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  • Playoff Poster Winners!
    Jan 16 2015 09:08 AM Lots of winners today! Each person on the list below will receive either a Colts @ Broncos or a Colts @ Patriots poster. Congrats everyone!Go Colts! somsomawiersema2011pearmantjharris1116YellScreamGoColtssteevusMatthew GibsonjmacCindy BurkhartShaughnessy HarriganDJMONEYBarry SearsjarterbeMitomoJodie85addicted420ivelleeichorstSnakemanKaren Moss

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  • Grading Grigson ( free agents +)
    by COLTS7
    2012: The only player of note was Redding, who has been a big part of this era, with his experience and leadership, there were quite a few mid level players signed and none really stood out....Zbikowski-Avery-McKinney-McGlynn-Satele-Staton 2013: Again, there were quite a few players signed, including 1 big name player-Landry, who was just released. There were some productive or quality players....Hasselback-Toler-Butler-Cherilus-Francois-Havili-Bradshaw and Walden and some that didn't.....Fr...Read Entry (Posted Feb 28 2015 03:58 PM)
  • Building SB Monster
    by Dennis Ramsey_5088
    With Free Agency near. This is my wish list of FA signings. S Mike Adams 3,000,000 CB Darius Butler 3,000,000 S Da'Norris Searcy 3,000,000 CB Brandon Flowers 3,500,000 DT Terrance Knighton 5,500,000 DE Jerry Hughes 7,500,000 ILB Brandon Spikes 6,500,000 QB Matt Hasselbeck 3,750,000 G Joe Reitz 1,500.000 C A.Q. Shipley LS Matt Overton 1,000,000 S Delano Howell 1,000,000 RB Dan Herron 1,000,000 RB Ahmad Bradshaw 1,000,000 S Sergio Brown 1,500,000 WR Hakeem Nicks 4,000,000 I don't want the Col...Read Entry (Posted Feb 22 2015 12:05 PM)

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  • Grading Grigson (draft)
    Today, 11:57 AM B+
  • Grading Grigson (draft)
    Today, 08:55 AM In five years when the Colts get to one SB and lose, we will all remember fondly the talent that...
  • Grading Grigson ( free agents +)
    Mar 01 2015 01:02 AM Hes had more misses but i think hes been doing ok although he tends to over pay for average playe...
  • Grading Grigson ( free agents +)
    Feb 28 2015 08:04 PM I said last year was AFC CHAMPIONSHIP or BUST, now itʻs SUPER BOWL or BUST! Good Luck and GO COLTS!
  • Grading Grigson (draft)
    Feb 28 2015 07:58 PM I give him a C+, he needs to hit the hammer on the nail in this years draft cause his thumbs look...
  • Building SB Monster
    Feb 28 2015 02:31 PM But donʻt forget the offense needs to get way better, they did not give the defense time to rest,...
    Feb 28 2015 11:15 AM Agreed. As much as I would like to see DeMarco in Indy, I think the Cowboys O-Line did a lot of t...

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