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Raiders benching Carr for Stidham


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Here is the thing I want fans to understand. Just goes to show you that a new shiny toy is not always the best and an old reliable toy can go bad pretty fast, so it is always a gamble.


The likes of Jimmy G, Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, they all need to be on the right team with the right support to bring out the ceiling in them, however limited it might be. The Colts could very well end up with a rookie QB whose ceiling might be just that but we have to try and hope for something different.

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51 minutes ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

It's okay Derek... you'll always be better than your 10 year older brother David

With all respect to David wasn't as bad as advertised.  He was sacked 249 times in his 5 years at Houston. He took as bad a beating as any QB in NFL history. 

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"Josh McDaniels announces that the team will start Jarrett Stidham over the next two weeks to have a look at the youth at QB"


I will say that this is a smart move when you are out of the playoff hunt.   Reich refused to do it several times.  

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