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    by COLTS7
    Offense: QB- one of- if not the worst game he has played,to date RB- rushing-n/applicable receiving- whats that? Receivers- don't think there was an open receiver-all game??????????????????????? O-line- adequate Defense: (manhandled!) LB-n/applicable ( see below) DB- prob the only unit that would get a passing grade D-line- embarrasing, when they don't show up, makes it very hard for the back 7 to be a factor Special teams: Adam-not a good game McAfee- ditto Cribbs- bonehead of the game...Read Entry (Posted Jan 18 2015 10:38 PM)

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  • Trade Trent Richardson.
    Jan 30 2015 08:00 PM UH No....we sign pass blocking OLineman who can't open running lanes inside the middle of the def...
  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    Jan 29 2015 04:15 PM Carl, have you EVER said anything positive??  Go eat a snickers, you get mad when you're h...
  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    Jan 29 2015 08:36 AM SERIOUSLY!  What JlynRN said.....Angry elf.....
  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    Jan 28 2015 05:57 PM Carl, have you EVER said anything positive??  Go eat a snickers, you get mad when you're hun...
  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    Jan 28 2015 03:07 PM Have you ever said anything positive?
  • Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)
    Jan 28 2015 03:06 PM Carl, go eat a cupcake.
  • Trade Trent Richardson.
    Jan 28 2015 11:35 AM On what basis can anyone say TRich has potential or talent?  He dances in place until a...

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      01 Feb

    I hate bundled 'promotional' pricing. It's just a way to jack up what you pay to an unreasonable price if you fail to watch the renew date. Also hate auto renewal. It's a way to do the same thing

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      31 Jan

    Very anxious to hear the NFL Hall of Fame Inductees announced later today, and hoping we hear a few familiar names to be inducted this year.

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      29 Jan

    One thing I DO miss from the 90's Beavis and Butthead making fun of music videos

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