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Question of the Day - 06/07

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Do you "follow" Colts owner Jim Irsay on Twitter ??

Did he tweet Stephen A Smith on ESPN the other day.

I didnt see it. What did he say??

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Posted · Hidden by Nadine, June 9, 2012 - personal Shot
Hidden by Nadine, June 9, 2012 - personal Shot

heck no, Irsay is a *!!!! cant stand that * bag!!!

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Yep. Dont use Twitter much tho

Same here. I dropped him last year and then picked him up prior to the Manning decision. He has a few informative tweets in between his song lyrics and contests.

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    • That is how I became a Cub fan as well. I got cable tv in 1984 and the Cubs were always on WGN with Harry calling games and I got addicted. The 1984 team was great too (fun year) and should've been in the WS but blew a 2-0 nothing lead in the NLCS. I loved Ryne Sandberg and Rick Sutcliffe. In 1987 the Cubs were mediocre but Andre Dawson won NL MVP and once again the Cubs were fun to watch. I just stayed a fan since then even through the lean years and there have been many. Finally in 2015 the Cubs became a powerhouse and have been since then winning a WS in 2016. Off year last year but 84-78 was still a winning season. So far this season, the Cubs look great again.
    • Here is where I sit. Which is a safer situation to be in. A controlled environment that is constantly testing and taking measures to limit contact, sanitize, and limit  the spread of the disease and because you are being tested so often could likely notify you that you caught it sooner and help protect you from spreading it to your family and allow you quicker treatment all the while making millions of dollars well i think that would be a better option. Staying at home isn’t exactly safe...and I’d be surprised these guys aren’t at more risk by opting out then opting in. That said it’s a free country and if they are worried about their health that is respectable....I mean sure they play the most violent and harmful sport/activity that one could so obviously worrying about their health goes so far but it’s their right to choose. Just know you while you are sitting someone is taking your job and that money you pass up there is no other job after football that you can make up that money in.
    • Football as a blood sport?
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