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The Colts great quarterback, Bert Jones

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One minute in John "the voice of God" Facenda starts narrating.

When I was young, his was the voice I heard when I thought about football and this short video is a reminder that Bert Jones was another great one for the boys in blue.


What a year that was!! Bert and the Colts gave Colts fans a lot of great memories for 3 years running.....If only Bert hadn't gotten hurt.
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I saw him play his first game against the Browns on a hot September day in Cleveland. I still remember a Browns fan sitting in back of me who said "He'll never be any good". I won't repeat what I said to him.

In retrospect, it's a good thing my friends are pretty big guys.

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Notice no one was wearing a jersey or team gear in the stands......the NFL has found a cash cow in apparel. I wonder what that makes per year. I'm talking jerseys, flags, cups, coolers, hats, coats.....etc. I bet its alot. What a great run business.

You know what else is cool. Even if a team stinks sometimes half the country can see them. i think its great that every team gets some kind of showing.

Not like the other sport like NBA. If your not Boston, LA, Chicago, Miami your not getting on TV

I love the everything about the NFL :fb:

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Jones to Carr. *sigh*

By the time Jones rolled around the regional broadcasts took over and i never saw any Colt games on TV here in Jersey, and it was a-way a-way before the internet.

Anyone remember getting the team roster in TV Guide for the weekend games?

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Great memories! Thanks.

Bert Jones & Lydell Mitchell were my two favorite players when I was a teen. It's always irked me that the greatness of Bert Jones seems lost due to injury and time. He was the best QB in the league in his day and well on the path to the HOF. So sad that his destiny became knocked off track due to misfortune.

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