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    • He was a top-10 kid.   Why do you think we passed on a valuable commodity like a pass rushing defensive end?   Because he had a highly publicized heart condition.  Look at who drafted him.   The badly dysfunctional Washington football team.   You know how much Ballard values pass rushers.  Why would he not take him?   Because he was removed from our board.  Just like he was removed from most every other board from all the other teams.  He was asked about the kid after his press conference and politely said he didn’t want to talk about it.  This isn’t hard to figure out. 
    • Every team that Polian left, he left the cupboards dry.  He road on the backs of Kelly and Manning as far as he could. 
    • This is more your rush to judgement which you often do.   You’ve already decided that guys are misses before it’s time.   You’ve already decided on Turay, Lewis, Ya-Sin,  Benagu, and Campbell.   Fortunately, Ballard hasn’t decided.   Most of these guys have been hurt.  Give them the time and the health to show what they can do.   You’ve already backed off on Lewis...   maybe you’ll back off on some of these other guys too?
    • No, it's  the 4th Loss !!! ... and probably lost all hope of a Division Title and a home playoff game. With 5 games left if we lose 2 more a 10-6 record may not even get us a wild card.
    • Yes we did.   Not every team passed on him at pick 26.  Only we did.  Other teams passed on him before pick 26.   A team traded up with us to take him at 26.  Every other team may have traded up to 27 to get him, if the team who picked 27th wasn't going to take him.
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