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Thought I would bring a tradition of mine over to this forum:

Top 100 (in Order from 1-100)

  • Arian Foster -- Houston Texans (RB)
  • Maurice Jones-Drew -- Jacksonville Jaguars (RB)
  • Ray Rice -- Baltimore Ravens (RB)
  • Lesean McCoy -- Philadelphia Eagles (RB)
  • Aaron Rodgers -- Green Bay Packers (QB)
  • Chris Johnson -- Tennessee Titans (RB)
  • Calvin Johnson -- Detroit Lions (WR)
  • Tom Brady -- New England Patriots (QB)
  • Matt Forte -- Chicago Bears (RB)
  • Marshawn Lynch -- Seattle Seahawks (RB)
  • Drew Brees -- New Orleans Saints (QB)
  • Andre Johnson -- Houston Texans (WR)
  • Adrian Peterson (Injury Concern) -- Minnesota Vikings (RB)
  • Larry Fitzgerald -- Arizona Cardinals (WR)
  • Darren McFadden -- Oakland Raiders (RB)
  • Cam Newton -- Carolina Panthers (QB)
  • Fred Jackson -- Buffalo Bills (RB)
  • Rob Gronkowski -- New England Patriots (TE)
  • Roddy White -- Atlanta Falcons (WR)
  • Demarco Murray -- Dallas Cowboys (RB)
  • Peyton Manning -- Denver Broncos (QB)
  • Jamaal Charles -- Kansas City Chiefs (RB)
  • Michael Vick -- Philadelphia Eagles (QB)
  • Wes Welker -- New England Patriots (WR)
  • Jimmy Graham -- New Orleans Saints (TE)
  • Greg Jennings -- Green Bay Packers (WR)
  • Frank Gore -- San Francisco 49ers (RB)
  • AJ Green -- Cincinnati Bengals (WR)
  • Eli Manning -- New York Giants (QB)
  • Trent Richardson -- Cleveland Browns (RB)
  • Matthew Stafford -- Detroit Lions (QB)
  • Hakeem Nicks -- New York Giants (WR)
  • Steve Smith -- Carolina Panthers (WR)
  • Steven Jackson -- St Louis Rams (RB)
  • Phillip Rivers -- San Diego Chargers (QB)
  • Victor Cruz -- New York Giants (WR)
  • Darren Sproles -- New Orleans Saints (RB/R)
  • Ryan Matthews -- San Diego Chargers (RB)
  • Ben Roethlisberger -- Pittsburgh Steelers (QB)
  • Jordy Nelson -- Green Bay Packers (WR)
  • Brandon Marshall -- Chicago Bears (WR)
  • Reggie Bush -- Miami Dolphins (RB)
  • Antonio Gates -- San Diego Chargers (TE)
  • Mike Wallace -- Pittsburgh Steelers (WR)
  • Michael Turner -- Atlanta Falcons (RB)
  • Robert Griffin III -- Washington Redskins (QB)
  • Chris "Beanie" Wells -- Arizona Cardinals (RB)
  • Matt Ryan -- Atlanta Falcons (QB)
  • Tony Romo -- Dallas Cowboys (QB)
  • Ahmad Bradshaw -- New York Giants (RB)
  • Julio Jones -- Atlanta Falcons (WR)
  • Shonn Greene -- New York Jets (RB)
  • Vernon Davis -- San Francisco 49ers (TE)
  • Demaryius Thomas -- Denver Broncos (WR)
  • Deangelo Williams -- Carolina Panthers (RB)
  • Matt Schaub -- Houston Texans (QB)
  • Desean Jackson -- Philadelphia Eagles (WR)
  • Percy Harvin -- Minnesota Vikings (WR)
  • Jonathan Stewart -- Carolina Panthers (RB)
  • Jay Cutler -- Chicago Bears (QB)
  • Kenny Britt -- Tennessee Titans (WR)
  • Benjarvus Green-Ellis -- Cincinnati Bengals (RB)
  • Aaron Hernandez -- New England Patriots (TE)
  • Dez Bryant -- Dallas Cowboys (WR)
  • Josh Freeman -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (QB)
  • Reggie Wayne -- Indianapolis Colts (WR)
  • Miles Austin -- Dallas Cowboys (WR)
  • Doug Martin -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (RB)
  • Marques Colston -- New Orleans Saints (WR)
  • Jeremy Maclin -- Philadelphia Eagles (WR)
  • Willis McGahee -- Denver Broncos (RB)
  • Vincent Jackson -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (WR)
  • Stevie Johnson -- Buffalo Bills (WR)
  • Rashard Mendenhall -- Pittsburgh Steelers (RB)
  • Dwayne Bowe -- Kansas City Chiefs (WR)
  • Matt Flynn -- Seattle Seahawks (QB)
  • Brandon Lloyd -- New England Patriots (WR)
  • Jahvid Best -- Detroit Lions (RB)
  • Jermichael Finley -- Green Bay Packers (TE)
  • Michael Crabtree -- San Francisco 49ers (WR)
  • Roy Helu -- Washington Redskins (RB)
  • Antonio Brown -- Pittsburgh Steelers (WR)
  • Jason Witten -- Dallas Cowboys (TE)
  • San Francisco 49ers Defense
  • Pierre Garcon -- Washington Redskins (WR)
  • CJ Spiller -- Buffalo Bills (RB)
  • Malcolm Floyd -- San Diego Chargers (WR)
  • Santonio Holmes -- New York Jets (WR)
  • Steven Ridley -- New England Patriots (RB)
  • James Starks -- Green Bay Packers (RB)
  • Jacob Tamme -- Denver Broncos (TE)
  • Anquan Boldin -- Baltimore Ravens (WR)
  • Green Bay Packers Defense
  • Fred Davis -- Washington Redskins (TE)
  • Ben Tate -- Houston Texans (RB)
  • Donald Brown -- Indianapolis Colts (RB)
  • Justin Blackmon -- Jacksonville Jaguars (WR)
  • Baltimore Ravens Defense
  • Lagarette Blount -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (RB)
  • Andy Dalton -- Cincinnati Bengals (QB)

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ive done a couple of early mock drafts and this is what i seem to get


RB-mccoy.trent richardson,AP, best

WR-wallace,marshall,desean jackson,blackmon,wayne


D-eagles, pats

k- who cares

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I think you have CJ2K a little higher than he will be on most boards. He might be a good steal for a guy drafting 10th - 12th pick.

I don't see Vick going in the first round like he did in so many drafts last year either.

I have him at 23 which is a late 2nd round, early 3rd round pick in a 12 team league...

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    • So if this was the chart shown here earliest, how would it have affected the dialog from our "knowledgeable" Colts fans?  Asking:  How good is Gus and staff at designing highly effective blitz packages?  How good are our players as blitzers.   To point out:   Our 4 man rush was asked to protect the edges and run lanes at a high level. I believe they graded very well at it. You give up a little pass rush doing this on none passing downs.  We have watched Gus's back seven allow backups to shred us many times. Hopefully, our talent/experience together brings improvement this season.  And we definitely need to blitz more.
    • I almost created another I hate Gus Bradley’s system tangent post with his lack of blitzing but caught myself  
    • I think this quote from that article will explain why:   ”Pressure can come from a pass rusher beating the blocker across from him cleanly, from a quarterback bailing out of a clean pocket or from a quarterback holding onto the ball too long due to coverage and lack of receiver separation, among other reasons.”   And that’s honestly the colts pass rush in a nutshell:  meh.  It’s not bad, it’s not good.  It’s just ok.  Regarding the quote above, I believe both cases.  There were times someone got to the qb in a hurry.  And due to the qbs we played, there were also self-induced pressures.
    • To be real, I have more faith in the DBs (outside of FS) than the LBs.  LBs are kind meh in pass coverage.  They’re on the slow side.  I know our corners are slow but at least the scheme plays into them being slow.  Our LBs are going to have a hard time keeping up with receivers and even tight ends who can burn them deep or on quick hitters.
    • The LBs are pretty solid but you’re right about the DBs.     Kenny and Blackmon are the only proven vets.  I expect them to bring in a vet S and wouldn’t mind them making a curtesy call to Gilmore.     If AR and JT stay healthy the O could be special.  Shane showed he can win with anyone.  
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