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Two options:

  • Keep your best QB and then package a deal with the other two guys and a third player from your roster you may not be happy with (3rd WR, 2nd RB, 1st TE, etc.) and trade for an upgrade at whatever position you traded (WR, RB, TE, Etc..) So if you trade your 3rd best WR along with the two QBS, try to get his backup QB and someone of greater value then the position player you are trading. Any holes you have on your roster just add a FA, there is always guys you can add as fliers and sleepers.
  • Trade the the backup QB with the same bye as your starter, and either add a position player to the trade and look for an upgrade at that player's position, or simply trade a 1-for-1 with a player of equal value at another position for depth or to fill a need.

Good luck! ;)

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Well who are your other 2 qbs. In my league i was able to get Manning and Brady so it doesn't matter for me.

Why in the world would you draft both of them? Are you planning on trading one of them?

To one of the OP yes you got to move one of those QBs then. You should not be wasting a roster spot for a third QB that will play just one game. Move one of your other QBs to solidify a position some where else. You could use that spot for another RB or WR.

I am actually contemplating trading Manning in my league and he was one of my keepers.

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