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  • Enter to Win 2 Tix to Patriots @ Colts and 'mystery swag'
    Oct 06 2014 06:47 AM Enter to win two tickets to Patriots @ Colts here!http://forums.colts....wings_main.htmlRemember, you must be logged in or else you will not be able to see the drawing page. Registration is free.Congrats to today's winners Terrij won the Bengals @ Colts tickets!Afoolery won the drawing! Mystery prize to be sent! the drawing is still open. Enter once for the season and you are automatically entered in every swag drawing this season!

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  • Defenseless Receiver
    Today, 08:05 AM As a Colts fan I thought the Davis hit on Giovani Bernard was awesome - it was a bang bang hit - nearly perfect under most circumstances, but if it had been one of our receive...
  • Defenseless Receiver
    Today, 08:03 AM Vontae is best db in nfl so far this year no.trashtalk just great player   He's been preparing for Tom Brady all season.
  • SF (+7) @ Denver (10-19-14)
    Today, 08:00 AM Denver is clearly the best team in the AFC. Congrats to Peyton on the record and on shredding the niners, not an easy task.   I think it is time to reel in the talk of th...
  • What's Up With Hakeem Nicks?
    Today, 08:00 AM Trade Bait What?  When a player is used for trade bait their talents are out on display. Sorry, your not close on that matter.
  • Bellichick on A Football Life for 2001 Super Bowl: Adam was our best player
    Today, 07:57 AM It is amazing to think that the only HoF player from that championship run will be Brady. I really hope Adam gets in as well but he is a kicker. Not one other player yet all o...
  • Defenseless Receiver
    Today, 07:57 AM Vontae is best db in nfl so far this year no.trashtalk just great player
  • What's the most important thing that makes a qb great?
    Today, 07:53 AM All of that definitely helps. A well rounded O-Line does amazing things for the QB though.
  • Seahawks/Rams blowout
    Today, 07:51 AM I believe I was punked on for proclaiming the Hawks to be inept if Wilson can't run all over the field. Take away his scrambling, and he is pedestrian at QB.  Wilson pl...
  • Defenseless Receiver
    Today, 07:51 AM Its a mans game
    Today, 07:47 AM now if i hear critics say the colts are not a elite team.....man... I don't care what the media has to say. The Colts can keep flying under the radar as long as it takes.

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  • Bengals At Colts
    by YellScreamGoColts
    I don't know about you but I am pretty excited about our team! The Colts look like the AFC South's best again.. You can never replace a legend but Luck has really shown that he is a very capable player. Speaking of legends, Reggie Wayne looks to be passing the torch to Ty Hilton. The best thing though is that Wayne is playing great, Hilton is playing great, etc. I think Wayne will play another year or two and they will be good years. We are facing the Bengals this weekend, and I am prett...Read Entry (Posted Oct 14 2014 11:38 PM)

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  • Colts/Bengals-Dominating ("D")
    Today, 08:05 AM believe it or not, the colts defense is better off without LaRon Landry. Now hear me out on this....
  • Good-Bye Hicks
    Today, 08:01 AM I watched Bradshaw play in NY. He needs another back to complement him. If Bradshaw gets all the...
  • Good-Bye Hicks
    Today, 06:57 AM Don't be to fast to trade Nicks  if Reggie or any other wide out  goes down will need him
  • Good-Bye Hicks
    Today, 06:24 AM Did you watch the same game I did? Richardson had one hell of a game. And Bradshaw aint tough eno...
  • Colts Host Bengals
    Oct 16 2014 02:45 AM I agree! Thinking that the Colts are red hot right now and will only get better as players are he...
  • Colts/Texans-the Hilton show
    Oct 13 2014 04:48 PM I don't like nail biters! I love dull uninteresting blowouts!
  • Big Boss Man! Cory Redding!
    Oct 10 2014 09:29 PM NFL Rush: Cory Redding Mic'd up During intense game action, Cory Redding is truly enjoying the...

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