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2022 NFL Season Weekly Pick'em Game: Week 6


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On 10/13/2022 at 2:57 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Bears 23 Commanders 17

49ers 27 Falcons 23

Bengals 24 Saints 20

Jets 20 Packers 23 in OT

Ravens 26 Giants 17, Giants come back down to earth

Bucs 30 Steelers 17, Tom as an easy one

Vikings 27 Dolphins 19, Dolphins about to lose 3 in a row

Pats 19 Browns 17

Jags 13 Colts 30, our break out game

Panthers 16 Rams 31

Cards 24 Seahawks 23

Bills 34 Chiefs 31, game of the week!

Cowboys 20 Eagles 23

Broncos 17 Chargers 27


46-33-1 on the season so far. 

6-7 so far, tough week. If Chargers win, i will be at least .500.

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On 10/15/2022 at 10:04 PM, RollerColt said:

Bears 10 vs. Commanders 7 (Had the Bears picked so taking the L there. Wentz wins with 0 TDs go figure)


Sunday Games

49ers 21 vs. Falcons 14

Bengals 23 vs. Saints 20

Jets 24 vs. Packers 29 

Ravens 19 vs. Giants 17

Bucs 27 vs. Steelers 17

Vikings 20 vs. Dolphins 3

Pats 18 vs. Browns 20

Jags 12 vs. Colts 10

Panthers 0 vs. Rams 21

Cards 27 vs. Seahawks 21

Bills 38 vs. Chiefs 35

Cowboys 21 vs. Eagles 26


Monday Night Football

Broncos 6 vs. Chargers 9

6-7 for me too! 

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42 minutes ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

Jacob Eason might end up starting for Panthers against Bucs. PJ Waller has a neck injury and the mayfield and Darnold with high ankle sprains. Seems he looked pretty good. Even three a 50 yard bomb.

Sounds like the Panthers could use a Nick Foles trade mwuhahaha... 


Happy Daffy Duck GIF by Looney Tunes

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3 minutes ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

If playoffs started today colts would be the 7th seed. The AFC is beating up on each other. Every team but bulls in the seven seeds has 2 losses and ravens have 3. If colts had a kicker would be number 4.

Honestly, you're right. We probably should be 4-2 right now. As @2006Coltsbestever has said many times, thank God we tied instead of lost. 

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26 minutes ago, RollerColt said:

Honestly, you're right. We probably should be 4-2 right now. As @2006Coltsbestever has said many times, thank God we tied instead of lost. 

If for some reason the Titans do beat us again, we may in the end be fighting for a wildcard. That Tie could be the difference of getting in, like with Pitt last year. There are a lot of teams that could go 9-8 at this point. 9-7-1 could get us in. The key is just getting in because at that point, it is a new season. 

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    • I went with 5/10.  Mostly because there is too much we do not know about.   Will AR play all season?  I hope so but do not know how good he will be even if he does play.  The defense has question marks.   This team could win 12 games or they could only win 6.
    • I voted 7. I'm super stoked for this season. Still think we'll get 10 wins and wildcard. We have an offense than can secure wins. We don't have a Nascar D line, it's an F1 D line. Regardless of wins and losses I want to make sure AR is our QB. I'm not a huge fan of Franklin. He's more old school ILB, than new age LB. Was hoping for a more athletic LB in the draft. Would like to see Blackmon at FS and Cross at SS. Not sure if Blackmon can cover sideline to sideline. 
    • I currently run a very competitive keeper league that has been together for 30 years. I have decided to form a new start up Keeper league and make a few tweaks to the format. The league will be hosted on Rtsports with an entry fee of $75. Fee collection will be made to a free Treasury Service provided by Rtsports, with all prize disbursement made at the conclusion of the season. - 24 Teams (2 Conferences of 12 teams) ( Four Divisions of three Teams) Each Conference has its own draft and player pool to draft from. Regular season is 13 weeks with league playoffs starting week 14-17. Both Conference Champions meet week 17 to determine the league winner. Consolation Bowl for each Conference, made up of the 6 teams that don't play for the League Title, Toilet Bowl winner gets league fees paid for the following year. - Results determined by Head to Head play with a Serpentine draft each year. 1st years draft order will be determined by random selection, following years draft order will be determined by finishing order. Worst team getting #1 pick, etc. - 100% League fee payout minus league service fee to Rtsports. - Allowed to keep 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR and 1 other player (RB, WR, TE, K or DEF) from year to year - Nothing crazy with scoring - PPR, 4 pt. passing TD come see the league and read the league scoring rules for yourself. Visitor login: https://www.rtsports.com/fantasy-football-league/326268 Any questions just hit me up. Online draft will start in August with a 12 hour time limit per pick. You can email me at fireman@lightbound.com or message me through forum. No fees due until league filled. If interested send me your email address and your team name and I will send you the league invite to access your team. League Fees due upon acceptance of team. Lets fill this thing up and have some fun. Looking forward to meeting new fresh fantasy players and building a competitive friendship. Rich
    • One thing we can say for sure about Sam? He’s a hard worker. 
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