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  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    by COLTS7
    We always hear this team is gritty, resiliant, that was for sure that type of game...was not pretty, but in the end, we had 3 more points than they did, the broncos were not at full strength last week, but the bottom line is this team has won 2 games now vs very good teams and regardless of the circumstance...that is a positive. The schedule the rest of the way is filled with win-able games.  Defense: wanted to start with the defense this week, because they were the difference in the gam...Read Entry (Posted Nov 22 2015 06:55 PM)

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  • good old charlie
    Nov 26 2015 05:10 PM 1-0 as a back-up.  colts beat falcons with charlie as back-up. 
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 24 2015 01:02 PM Thanks EDCB...I try to be realistic as well and that would seem to indicate there isn't much of a...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 24 2015 12:23 PM Agree with all.  Great effort from adequate talent.  I think it's safe to say that pre-...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 23 2015 01:16 PM Less penalties, turnovers, missed tackles - that would the Broncos game, IMO.   The Falcons...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 23 2015 07:30 AM   Good post. Agreed. To borrow a cliche; we keep "shooting ourselves in the foot".   I'...
  • 1st half grades-defense
    Nov 23 2015 07:21 AM IMO - Biggest issues are lack of pass rush and secondary missing assignments at times. Improved s...
  • 1st half grades-defense
    Nov 21 2015 03:57 PM it's not a true C grade...... as mentioned, Jones has missed the entire year, we were playing wit...

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