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  • Hilton and moncrief
    Today, 09:39 PM before Griff fumbled, that was a sweet route. Put the corner on skates
  • New England (-3) @ Denver (11-28-15)
    Today, 09:38 PM Vasquez out at right guard....big loss for Denver
  • New England (-3) @ Denver (11-28-15)
    Today, 09:37 PM He's got an arm thats for sure.   And man oh man he is almost TOO tall. I know huh...I'm thinking is that a TV deception or is he really that tall
  • New England (-3) @ Denver (11-28-15)
    Today, 09:36 PM Well, watching anyone destroy the Lakers is always a beautiful sight to see. , you got that right!
  • New England (-3) @ Denver (11-28-15)
    Today, 09:35 PM I think he's got potential and he's a big guy.   He's got an arm thats for sure.   And man oh man he is almost TOO tall.
  • Primetime Vs Pittsburgh
    Today, 09:35 PM I honestly like our defense way better against Pitts. Seattles defense is not like it was or expected. We all saw how Pitts destroyed them and every other team seattle has pla...
  • New England (-3) @ Denver (11-28-15)
    Today, 09:34 PM I can't pick on Brock too much actually. It's still early and this is a very very tough test if your first "big game" is at home on SNF vs. the Patriots. I think he's got po...
  • Did we get several questionable calls in our favor today?
    Today, 09:34 PM A holder is much more vulnerable when in kneeling position. I personally think jumping over the line is extremely dangerous to the defender and who he may kick in the face or...
  • New England (-3) @ Denver (11-28-15)
    Today, 09:34 PM Brock has to attack 'em down field...I think they've been a little timid so far
  • Denzelle Good
    Today, 09:32 PM Because he's a 7th round pick from Mars Hill. As much as you all want to belive that doesn't make a difference, it does.  Brian Waters played at North Texas and was und...

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  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    by COLTS7
    We always hear this team is gritty, resiliant, that was for sure that type of game...was not pretty, but in the end, we had 3 more points than they did, the broncos were not at full strength last week, but the bottom line is this team has won 2 games now vs very good teams and regardless of the circumstance...that is a positive. The schedule the rest of the way is filled with win-able games.  Defense: wanted to start with the defense this week, because they were the difference in the gam...Read Entry (Posted Nov 22 2015 06:55 PM)

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  • good old charlie
    Nov 26 2015 05:10 PM 1-0 as a back-up.  colts beat falcons with charlie as back-up. 
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 24 2015 01:02 PM Thanks EDCB...I try to be realistic as well and that would seem to indicate there isn't much of a...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 24 2015 12:23 PM Agree with all.  Great effort from adequate talent.  I think it's safe to say that pre-...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 23 2015 01:16 PM Less penalties, turnovers, missed tackles - that would the Broncos game, IMO.   The Falcons...
  • Colts/falcons-they call it gritty
    Nov 23 2015 07:30 AM   Good post. Agreed. To borrow a cliche; we keep "shooting ourselves in the foot".   I'...
  • 1st half grades-defense
    Nov 23 2015 07:21 AM IMO - Biggest issues are lack of pass rush and secondary missing assignments at times. Improved s...
  • 1st half grades-defense
    Nov 21 2015 03:57 PM it's not a true C grade...... as mentioned, Jones has missed the entire year, we were playing wit...

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      29 Nov

    Remember when Gregg Doyel from the IndyStar wrote that article in the preseason about how Hasselbeck was old,washed up and done? LOL

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