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Colts Vs. Packers Preseason Game Night Thread


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Fili Moala is playing lights out, whether against starters or backups. Just blowing into the backfield on runs or passing. Drake Nevis, as always, is having another monster game. Wow! It is early, but with these guys and the new pickups, this could be the deepest Colt D-Line in the Manning era.

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Oh, Freeney was a monster today!!! The Saints and the Patriots O-lines will be our biggest tests for pass D, and our division rivals for run D.

Something changed, the 1st and 2nd string Ds look faster, and they are playing more like the Tampa Bay Bucs, swarming to the ball, and not just reacting. True Tampa 2, you can call that, and playing it well.

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Wow. That onside kick was rough. I really wanted to see our guys win this one. Bonehead penalty was not good at all but then onside kick brought back some bad memories. not to mention it being followed by man on man on the outside with our CB 10 yrds off for a quick 10 yards to get in field goal range..........

That being said, saw some great things tonight. Harris and Sims look like great additions to our D. We held their starters to 10 points in 1st half without Bethea (they were without Jennings tho...) Way to go Painter, showed a lot of improvement tonight. Wayne looked great, Garcon had a few drops but hauled in another great deep ball, and Brooks had a nice TD grab. I also really like Gilreath on PR. He looked good with the ball but knew when to call fair catch.

Kinda of a heart breaking loss but the things I saw from the starters and some backups out weighed that. Very excited to see our team at full strength this year!!

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    • I agree losing Hill is a huge loss. I do think they take a tiny step back, but they could also take a step forward.    Not a bad pass catching group at all...    RB - CEH is a good catching RB, not that he needs it though TE - Kelce - don't need to say anything here   WR - MVS - solid and quality X JuJu - likely does better with Mahomes over Big Ben...  Hardman - productive guy, and should take a step forward now that he's no longer in Hill's shadow Moore - rook, but I like his chances.   A lot of teams would like to have that group
    • Using unit totals of  RB - 60 TE - 55 WR - 135   Keeping things simple, and only including the top 4 TEs on the depth chart.   Note, most of the depth chart chatter has Ogletree over Woods at this point, and climbing..... citing Ogletree's hands and route running as being more advanced.    I'd also add that there's a good chance that Granson is again used in more of a TE/HB/slot hybrid role, than traditional TE. That doesn't guarantee anything though. We've heard reports of shovels in camp (Hybrid use) but also heard reports of corner routes. 
    • Well it's probably a lost cause to discuss this further then.  Bottom line is you can have one stud wideout but teams will figure out how to remove him on key downs that decide the game.  In today's league you need multiple matchups to allow you to break down a defense and isolate who you want on who for a given look and dismantle them.  If you get to that four threat range and have a QB who can dish it most defenses are gonna break down and the offense will get a fancy nickname in history.   Let me ask you this...  Do you think the Chiefs are a great offense this year?   If you say yes by assumption of they're great every year, I would refer you to their roster.  Who are their top threats in the passing game.  How deep do you think they go?   Way I see it Kelce is a top weapon.  You can ruin players days with him.  But after him there's some question marks.  Hardman?  Ok.  Sure.  Not a huge fan but he's a guy you can get some isolations with.  After that, though, I'm not seeing special.  Maybe I'm too high and missing someone, but I'm seeing two good weapons and an offense that is praying they hit on Sky Moore.  I'd say they go two deep.  Which is not a great offense btw.  So I'd expect their offensive throughput to dip in 2022, and when it does all the talking heads will bag on Mahomes but really it will be they had to run the ball more and protect longer to survive.
    • Using unit totals of  RB - 60 TE - 55 WR - 135   Keeping things simple, and only including the top 3 on the current depth chart. 
    • Going to do unit polls for RB, TE, and WR.   Will take a down a level to increments of 5s, instead of 10s.    Using unit totals of  RB - 60 TE - 55 WR - 135
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