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Who is your Favorite Colt

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Me personally i cant really choose but on defense i like antoine bethea, jerraud powers and pat angerer and offensively Luck, wayne,Collie,WELL I like everyone as players.... what about yall?

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I laugh in disbelief at this only because, for much of Colts nation prior to this year, it would have been a slightly irritating question, quickly answered with a snarky air of obviousness, "Peyton." Alas, since the days of Manning, Sanders, Harrison and Edge, I am left with few of my favorite contributors left from which to choose. Although Peyton, Edgerrin and Marvin will always stand as my favorite Colts of my time, Dwight, Mathis, and Wayne, now stand as my pillars of hope. As talented reminders we are witnessing the twilight of an era, and hopeful for the dawn of another.

With this I look to the new QB and place within him the confidence and trust to lead this group each week. It's now his time to raise not only himself, but those around him to the highest level. Time, for men, both new and old, to stand together, for each other, despite the odds. These men, this team, as one, shall push forward to show the world that at the end of the day, winning is not simply a matter of skill, but a matter of will, hard work, and a touch of Luck.

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Kevin Eagan - OLB - Endicott Mark my words this Div III kid is going to be a player in the NFL. This year he will probably be on the practice squad but next year he could very well be the starter if Freeney is not offered a new contract.

Oops, sorry I thought this was the thread for favorite new colts.

Favorite Colt is

Reggie Wayne. The guy is just everything you want in a football player, smart, hard working, perfectionist, loyal and excellent at what he does.

After that, anyone with the Shoe on his helmet is my second favorite.

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1.Reggie (my dog is named after him and Reggie Miller)

2.Pat Mac (would love to have a beer or two with)

3.Mathis (Never gives up on a play)

4. Freeney (Amazing to watch... scored some points with recent comments about loyalty)

5. Collie (Concussion? What concussion? Tough dude)

Hon. Mention for new guys: Zib (the guy likes to punch people in the head)

Hilton (his tape is electrifying)

Chapman (all heart, hope he recovers fully because he is a BEAST)

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Well, since #18 is not around anymore, I would have to say that it's between Reggie and Mathis.

I have to say though, that Zbikowski is my kinda player as well...

Watched the "Everything to prove" videos on NFL.com, and I really liked what I saw from Dwayne Allen. Real down to earth kinda guy with his head on straight. He seemed like a really nice guy and a true professional.

But in a couple of seasons, we'll all probably, and hopefully, name Andrew Luck as our favorite.

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Pat McAfee became my favorite Colt after going to TC all of last season. He spent more time talking to and interacting with the fans than any other player that I noticed. He's a very funny and engaging guy and you can tell that he truly loves what he does. Plus anybody who grows his hair out for Locks of Love and donates the money raised from the "I Swam With Pat McAfee" shirts to charity is a top notch guy in my book.

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if we're talking All Time Favorites, then for me it'd have to be Johnny Unitas. Of course, I've had some favorites on the D side of the ball, too, but Mike Curtis sticks out - if for no other reason than when he clocked that * fan who ran onto the field. That was something to behold.

Others among my favorites: Ray Berry, Alan Ameche, Gino Marchetti, Art Donovan, Dick Szymanski, John Mackey, Bubba Smith, Ted Hendricks, Bert Jones...awfully hard to narrow down to one player - especially when you consider the ones who've played for the Colts. True of virtually every other NFL team I suppose.

Modern era? Peyton Manning. Without question. Others: Edge, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, Bob Sanders, Brandon Stokley, Austin Collie, Tarik "just call me False Start" Glenn, Dominic Rhodes, Ken Dilger... as I go on & on, it's not easy winnowing out other players, but something about the guys on this list of mine made them stand out to me.

I'm really pulling for the Colts to have made the right decisions for the team this year. Gonna be a difficult road ahead...reminds me of Peyton's first year, but got a feeling Luck won't have the success Manning did. Hope I'm wrong.

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    • A number of websites have projected the size of the free agent contracts.    On PFF,  they will even show you their comparisons and the math used to make the final prediction for years and dollars.   BUT....   No where am I seeing anything that reflects the fact that teams are dealing with a lowered salary cap,  and they're all going to have roughly $15 million less to spend.    I don't see any predictions that reflect that world.    Seems counter-intuitive to me.    With all the talk we've all read about how the middle class players are going to bear the burden of smaller contracts,  I'm not seeing that anywhere in these predictions.     And frankly,  I don't understand it?   If you didn't know about how Covid has hurt the NFL,  you couldn't tell by the salary predictions anywhere.    To me,  it reads pretty much as business as usual.   So.....   is it just me?     Or has anyone else noticed this?     Your thoughts?  
    • Zierlein is always a good read.   And given he's tight with Ballard,  I always recommend that you read everything he says.   It's as close as we're going to get inside Ballard's head, other than hearing from CB ourselves.   Here, he lists 10 prospects, who, for a variety of reasons, he thinks they need a really good pro day to bump up their draft status.    On a personal note,  I was surprised to NOT see two of my Stanford kids on this list.    Neither Walker Little or Paulson Adebo are on his list.    Maybe he doesn't think either needs a great pro day.   But I'd disagree.    Frankly,  I think every player who opted out needs a very good pro day.    As good as they can make it.    The absence of the combine is seriously going to hurt a big number of kids.   Here's his article.    And it includes a hyper-link to the latest updated Pro Day Schedule.   Those get under way full speed this coming week.   https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-draft-ten-prospects-who-could-use-a-pro-day-boost
    • Trade her in.   Every 3 - 4 years...... like a car. Make her think it was HER idea.
    • Imagine the players just running around in jocks with cups for their pants  
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