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5 hours ago, Defjamz26 said:

I’ll probably make a separate topic on some of the common draft myths, but this is one that needs to be addressed. You can not choose a specific time to draft a QB based solely on who you think will be available. This is a bad strategy. There is no guaranteed way for teams to be able to get the exact QB that they want. It is all a game of luck. Fans here have been saying to wait until next year for 3 drafts now. 

The perfect prospect and situation does not exist. The Colts do not have the power to say “this is exactly who we want to play QB here” and then make it happen. They are not loading up on draft picks and forcing some team who may also have a QB need to give up their draft position. Remember there are 32 other teams in the league. A lot has to fall into place for those dream scenarios to happen, and they rarely do.

Of course. I think you're stating the obvious and I wasn't saying that at all. Just that I'd rather take my chances on who's available next year vs this one and meanwhile get a surer thing (again of course no guarantees) like a top OL. But that's just a leaning, I'm not claiming that is absolutely the way to go. I do know that if I'm Ballard and Young or Stoud isn't there (likely), I'm likely building the team up elsewhere, most of all the OL, and praying Ryan the Ice Wizard has one year of magic left before his heart melts (thought a Christmas animation special reference was appropriate this time of year :) ). 


As for Richardson, I agree. I think people are overlooking his flaws by saying "oh he's just raw." Maybe. Or maybe he just sucks as a passer. The highly athletic QB who is a better runner than passer rarely works out.


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17 hours ago, jonjon said:

Why on Earth would you want to spend a #1 pick on a QB two years in a row? 


Again whatever move they make has risk. 



You dont PLAN on spending two first round picks on QBs...... EVER




IMHO. you have to look at the whole QB room on the Colts




We DONT have the QB of the future on this roster

We DONT have the QB BACKUP of the future on this roster

(Sam E, is NOT a valid starter or backup, IMHO)


This year we HAVE to take a swing at our future QB.....

I would go round 1 or 2 this year on QB (Hooker)


If Max Duggan / Cameron Ward / Jaren Hall / Bo Nix are still on the board in round 4 AFTER 

we have Hooker, I would consider taking another swing at QB


Start the 2023 season with Foles, and hand it over to Hooker when he is able


in 2024 we would have Hooker / Duggan (Or another mid round pick) as our two QBs

As Foles retires 



So ... IMHO, we desperately need to build the QB room.


It can be done this year..... or this year and next..... (but never two first round picks two years in a row)





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3 minutes ago, MikeCurtis said:

Interesting list   


I don’t get the McKee hype, and Remner isn’t the only one pushing the narrative. I think he should swap Nix and McKee. Been watching Nix lately and he’s a modern day NFL QB. He may be a Jaylen Hurts type of player. You build a system around his athletic ability while he grows as a passer.

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If we end up with a top 4-5 pick and Will Anderson or Myles Murphy are available, then I believe that is the pick. A great defense and a good quarterback has proven to win in the post season. As embarrassing as our team has looked this year on offense, the defense has been (Aside from the 4th quarter Dallas) a joy to watch.  Yannick will move on after this season.  So replacing that piece with a top player at his position would be key.  Skoronski is also an option I wouldn't be disappointed with... Only real QB option in the first would be Stroud but he won't fall to our pick. So BPA.  Christian Gonzalez, Anthony Richardson, Nolan Smith, etc. in the 2nd would be fine by me as well.  The trade out scenario would have to include a minimum of a RD1 2023 and RD 1 2024+ IMO

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On 12/8/2022 at 2:25 AM, jonjon said:

Fla QB Richardson seems to be a popular mock draft pick to the Colts. * please no. A wildly inconsistent and inaccurate QB? Pass. Draft the best OL avail IMO, take our chances with Ryan playing well with a much better OL (FA could help too) and shoot for the QB of the future in 2024. 



NO! No more Matt Ryan.  Raimann will be fine. If i were Gm I would put all 3 big contract Olinemen on the trade block. If you get rid of 1 that's great. 2 would be fantastic. They were a total disaster this season. I would have to say Kelly is the weak link.

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On 12/18/2022 at 4:00 PM, joeb said:

NO! No more Matt Ryan.  Raimann will be fine. If i were Gm I would put all 3 big contract Olinemen on the trade block. If you get rid of 1 that's great. 2 would be fantastic. They were a total disaster this season. I would have to say Kelly is the weak link.

So if you don't want your big contract Oline men then why would anyone else want them? U r basically saying that they are over priced and not worth the value. I remember people saying you could have gotten a 1st for Nelson last year.  I laughed. You would probably have to trade these players and include a pick just to get rid of their contract. Nelson and Kelly are untradeable because of their contract and performance. Smith is pretty good but also has a huge price tag. Aint going to happen. Kelly will be cut


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