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  • Pagano post game speech
    Today, 03:08 AM I just found it funny in a strange way you can judge one coach over another with one being successful because of his players and the other because of your dislike for him a...
  • Has Anyone's Opinion Changed
    Today, 02:54 AM Chuck Pagano seems like a heck of a nice guy.  His players and the fans seem to like him as a person.  I'm pretty certain that his family loves him, and that he woul...
  • Romo
    Today, 02:33 AM I feel bad for him getting hurt again. I can't put blame on Romo for the Cowboys season. He has only played not even 4 full games and the one he lost was against arguably the be...
  • Romo
    Today, 02:27 AM So, no meeting Brady in the SB then Tony? I can't wait to see Skip Bayless all depressed on ESPN First Take on Monday. It's gonna be fantastic! 
  • Romo
    Today, 02:21 AM This season has just been comically terrible for starting quarterbacks. I wouldn't be surprised if a back-up ended up starting and or winning the Super Bowl this year, honestl...
  • Bears (+8.5) @ Green Bay (11-26-15)
    Today, 02:08 AM It was still a good night for Favre though. I know you how much you love him. They did a very good presentation for him. And he spoke well.   And look on the bright side....
  • Mvp race
    Today, 02:07 AM I don't think Cam Newton has mvp numbers. 20th in passing yards tied in 9th for touchdowns,17th in Qb rating only completing 57% just doesn't seem to be as good as the 11-0 reco...
  • Bears (+8.5) @ Green Bay (11-26-15)
    Today, 01:59 AM For Green Bay to lay down like this and lose on the night of retiring Brett Favre's number is the most ultimate disrespect and shame of the week. Especially when the game clos...
  • Bears (+8.5) @ Green Bay (11-26-15)
    Today, 01:57 AM TRACY PORTER of all people picked off Rodgers tonight.  I thought it was very considerate of Aaron to honor Brett with a game ending pick.  Ah, it takes be back t...
  • Our 2015 draft class Vs Grigson's draft class. Game and rules
    Today, 01:55 AM Donovan Smith Henry Anderson DeJoun Smith Clayton Geathers David Parry L'ael Collins

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  • 1st half grades-defense
    by COLTS7
    DL: Langford has had a really good year and his addition has been huge, due to the inexperience of this group and injuries. Anderson was playing at a very high level early on , but his production has dropped off and is now out, Parry has been solid in the middle. Winn has looked good, Kerr is a capable backup, but depth is almost non existent. Jones missing the year was a big blow. Grade: D  LB: Mathis is slowly getting back to his previous form, Walden has had a good year, Jackson has...Read Entry (Posted Nov 19 2015 10:24 AM)

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  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 24 2015 01:02 PM Thanks EDCB...I try to be realistic as well and that would seem to indicate there isn't much of a...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 24 2015 12:23 PM Agree with all.  Great effort from adequate talent.  I think it's safe to say that pre-...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 23 2015 01:16 PM Less penalties, turnovers, missed tackles - that would the Broncos game, IMO.   The Falcons...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 23 2015 07:30 AM   Good post. Agreed. To borrow a cliche; we keep "shooting ourselves in the foot".   I'...
  • 1st half grades-defense
    Nov 23 2015 07:21 AM IMO - Biggest issues are lack of pass rush and secondary missing assignments at times. Improved s...
  • 1st half grades-defense
    Nov 21 2015 03:57 PM it's not a true C grade...... as mentioned, Jones has missed the entire year, we were playing wit...
  • 1st half grades-defense
    Nov 21 2015 12:36 PM Sorry COLTS7 but C for the defense is generous.  Defenses win play offs and SBs..  You...

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      26 Nov

    I'm real excited tonight that my all time favorite player is getting his number retired.

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