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  • Enter to Win 2 Tix to Patriots @ Colts and 'mystery swag'
    Oct 06 2014 06:47 AM Enter to win two tickets to Patriots @ Colts here!http://forums.colts....wings_main.htmlRemember, you must be logged in or else you will not be able to see the drawing page. Registration is free.Congrats to today's winners Terrij won the Bengals @ Colts tickets!Afoolery won the drawing! Mystery prize to be sent! the drawing is still open. Enter once for the season and you are automatically entered in every swag drawing this season!

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  • freeman
    Today, 08:44 AM I'm no good with numbers. Not my specialty Just pay the man. He's a beast & whenever he's absent our defense feels much less potent & fierce.    It's like th...
  • Colts vs Steelers predictions
    Today, 08:44 AM I am predicting a good start for both defenses. I think the score will be close after the first half, and then the Colts will pull away winning by 10.   20-10 Colts. 
  • Brian Bil\lick on Mike & Mike
    Today, 08:43 AM Bilick definitely seems like o n e of the smarter football analysts out there, at least out of all the knuckleheads on NFLN... I honestly do not understand why he has never...
  • Vontae Davis finally getting some love!
    Today, 08:42 AM If Vontae does not make the Pro Bowl and ALL PRO this year then the NFL needs to just get rid of both categories, because they would become meaningless. 
  • Brian Bil\lick on Mike & Mike
    Today, 08:42 AM Wow, just think after the first two games there were calls out to fire all the coaches and the GM. Funny how some of the armchair QBs, coaches and GMs only think they know wha...
  • Bill Polian Hall of Fame Finalist
    Today, 08:40 AM The thing I don't understand is Jim Irsay is lauded by many on the forum for the same things they criticize Polian for. To me, Polian is definitely a Hall of Famer. Polian had s...
  • Bill Polian Hall of Fame Finalist
    Today, 08:39 AM sometimes you just need to step back and say:  
  • Bill Polian Hall of Fame Finalist
    Today, 08:37 AM I'm as cynical as anyone on here, and even I'm aghast at some of the comments on here. If the job of the GM is to build a Super Bowl team then you would have a hard time findi...
  • In other "Walden News", a Primer on what setting the edge looks like....
    Today, 08:36 AM Excellent job on that play he did for sure
  • In other "Walden News", a Primer on what setting the edge looks like....
    Today, 08:33 AM Walden had a growing year last year where he would over-run a play or not aggressively attack the ball carrier.  He still was far the best at setting the edge and in contai...

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  • Colts/Bengals-Dominating ("D")
    by COLTS7
    I wasn't overally convinced of how good this team was, after routing Jacksonville and Tennesee, yes, maybe a rout wasn't expected, but a win was, but after beating a very good Ravens team and now a very good ( at least they used to be) Bengals team and the dominating way it was done, I am convinced. Offense: totally clicking on all cylinders, Luck spreading the ball around, the running game looking very good and the much maligned O-line , really getting it done. Luck has been unstoppable (27...Read Entry (Posted Oct 19 2014 08:50 PM)
  • Bengals At Colts
    by YellScreamGoColts
    I don't know about you but I am pretty excited about our team! The Colts look like the AFC South's best again.. You can never replace a legend but Luck has really shown that he is a very capable player. Speaking of legends, Reggie Wayne looks to be passing the torch to Ty Hilton. The best thing though is that Wayne is playing great, Hilton is playing great, etc. I think Wayne will play another year or two and they will be good years. We are facing the Bengals this weekend, and I am prett...Read Entry (Posted Oct 14 2014 11:38 PM)

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  • Good-Bye Hicks
    Oct 20 2014 09:31 PM Thanks for the feed back! Anyway you look at it, I believe its going to be an intesting year for...
  • Good-Bye Hicks
    Oct 20 2014 07:13 PM What about a trade of Hakeem Nicks to the Saints for Akiem Hicks?
  • Colts/Bengals-Dominating ("D")
    Oct 20 2014 02:37 PM I can't really make a strong against that and have actually had the same thought, Landry is only...
  • Colts/Bengals-Dominating ("D")
    Oct 20 2014 08:05 AM believe it or not, the colts defense is better off without LaRon Landry. Now hear me out on this....
  • Good-Bye Hicks
    Oct 20 2014 08:01 AM I watched Bradshaw play in NY. He needs another back to complement him. If Bradshaw gets all the...
  • Good-Bye Hicks
    Oct 20 2014 06:57 AM Don't be to fast to trade Nicks  if Reggie or any other wide out  goes down will need him
  • Good-Bye Hicks
    Oct 20 2014 06:24 AM Did you watch the same game I did? Richardson had one hell of a game. And Bradshaw aint tough eno...

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      22 Oct

    Girl I'm interested likes the Steelers, maybe this will be an interesting Sunday when the time comes.

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      21 Oct

    Golden Dawn comes tonight, Ministry marathan before Halloween

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