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Good looking mock? You decide...


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I placed my mock in the attachment.

I waited and got pass catching RBs in round 5 and on.

If Bush can stay healthy for the majority of the year I think he has consistent upside.

Sproles has always been consistent with 10+ points/gm on average.

Handcuffed Martin and Blount aka this years Charles and Jones.

WRs are stacked so I could have some trade offers if I wanted to upgrade at RB.


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I'm working on my mock at the moment. GB defense may be an iffy pick-- they were the 32nd ranked D in the league last year.

Yeah. I play the matchup game with defenses so who I take is not that big of a deal. If I end up with a top 5 defense I will hold onto them and STILL use the waiver if I see a better matchup. Thats Just how I roll brotha! :cool:

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