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    Jan 11 2014 05:23 AM If you are a New Member, WELCOME! We are glad you are here. Note: as a new member,you have limited posting privileges for a brief time. New Members may post 5 replies per 24 hour period until they reach 10 posts. They may *not* create a thread. Your 24 hour posting window is tied to the time of your first post. For example, if your first post was made at 4:34 PM, then you are allowed 5 posts between 4:34 PM and 4:33 PM. Once a new member has reached 10 posts, they become part of the 'Member'...

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  • My Best Case Scenario Draft for Colts
    Today, 10:47 PM This should say "dream scenario" instead of "best case".  There is no way the Cardinals will trade away their 2nd and 3rd round picks this draft.  They are too close t...
  • Colts History and a little about Johnny U
    Today, 10:46 PM [quote name="ColtsHappy" post="790688" timestamp="1398303824"]Really love the post! As previously stated, it is a rather worn out and thoroughly beaten to death topic, but...
  • Everything Trent Richardson
    Today, 10:45 PM Trent is going to be a player this year. Hopefully Pep gets a little better feel on how to use him.
  • How Many Games Do the Colts Win
    Today, 10:40 PM ANOTHER 11 OR 10
  • Predictions for wins
    Today, 10:38 PM 10-6
  • Colts History and a little about Johnny U
    Today, 10:37 PM I like the Baltimore Colts w/ Unitus I was able to catch the very last 2yrs of Unitus's career w/ Colts b4 SD trade,,,,I LOVED Unitus and Loved Bert Jones,,,,,,,,,,,,,,both were...
  • Colts History and a little about Johnny U
    Today, 10:35 PM What inaccuracies or is it just your opinion? The Inaccuracy is not telling the whole story , just the sanitized pro Indy version.
  • 2013-14 Indiana Pacers Thread
    Today, 10:31 PM Raptors are better than people think they have out rebounded Nets 97-67 have not shot well in first 2 games Derozan got it going last night. They will get 1 in Jersey.   Bl...
  • How Many Games Do the Colts Win
    Today, 10:30 PM 13
  • Poor Raiders...
    Today, 10:25 PM but they targeted a bunch of over-the-hill players in FA and that jet lag is gonna kill em.   Calling it now...   "Schaub with another INT!"      -Dat j...

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  • What I Think "Building The Monster" Means Intro
    by My Opinions Are 0% Fact
    It's something that we have seen on T-shirts, in player, coach, and front office interviews, and all over forums. Build the Monster has become a sort of rallying cry for the Colts organization and fan base. It's catchy and it conjures up images of an unstoppable football juggernaut. When I first heard the slogan a wide smile spread across my face, but after the initial effect wore off I began to wonder what the slogan really meant and what it would take to actually build a monster. In this bl...Read Entry (Posted Apr 17 2014 06:10 PM)

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      23 Apr

    'possibly' having a re-do on my right eye tomorrow depending on the risk. It is still too far-sighted. I am too young to not have it done with a better script. Hoping it is easy...may have stitches this time with bigger incision.

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