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  • Playoff Poster Winners!
    Jan 16 2015 09:08 AM Lots of winners today! Each person on the list below will receive either a Colts @ Broncos or a Colts @ Patriots poster. Congrats everyone!Go Colts! somsomawiersema2011pearmantjharris1116YellScreamGoColtssteevusMatthew GibsonjmacCindy BurkhartShaughnessy HarriganDJMONEYBarry SearsjarterbeMitomoJodie85addicted420ivelleeichorstSnakemanKaren Moss

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  • A look at the roster (DB/special teams)
    by COLTS7
    CB: Davis- one of the best all-around DB's in the NFL Toler- very good-some games, average-the others Butler- very good #3 CB, who excells at the hard to master skill of covering the slot receiver Gordy-adequate Very good at the top, with very little depth, This is an area where a team needs to have a lot of depth, Gordy and Bulter are free agents and should be a priority, especially Bulter, The Colts have aquired many players with off field issues in this new era, some have worked out, some...Read Entry (Posted Feb 22 2015 06:46 PM)
    by bleedblueforever12
    Why should we sign Demarco Murray? Well, here's a couple reasons. 1- He rushed for 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2014, most in the nfl. Now you could say that was just because he was behind the best O-line in the nfl, and that he wouldn't work with us because of that, but you're wrong. Obviously it helps to have such good O-lineman, but did you watch the Colts-Broncos playoff game? Andrew was sacked 0 times. They were also opening holes for Boom Herron and Trent Richardson, but of course B...Read Entry (Posted Feb 18 2015 09:40 PM)

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  • Building SB Monster
    Yesterday, 04:58 PM the colts need to improve the front 7 not the front 1. The problem is not the front 7 itʻs th...
  • Building SB Monster
    Feb 26 2015 10:43 AM Bill polian never liked free agency and now I no why Grigson has not had much luck and now he wil...
  • Building SB Monster
    Feb 24 2015 07:31 PM the colts need to improve the front 7 not the front 1.
  • Building SB Monster
    Feb 24 2015 02:46 PM I would take out Flowers, Hughes, Knighton n Spikes n pay 1 player that would make the defense be...
  • A look at the roster (DL-LB)
    Feb 23 2015 11:03 PM It always kills you when you see potential draftees that could single-handedly transform our defe...
  • A look at the roster (DB/special teams)
    Feb 23 2015 05:19 PM I give Grigs 1 more year we canʻt afford 2 more, 2015...... make or break year 4 him n the cap sp...
    Feb 21 2015 01:34 PM Love Murray would be great but don't see happening hope I'M wrong

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