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Rodgers & Packers Fall To Washington

King Colt

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Packers are a .500 team at best, not at all surprised by this. I am surprised at the Bucs. They have a lot of talent on that team and should be doing better and will IMO in the second half of the year. 


But mostly I'm glad for Heinike (sp?). Young guy whose football hero was Rodgers and got the chance to play him and beat him. 

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    • Yeah but what I originally ment was It'd feel incomplete/flukey/hollow if we won by playing bad football all year. Not a few games. And the "crappy/bad" football is an exaggeration to emphasize my point.   In a season where so many QBs and starters are injured I wouldn't be surprised if a dark horse went and won it all. If that was the Colts it'd feel hollow to me, because while we're not playing crappy/bad, we're not playing anywhere near SB level.
    • Blackmon’s best position is SS.  They moved him back to it this year.  Now he is excelling and I’m happy for him.  Cross was very young when we traded up to draft him.  20 years old I believe.  That could be part of his problem.  A lot to handle as a rookie.  I don’t see him unseating Blackmon now.  I think his best shot is FS if he can learn the position.  If he can’t I’m not sure his future is with the Colts.
    • Yep. Plus his release point isn't higher either like AR thus resulting in more batted balls down the middle.
    • Because even with smaller markets than them they are still in the bottom half close to bottom third of market size for a NFL team, thus they are small market team.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s just a thing.     As free agency goes I’ll stand by that the Colts don’t get free agents because of how their team is run not because they can’t.  When Grigson was here and would spend more in free agency the Colts had no problem landing big name free agents.  It just so happens Polian and now Ballard doesn’t believe in that approach.   Smaller teams than the Colts land big name free agents all the time.  In the NFL generally speaking players go to who pays them the most regardless of market size.
    • What destroys a locker room is seeing players getting paid more for not performing any better than the next guy in his spot.   Those players have to either play to their level of pay or be held accountable and cut.  JMO.
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