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Alshon Jeffrey is the big target you guys always wanted when Peyton was here...

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6'4, 229lbs of ferocity. The best WR left on the board (many had him #2 or #3 behind Blackmon and Floyd), and arguably the best player left overall. This guy is exactly what Colts' fans have been whining about us lacking in years past. He is strong, physical, great hands, good in space, and deceptively fast for a guy his size. I say make it happen Chad!

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Ok, i am already ticked @ Grigson, as i knew i would be. We could've drafted Fleener later in round 4 or 5. If he doesn't clean up, and make the right moves in free agency, ill be the worst anti-grigson person in this forum....im quiet, but im watching everything....

Lol not sure if you meant this picture: troll%2Bface.jpg

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