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  • Enter to Win 2 Tix to Patriots @ Colts and 'mystery swag'
    Oct 06 2014 06:47 AM Enter to win two tickets to Patriots @ Colts here!http://forums.colts....wings_main.htmlRemember, you must be logged in or else you will not be able to see the drawing page. Registration is free.Congrats to today's winners Terrij won the Bengals @ Colts tickets!Afoolery won the drawing! Mystery prize to be sent! the drawing is still open. Enter once for the season and you are automatically entered in every swag drawing this season!

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  • Luck or Manning?
    Today, 11:25 PM I've been thinking about Luck's propensity to throw into double-coverage and just make poor decisions that make you shake your head at times. I don't think it's quite hit him th...
  • What's Worse Than 5-2?
    Today, 11:25 PM Worse than 5-2?  Finding out your health insurance premium is going up by 60% in 2015.
  • Luck or Manning?
    Today, 11:22 PM I think I agree with some of that. Although Manning threw more ints, and had a knack for some horrible interceptions in the red zone, I think that Manning was ahead of Luck, g...
  • Luck or Manning?
    Today, 11:19 PM Good points, however, although we're all thrilled with today's D performance, Luck was clobbered with a poor OL and ineffective running game and a still mostly porous defense...
  • Luck or Manning?
    Today, 11:19 PM I went to the Baltimore game and his interception that went off Bradshaw is a prime example of this. All we needed was a field goal. We were dominating the game. He should hav...
  • Safety play
    Today, 11:17 PM I know people were unsure about Mike Adams as a signing and with good reason but frankly I think he has been a real stud in our defense this year.  Grigson has a done a g...
  • Luck or Manning?
    Today, 11:17 PM A quick aside, nice to see the kind of discussion I was looking for, now. <applauds> (The post above me excepted.)
  • Luck or Manning?
    Today, 11:17 PM How could this thread go wrong? I'll think of something and get back with ya....
  • What I think we need to become legit Super Bowl contenders...
    Today, 11:15 PM A cornerback away? Huh? Davis-Toler-Butler are as good as your going to get for a top 3. Gordy at #4.....I guess we could stand to improve on him a bit. He's fine as a playe...
  • Seahawks/Rams blowout
    Today, 11:14 PM Isn't it supposed to be the Super Bowl losers that have the hangover?

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  • Bengals At Colts
    by YellScreamGoColts
    I don't know about you but I am pretty excited about our team! The Colts look like the AFC South's best again.. You can never replace a legend but Luck has really shown that he is a very capable player. Speaking of legends, Reggie Wayne looks to be passing the torch to Ty Hilton. The best thing though is that Wayne is playing great, Hilton is playing great, etc. I think Wayne will play another year or two and they will be good years. We are facing the Bengals this weekend, and I am prett...Read Entry (Posted Oct 14 2014 11:38 PM)

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