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Question of the Day - 05/22 ("Twosday Twofer")


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I've played in the past but, to do it well takes a lot of time. I quit when I was spending about 15 - 20 hours a week doing research on everything to pick my starting lineup.

That being said, there is about 15 people in my family and we are going to do one and, based on the performance of the first couple of preseason games, I plan on being able to pick up the Colts D late in the draft and surprise a few folks.

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Yes, a very friendly league. I won this past year though so, I'm sure they'd like to see me lose.

I might just draft all colts just so I keep a closer eye on what they are and who they are. Lots to learn and Fantasy Football makes it easier imo

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"Twosday Twofer":

1. Do you play fantasy football ??

2. Will the Colts off-season overhaul cause you to be leery about drafting any Colts players for your fantasy team in 2012 ??

1. Yes

2. Not really. I wouldn't draft, let's say Wayne, as high as I would have two seasons ago, but if he fell to the fifth or sixth round, I would grab him since I'm confident that he and Luck will develop enough chemistry to be productive, fantasy-wise. Also, Fleener would be worth checking out late...

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