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12 minutes ago, Patrick Miller said:

I wonder why we don’t use our tight ends more in the passing game? What say you?


Purely my opinion....


Mo has the most snaps (of TEs), but has been stuck blocking most plays, due to OL situation. 


Woods snaps increased until he was about the same Granson, then the injury happened. 


Granson has improved as the year went along, but he was over-targeted early the season IMO. And was also stealing snaps/targets from Parris and Pierce. IMO, Pierce has been over-targeted at times too. He still needs time, and work on his routes (he's fine on 9s and slants). 


So in short... if the OL improved, more TE use (for targets).. 


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1 hour ago, strt182 said:

I was thinking about TE's last night. Seems most good teams have a TE that is #1 or #2 pass catcher. 

The Colts miss their 3rd down receiver in Doyle. 





we miss his blocking more than anything, his blocking is what allowed him to sneak out, or delay out to get the short yardage catches. 

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6 hours ago, bestQBever said:

Mo is just too slow, Jelani is gonna be good but is a rookie. Granson's kinda breaking out but isn't really a good TE either.


This narrative is bad... 


Mo isn't a burner, but

  • Mo has better separation than both Granson and Woods (both are faster than Mo).
  • Mo has a good catch %, and a better drop % than both Granson and Woods
  • Mo, despite a shorter ADOT, he has better YPC and better yards per target than bot Granson and Woods (both have higher ADOT)
  • Mo has the best YAC of all WRs and TEs on the team... and much much better than Woods and Granson.
  • He's been stuck blocking due to the OL situation, but whenever targeted, he's been successful. 

I agree Woods (and Ogletree too) will be good in time. But Woods have legit hands concerns. Worst on the team (drop %). And I doubt either (Woods or Ogletree) will be as good in blocking. 

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Woods is a rookie and has been hurt. They've used Granson quite a bit this season, I'd have no issue with his usage. MAC has been kept in to block alot to help out our struggling OL, and MACs routes take a bit of time to develop as he accelerates pretty slow. He's fine once he builds up speed but it takes a while to get off the line from what I see.

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Our tight ends just aren't very good as pass catchers.  Who knows what Woods and Granson will do but we have a pretty good idea of what MO is.  


One poster said that most good teams have a TE that is a #1 or #2 pass catcher.  I don't see that today at all.   There are only 5 TEs among the top 50 pass catchers this year for instance.  Most teams don't have TEs that do much in the pass catching category.


10-15 years ago TEs became very prominent on many teams, but since then, teams have gone to smaller, faster LBs and even nickel packages on most downs to largely nullify the TE trend that was happening. 

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