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Hey guys,

My league is going to play our first season of IDP fantasy. I'm excited about this because it makes me re-think how to draft. However...I don't know what to expect, but neither does anyone else in the league.

So my questions are :

1. What is the most valuable IDP position? (I assume it's LB because of all the tackles)

2. When is a good time to draft each position? (I don't wanna be "that guy". You know the guy who drafts a kicker in round 6 or in this case, an IDP too early)

Any help would be appreciated

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My biggest tip would be learn your league settings inside out. There is a big variance from league to league on scoring settings that can drastically change the value of players. What positions (DT specific? CB specific?) and how many of each you start also affect value. That being said...

You can wait on DBs. Even if they score relatively high points per season, the turnover from year to year is insanely high. Last year, guys like Kam Chancellor and Darian Stewart were drafted really late and ended as solid starters. Find some sleepers you like and target them later while prioritizing DE and LB.

You'll probably want to get an elite DE. JPP will be one of if not the first IDP off the board, sometimes as early as round 3/4. You can get other guys a bit cheaper, but in my mind it's the most shallow position.

You're correct in assuming LB is the bread and butter of IDP. The problem is, the production doesn't decline nearly as sharply as the DE position. I like to get an elite guy anyway for the security of production.

Though some elite guys might come off the board sooner, I'd say rounds 8-9 are when guys really start going. It really depends on your offensive draft strategy and how comfortable you are with your starters (or lack of depth behind them). Check out the ADP from PFF for a more detailed look: http://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2012/05/27/fantasy-early-idp-average-draft-position-data/

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Depends on the number of points for a sack, for a fumble etc. Some leagues give just 1 pt. for a sack and 2 for a fumble, some do 2 points for both which increases the value of sack masters like Ware and Suggs. LBs - you can find steals later in the draft. Kavell Conner was a consistent tackler and put up good stats last year. Rule of thumb - play the waiver game constantly with those LBs, dont get carried away by the name game among LBs. By week 6, you will have a good feel for which teams are sucking and getting dominated in time of possession thus more time for tackles :). Thus, I try to get an MLB/OLB on one of the worst teams. It worked last year with Kavell Conner of the Colts and DQwell Jackson (if I got his name right) of the Browns. :)

Good run defensing DEs like Jared Allen are always going to go early enough as far as DLs are concerned. If you can get a 4-3 DE that is not just a pass rush specialist like Allen, Tuck, JPP, Peppers etc., the production seems to be better on the DL front.

DBs - safeties like Bethea, Tyvon Branch, Roman Harper make more tackles game in and game out. Polamalu may not make as many tackles as them, so there is risk in him but then the reward is his he will get more INTs and probably a score here and there, same with Ed Reed too. Tackling corners are rare, and if you have a choice for a safety over a corner for the DB spot, I tend to go safety 9 out of 10 times.

Hope that helps.

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That reminds me of another good point: don't pay for big names. A lot of times guys are great defenders but do not put up big fantasy points. CB's are the worst about this; guys like Revis have little value.

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I have run a league with IDP since 2003. It really is the only way to do Fantasy Football...

MY draft strategy is this and I do not believe I am telling this in a forum.

#1 - NAMES MEAN NOTHING!!! ( you will have guys that will draft guys with big names but who knew who Desmond Bishop was going into last season... THIS GUY DID and he was a beast! )

#2 - Go to Footballguys.com and get their most current depth charts ( http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/depthchart.php ) Go through and mark ALL MLB's and asterisk ALL WSLB. These guys get you the most tackles at LB.

#3 - NAMES MEAN NOTHING!!! ( Revis and Asomugha are shut down corners... but you know what, offensive coordinators know this and so do QB's with a brain and they do not throw that way. less chance for pass defense points, INTS, tackles, etc. )

#4 - SAFETIES - SAFETIES - SAFETIES... they are your best bet at filling a DB spot. Some are more free roaming and also they are in on a lot of tackles. ( Kam Chancellor was no name last season and he panned out well... a true hard hitting safety. Yeremiah Bell was a beast for the last three seasons for me. He was my defensive keeper.


A defensive player on a crappy team will get you a lot of tackles... I hate to say this but that is one of the reasons Pat Angerer was a beast in fantasy last season. A defense with a crappy offense (AND I AM A COLTS FAN) is on the field more and has more opportunity. Do some research and let the other . draft by name... a great defense will help balance out your team if your RB or QB has a bad game.

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and I wouldn't go after a defensive player until you fil your key spots on offense... I am in a PPR league so I fill WR's (x3) and one RB and QB or TE before I draft a defensive player. Watch the trend. If you do your research and have a good list of who you want then you'll know when to draft a guy.

8th or 9th round is nice.. plus if you can scare some guys and make them go nuts and start a run of "NAMED" defensive players then when the pick comes back you can add depth to offense and those . went on a run for no reason and you got a stud and more depth or another starter on offense.

START TRENDS, do not be part of them!

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