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Colts @ Steelers Preseason Game Night Thread

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    • Think you need a chill pill and a stiff shot of scotch! Life will go on regardless of the outcome of this game
    • Although I agree that most great QB should at least win 1, I don’t think it’s a knock on them if they don’t.  Football is a true team game, and no one player can carry an entire team.  Had the Chargers not #ed up that 06 divisional round, it’s very likely Manning would’ve been a 2 time super bowl loser, with his only win coming at his statistically worst season in which he was carried by an elite D and solid run game.  Even then, I don’t think it would change where Manning stands in the rankings of the elite.     Eli Manning doesn’t win 2 without that Defense.  Big Ben doesn’t win 2 without that defense.  
    • Oh I’m not.     I’m saying I hope we don’t get to see what this front 7 would look like without Buckner.  That’s all I’m saying. We’ve got NO ONE and haven’t had since Steve Emtman able to do what Buckner does.   The secondary will have a lot more pressure on it without Buckner push and presence.  He’s the lynchpin of the Defense.  Only guy we can’t really replace.    
    • Thank you, Dan.    Happy Thanksgiving to all. You all make the forum what it is. Among all the many things that I am thankful for, this forum is included.      
    • Ryan and Q hurting?  What, they sprained their wrists/fingers with all those holds at the end? Lol
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