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    Aug 11 2014 06:29 AM Now open! Enter to win 2 tickets to Eagles @ Colts 9/15/14 @ 8:30 PM EDT. You must be a forum member to enter. Membership is free, click here to enterClick here to enter the drawing for Eagle @ Colts TicketsWe'll have another drawing for player posters next week. If you have not entered the poster drawing yet, Click here to enter the poster drawing.Congratulations to this weeks winners!Saints @ Colts Tickets: Cindy FenderPlayer Posters: FL colt fan

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  • Saints release Champ Bailey and Robert Meachem
    Today, 07:15 PM When was he with SD? I didn't realize he ever left the Saints. He is still pretty young, right? Under 30? 2012 he was on the chargers
  • same old tune
    Today, 07:14 PM Pinch of salt of course but he graded out as a top 10 3-4DE, with a huge slant of his grade coming with stopping the run. I'm not being funny but really if you can't see Reddin...
  • Rams release Michael Sam...
    Today, 07:14 PM Absolutely.  It's also great to make a big deal out of something because it's in style or "cool" to do so, so let's make everyone feels sorry for this player and we'll do...
  • signings
    Today, 07:14 PM The OP does not need your permission to ask a question on this message board. No one said he did
  • Khaled Holmes Update
    Today, 07:13 PM We're done? You breaking up with me come on man I appreciate your insight but I can't be the only one you rub the wrong way with your hope that helps like you are all knowing....
  • Waiver Claim:Who do you want?
    Today, 07:13 PM I see the Vikings just released Kurt Coleman
  • same old tune
    Today, 07:12 PM So you're blaming grigson for the past 7-8 years now? Mmhhm...I see. You are also saying we should have been in both superbowls for the first two years he was here. Mmhhm...I...
  • same old tune
    Today, 07:12 PM they were coverage sacks , but that was OK I simply stated he is not who y'all think he is I don't think he's who you think he is either
  • Rams release Michael Sam...
    Today, 07:11 PM You forgot to put me in that room. Noted. Chin up Pacolts56, you got 1! 
  • Initial Look at the Final 53 (54)
    Today, 07:11 PM I think there are 3 or 4 people on this roster that could be upgraded by players that were cut today, so we'll see. My guess would be that the "upgrades" will be whom they p...

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  • Who makes the cut?
    by COLTS7
    There are some players on this list that will get injured, there are players who are not on this list that will be added before the final cutdown, that will effect the final roster spots, the roster as it stands now and who I think will make the cut: QB- Luck-Hasslebeck RB-Richardson-Bradshaw-Herron-Meggett FB-Havili TE-Allen-Fleener-Doyle ( Swoope-practice squad) WR- Wayne-Hilton-Nicks-Moncreif-Rogers-Whalen (Washington-PS) C-Holmes (Harrison-PS) G- Mewhort-Thortan-Louis-Reitz T-...Read Entry (Posted Aug 03 2014 08:40 PM)

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    Aug 28 2014 07:07 AM Give him half a season and if he's a no go still, give him the boot...
  • Who makes the cut?
    Aug 25 2014 05:54 PM I think we need a better secondary defensive.  First two pre-season games, defense was...
    Aug 25 2014 05:53 PM Trent Richardson actually had an encouraging game, I thought. He made several very nice runs an...
    Aug 25 2014 01:51 PM Trent Richardson actually had an encouraging game, I thought. He made several very nice runs an...
    Aug 24 2014 05:36 PM Trent will be fine as the starter and will surprise quite a lot of fans..... Learning an NFL play...
    Aug 24 2014 05:27 PM Trent Richardson actually had an encouraging game, I thought. He made several very nice runs and...
    Aug 24 2014 05:23 PM I am sorry but I have been a die hard fan since the Johnny U days back in Baltimore. I have never...

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