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I have bought some Reebok authentic ones in the past year when they went on clearance. You can still order them at NFLshop.com. Most players are available from the drop down. I got a Luck 12 and a Angerer 51; both together were cheaper than a Nike Elite. The bad (or good thing depending on how you look at it) is, I got the Angerer autographed last Wednesday and I do not know if I want to wear it. The last autograhed jersey I wore had beer spilt on it by a drunk Bears fan....All I probably needed to say was a "Bears fan" and you could have assumed the other adjective.

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I have a Hughes #42 jersey. Why #42...well I don't want people to think I'm wearing a Jerry Hughes jersey first of all, but it was the number I wore in high school. So call it my Colts escapism jersey.

Players come and go, I'll always be a fan. Having my own jersey saves me a lot of money by not buying the jersey of a guy that may or may not be on the team next year. I know people that have a lot of Colts jerseys that they'll never wear again. Plus, having a custom jersey is unique. Everyone has a Manning jersey at LOS, just like everyone will have a Luck jersey in 3 years. I've never been one to try to blend in with the crowd.

If I were to go buy a new Nike jersey, I'd probably get a Pat McAfee jersey just because he's that rad.

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I have a Hughes #42 jersey. Why #42...well I don't want people to think I'm wearing a Jerry Hughes jersey first of all, but it was the number I wore in high school. So call it my Colts escapism jersey.

I remeber a safety form the 70s Cowboys named Randy Hughes his jersey # was 42.

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I own two Reebok Jerseys with #31 Scott... in blue and white.

Never really had to worry about #31 before Donald Brown. I mean Joseph Jefferson never really counted so until DB showed up my number was really not in question. It is my old sports number from pee wee through high school. It is a number that is near and dear to me like my favorite team.

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    • Bob Sanders? Made of glass? He was 5' 8" tall. Guys who were 6' 4" and 6' 5" with 70 pounds on him said when Bob hit you, it hurt! He was a friggin beast. I doubt he has a single regret as far as football goes.
    • History suggests it will affect the middle class the most.  Many, maybe even most mid-level guys will have to join the poverty class.  Even in rising cap years we see the crunch where mid level FA's that miss the early waves of free agency have to settle for a year of chump change.  This year the premium class will have to be thinner and the early waves of free agency shallower until most of the UFA's are gathered between league minimum and about $3M.   You make a great point, that a team like the Colts might get a premium guy at a market number Ballard is willing to pay...though I think most premium players will forego multi-year contracts in compressed market that may only last a year.
    • Yes, he has to prove that he isn't a cheater. Safe to say, I won't be expecting this revelation anytime soon. 
    • These are the guys I like that aren't really main stream media thoughts - obviously if Patrick Surtain was available, or Jaycee Horn then they would be the obvious choices, but, when you get deeper in the draft, these are my guys to compete for starting spots and/or beat out our depth players to make improvements at the margins!   Jacoby Stevens - LSU - Hybrid FS/SS/LB - 6'2" & 230 - lines up everywhere and covers ground and people - good at everything, not really great at one Joshuah Bledsoe - Mizzou - Hybrid CB/FS/SS/NB - 6'0" & 200 - same thing as above - good at everything, not really great at one   Benjamin St-Juste - MN - CB - 6'3" & 205 - Senior Bowl highest rated CB - has all measurements Ifeatu Melifonwu - Syracuse - CB - 6'3" & 213 - physical freak with all measurables Israel Mukuamu - South Carolina - CB - 6'4" & 205 - long athlete could be used at safety as well   Jabril Cox - LSU - LB - 6'3" & 233 - good sideline to sideline athlete to add to the depth   Daviyon Nixon - Iowa - DT - 6'3" & 305 - can sub for the big man at UT and can come in at dime and rush the passer from the DT spot   Jayson Oweh - Penn State - DE - 6'5" & 252 - Dwight Freeney speed off the edge Ronnie Perkins - OK - DE - 6'3" & 247 - rated as highest edge setter and pass rusher amongst this years edge rushers Jordan Smith - UAB - DE - 6'7" & 255 - length and strength to go speed to power or vice versa Quincy Roche - UM - DE - 6'3" & 245 - loved him at Temple before the transfer Chris Rumph II - Duke - DE - 6'4" & 235 - I would comp him to Mathis - except Duke lined him up inside A LOT   Tommy Doyle - Miami (OH) - OT - 6'8" 328 - smaller school prospect but is long and strong D'Ante Smith - ECU - OT - 6'4" & 290 - 35 inch arms with good feet, needs functional strength added   Ben Cleveland - GA - OG - 6'6" & 335 would make the Nelson move to LT palatable Trey Smith - TN - OG - 6'6" & 330 would make the Nelson move to LT palatable   Tommy Tremble - ND - TE - 6'4" & 242 - Best athlete at ND, used almost exclusively as a blocker at FB/HB/Inline TE and is excellent at it, but would be an excellent "move" TE as well as he showed a bit of that there Kylen Granson - SMU - TE - 6'3" & 235 - pure pass catching athlete - converted WR Quintin Morris - BGU - TE 6'4" & 248 - pure pass catching athlete - converted WR   Tamorrion Terry - FSU - WR - 6'4" & 210 - "Scary Terry" takes the top off Marquez Stevenson - HOU - WR - 6'0" & 190 - Combo of Darden and Terry - speed aplenty with some moves mixed in Jaelon Darden -North Texas - WR - 5'9" & 174 - think rookie year TY with his speed and moves Isaiah McKoy - Kent State - WR - 6'3" & 185 - good route runner and speed to burn
    • I'm one of those people that is skeptical that his attitude was a significant contributor to the problems at Philly.  It sounds more like his attitude clashed with others' and that some others expected him to change his attitude to accommodate.  That could be one definition of leadership, that one person is suppose to alter their approach to accommodate others.  When the real solution to the problem might be to have others' change their attitude to accommodate him.  In a clash of attitudes, exactly who is the one that's suppose to change?     In order to understand the issues, which I don't care to, you would have to drill down so far as to understand who did what when under what circumstance, and who said what, and see how everybody responded to different things.  Way to complex.   So when reports come out that Wentz, or anybody else for that matter, had issues from a teammate/leadership standpoint, that is not really something that can be verified as objective, or even something where we could say that clear perception or judgment was used before the opinion formed.   Frank doesn't seem to have a big issue, or at least feels he may have better insight into the dynamics in Philly.  And we should all judge by how Wentz handles things that we see for ourselves.    If our locker room has a more homogeneous culture, more of a focus on ignoring petty differences to focus more on a common goal, I would assume that diversity of personalities will be less problematic than what they had in Philly.
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