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Colts Vs. Rams Preseason Game Day Thread

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OK....Dominique Jones has to this point outplayed Andre Smith. He has hustled on special teams, blocked...and nice catch!! Dude has some guns.

Nice recovery by Smith...Nice drive by Stanton...Brazill can play!!! All we have heard is true!!

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That makes sense, as its local, NFL channel will rebroadcast by u maybe if u want to see again but will be plenty of highlights shown

Peytons first pass was a crossing route hitting Harrison who also took it in eerily similar

all in all Quite impressive play and the young receivers guys played well , Cosv by, TY hiton and Like luck making a quick call and rush a play as announcers on NFL network said he may have been bobbling it and went out of bounds

Collie looks healthy , thats great , Young receivers and RB ballard all looking good and all can grow together with Luck so will have chemistry for long time and collie still young

Good awareness in the pocket and good command & accuracy <Excellent play

& Carter looked great on short yardage thats what we got him for, I also like RB moore as a pickup as Arians knows how to use him

Yong team that will grow well together and once all mature look out and if we get a good draft pick next year I am sure we will use draft correctly, Dont think Grigson / Pagano will pick someone for the next coach to change system and use properly ala Hughes today

& how about are backups just moving down the field now in 14 play TD drive


Am taping it, must be off, Best to all

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Anyone else loving te blitzes we are sending? Not only are we blitzing, but it's effective too

That is something I never thought we would see from the Colts. Brazill at receiver, Hughes, and the rest of the for that matter has been a pleasant surprise... Now even Mr. Irrelevant has thrown a touchdown.

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Mr. Irrelevant for the TD! Harnish threw a TD pass in his first offensive series in the NFL! All three of the Colts QB's led the offense for touchdowns today!

TVnnouncers are also referring LOS as Luck-us Oil Stadium...

Luck-us Oil Stadium - the house that Peyton built...best of both worlds?

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we sill need to remember before we get all giddy that this is just the 1st preseason game but overall good play overall by the Colts

Agreed, but to see every man playing hard is a testimony to the teaching and coaching by this Colt's staff....impressive to see a killer instinct...and zero conservatism on defense....and huge hits on special teams.

This preseason game we have been more aggressive than I have seen....EVER....these guys are hitting and having fun.....not a surprise to me!!! Pagano has been so positive. :)

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    • Those three PLUS wide receiver!   Those Big 4 match our four biggest needs. 
    • *Colts re-sign Justin Houston- This may be after the draft but as of now I think he is the best chance to help our pass rush not take a step back unless we want to try Ingram or Clowney.   **I still have hope Ertz could end up available but if not oh well.   Here we go... yep. No trades.   1. Sam Cosmi- LT- The time to replace AC is now. This may not technically be the best valued player available but he's not far off. If we wait until 54 I think there will have been a run on the best remaining OTs. Take a quality athletic LT at 21 and keep the o-line in great shape. Next year we are likely without a 1st, there may not be a better time. We could trade back but that's hard to predict. We would need a great deal to pass on our pick of the litter imo.    2.  Ifeatu Melifonwu- CB- Great fit. Tall, athletic, excels in zone. Not quite as big a need as DE but not far behind. Rhodes only has one year for now and I, like others, would like to see an upgrade over RYS.   4. Elerson Smith- DE- With the need at LT and the lack of value in round two we opt to dig for athletic upside for our pass rush addition. We come up with Smith. He's a bit of a forum favorite and I get why. We can't confidently fix every issue this year imo, but if you can't, at least find some upside.   5. Dazz Newsome‐ WR- We may very well pass up a lot of good value at WR this draft but the good news is some solid prospects are likely to fall into the later rounds. An explosive prospect who can compete with Campbell to replace Hilton as our little guy speedster. Lol   6. Quentin Morris- TE- One of my favorite late round prospects. With this being an average to below average TE class after Pitts, Morris offers some upside to provide us with a move TE down the line.   7. Franklin McCain III- CB- Borrowing again from a pool of forum recommendations. You can't realistically expect late round guys to all be hits but I'm down for investing those final picks in depth we can groom.   Final notes:   - Cosmi and Melifonwu are my favorite no trade 1-2 realistic punch. Value and need matches pretty nicely imo.   -I've seen Newsome graded as a 2nd rounder but most have him at rounds 4-5. He also ran a 4.38 so I might be a bit optimistic about his availability   -I could always do another mock but I don't see my view changing much from now until the 29th.
    • It’s the University of Michigan for goodness sake!    It would be a bigger deal if Dodds wasn’t there!   
    • I'd like to hear the board's thoughts on this topic from more of an outside perspective. From my experience Steelers fans fall into two camps (generally speaking); totally irrational and loyal to the death, highly critical of anything to do with Pittsburgh Football unless it results in a championship (and not always in a rational manner).     Now for my thinking, this issue should have been addressed much sooner, but if nothing else after the disaster that was the 2019 season. You have an aging QB who just blew his elbow out and were starting "junior varsity" replacements. You have been bleeding free agents all off season in 2020 and have lost or watched the decline of key players at LT, C, LB, RB, S, CB and just resigned a WR free agent. Plus, you also need a LG. These stooges are actually suggesting using a 2nd round pick on a QB from college when the decision to do nothing about the QB position has caused half the team to get sent packing because you have next to nothing to spend in free agency.   This is after these same people lauded the Dwayne Haskins singing as a "steal". Pittsburgh literally got him for nothing this year after WFT ate all the "bad" in his contract, a 15th overall pick coming into his 3rd year in the NFL who drastically needed a change of scenery.   I'm convinced that if it was up to Tomlin he would have already moved on. We all know he's a master at coach speak at the podium but he's a completely different guy otherwise. Even at that, he's started to unravel a bit because you can tell he's getting frustrated with some of his more recent public comments. He is no BSer. I get the warm fuzzy feeling we all have when a team is loyal to a player who has been valuable and produced at a high level, but I mean even New England and Indianapolis let Manning and Brady walk after all of their success.   Please tell me in what universe does any of this even make sense? I am confused.
    • Gonna be on vacation next week. Sorry
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