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Shive's Final "My Guys" List & Mock Draft

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I haven't done a "my guys" list on here yet, so I wanted to throw that in with my last mock draft before the draft kicks off tonight. I didn't include certain positions like QB since that's not really on my radar.


My Guys



  • TYRONE TRACY JR. | Purdue - WR convert to RB that is great with the ball in his hands, especially in the passing game. Still needs more time in the role to get better with decision-making at the LOS. ST value as well.
  • DYLAN LAUBE | New Hampshire - Amazing receiving RB that has great value in the return game
  • KIMANI VIDAL | Troy - Compactly built RB that doesn't have great top end speed, but has solid burst and runs with power. A strong short-yardage back that is also really good in pass protection. Based on our RB room, I think he fits the best and could be a late day 3 pick.

WR (Besides the top 3)

  • XAVIER WORTHY | Texas - Small WR, but absolutely electric. Obviously he has the long speed with the 4.21 40, but he's not just another "go ball" deep threat only speedster. He has way more technical refinement and nuance to his game than he gets credit for and I think he would be a perfect fit in Steichen's offense.
  • XAVIER LEGETTE | South Carolina - I've started to come around to Legette. Has the size, speed, and pure athleticism to be a dominant WR. I think there's good context to his sudden breakout this season and don't think it's a one-year wonder situation. I think he finally was able to put things together and could be a great WR within a couple of years. He's a bit redundant from a role perspective since he does a lot of what Pittman does already.
  • MALIK WASHINGTON | Virginia - Shorter, but stoutly built WR. He's not a speedster by any means, but is great as a YAC threat and is a machine over the middle of the field.
  • Others: Ricky Pearsall, Ryan Flournoy

TE (Besides Bowers)

  • TIP REIMAN | Illinois - Has the size (6'4" 270) and athleticism to be a good developmental TE. Decent blocker already, but can definitely improve. Projects as a true in-line Y.

IOL (I feel like we have enough tackles)

  • MASON MCCORMICK | South Dakota State - Really strong G prospect with C versatility. Since their C was younger, McCormick made all of the calls from the LG position, so could definitely play either.
  • JACKSON POWERS-JOHNSON | Oregon - Not happening since he's projected to the 1st, but he's going to be a stud.
  • TANOR BORTOLINI | Wisconsin - Versatility across the line. Is a fluid athlete with solid power, technical skill (I mean, he's a OL from Wisconsin), and high football IQ.


  • DALLAS TURNER | Alabama - Was one of my guys very early on and I still really like him. Not likely he falls to us, but he's a Ballard EDGE to a T.
  • ADISA ISAAC | Penn State - I've really started to like him as of late and think he could develop into a really good speed rusher.
  • JALYX HUNT | Houston Christian - Converted to EDGE from Safety (Ballard loves guys that change positions). Fits the Ballard physical mold and has a lot of upside. Definitely a day 3 pick, but I could definitely see Ballard falling in live with his potential. Also found out the other day that my co-worker is friends with him, as they were at Cornell together.


  • Not a position of need and beyond the top 2, I'm not too impressed by this position group.


  • PAYTON WILSON | NC State - One of my draft crushes. Elite testing and is an absolute playmaker at LB. Plays the run game well, great in coverage, and is dangerous as a blitzer. Has the medical concerns, but seems to have checked out well at the combine, so I'm not worried. Has shorter arms than Ballard likes, but he's just one of those "wow" players that is always around the ball making plays.
  • EDEFUAN ULOFOSHIO | Washington - A former walk-on that has been one of the best coverage LBs in the league. Checks just about every box Ballard looks for in a LB.


  • QUINYON MITCHELL | Toledo - Dominated his level of competition. Dominated the Senior Bowl. Elite testing. Checks every Ballard box other than having 31" arms (not a dealbreaker for me).
  • MIKE SAINRISTIL | Michigan - Another draft crush of mine. I really wanted him before we resigned Kenny Moore. He was arguably the best slot CB in the nation. Fantastic in coverage, plays the run with intensity, and was the heart of that Michigan defense. He's a "lightning in a bottle" kind of player that would have been the perfect replacement if we hadn't brought Kenny back.
  • MAX MELTON | Rutgers - Really like Melton. He has inside/outside versatility and could play either really well. He checks every Ballard box, even though he's a little bit shorter than Ballard's typical outside CBs.
  • KHYREE JACKSON | Oregon - Fits the Ballard CB mold to a T. Projects as a day 3 prospect and I think will take a year or 2 to develop into a starter, but has the potential.


  • DADRION TAYLOR-DEMERSON | Texas Tech - Slightly smaller safety, but extremely rangy and plays the centerfield very well. He's only been a safety for 3 years after converting from RB in HS, so he has even more room to develop. He plays pretty aggressively in the pass and run game, which can be a bit of a detriment, but if he can play a bit more balanced, he'll be an absolute ballhawk.
  • CALEN BULLOCK | USC - Another rangy FS, but has the size Ballard seems to like in his DBs. Great in coverage as a centerfielder and in man, and some teams apparently have him as a CB on their boards.
  • MARK PERRY | TCU - Fairly rangy safety that is solid in the run game and had elite testing numbers. Strong ST value, which he'll need as a late day 3 pick.


Mock Draft (Using the PFN Mock Draft Simulator)

*Trade back from 15 and  get Pittsburgh's picks 20 & 51*


1st Round

20. WR Xavier Worthy | Texas


2nd Round

46. CB Max Melton | Rutgers

51. DE Adisa Isaac | Penn State


3rd Round

82. S Dadrion Taylor-Demerson | Texas Tech


4th Round

117. IOL Mason McCormick | South Dakota State


5th Round

151. RB Tyrone Tracy | Purdue


6th Round

191. LB Edefuan Ulofoshio | Washington


7th Round

234. S Mark Perry | TCU


I did this mock draft last night and just realized after typing all of the "my guys" that all of my picks in that mock draft were on that list. I think this give us an explosive weapon on offense, bolsters all 3 levels of our defense, and gets us immediate depth/competition for Fries at RG.

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    • it’s been explained several times, but you continue to ignore it.      Jamal Adams is a strong safety.  The Colts aren’t looking for a strong safety, if they want a safety at all it will be a free safety.    So maybe Simmons or Diggs are the safeties to keep an eye on.  
    • https://www.instagram.com/ma_xii_/p/C9xXTpmOsDS/?hl=en&img_index=1   Photographic proof...
    • I like this. As a way to refine my thinking on your question, I'm bolding the players that I think have a reasonable chance of a) being on the roster next season, and b) have a reasonable chance of getting a meaningful second contract from the Colts. Starred players are those that I think have a good chance of being Pro Bowlers within the next 2-3 years. And italics are rookies, on whom I'm not yet taking a position.   To me, the bolded are the projected young core of the roster. And the starred and bolded -- Richardson, Taylor -- represent the potential stars on the roster (Taylor already being a star-level player).    Mitchell and Latu deserve recognition as well. I think highly of their prospects, they could be star level players in the future.
    • I know there was questions about TE bring there. Cox was there. Don’t know if any others were there.
    • I often go through an exercise I call "Tomorrow's Colts", in homage to the Star Trek episode "Tomorrow's Enterprise", where I look at the roster counting only the young players.  Just those 25 and younger.  This gives me an idea of the shape of our team when it comes to asking the question "If we have only a 4-year window, or a 6-year window, who would still be here at the end of that window?  Who would our foundational players be?  And which of today's players would determine the boundary of that window, because of their retirement?"  Also, which positions should we draft, simply to backfill for those rounding out their careers. As you look over the list, please note who is missing.   Tomorrow's Colts QB Anthony Richardson (age 22) QB Sam Ehlinger (age 25) RB Jonathan Taylor (age 25) RB Trey Sermon (age 25) RB Evan Hull (age 23) WR Alec Pierce (age 24) WR Josh Downs (age 22) WR Adonai Mitchell (age 21) WR Anthony Gould (age 23) TE Jelani Woods (age 25) TE Drew Ogletreen (age 25) TE Will Mallory (age 25) T Blake Freeland (age 23) T Jake Witt (age 24) T/G Matt Goncalves (age 23) G/C Tanor Bortolini (age 22) G Dalton Tucker (age 24) DE Kwity Paye (age 25) DE Dayo Odeyingbo (age 24) DE Laiatu Latu (age 23) DE Isaiah Land (age 24) DT Aditomiwa Adibawore (age 23) DT Jonah Laulu (age 24) LB Grant Stuard (age 25) LB Cameron McGrone (age 25) LB Jaylon Carlies (age 22) CB JuJu Brents (age 24) CB Jaylon Jones (age 22) DB Jaylon Simpson (age 24) DB Ameer Speed (age 24) S Julian Blackmon (age 25) S Nick Cross (age 22) S Trevor Denbo (age 25)   Note anybody missing?  And how they would affect the length of our current window?  
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