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Pittman is the next Larry Fitzgerald?


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10 minutes ago, RollerColt said:

I really hope he can get to that level. We really need someone to step up and become that WR 1. 

We just need a young talented QB to grow that chemistry with, a competent offensive coaching staff and OL, and watch MPJ flourish. 

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2 hours ago, Coltsbluefan said:

Pittman is not Larry Fitzgerald and it’s not even close.


No one said he is. That's just a GM's opinion on Pitt's game. Larry was known as a tough hardworking WR who can block really well. Wasn't the fastest guy, but can body DBs and win on his routes.

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If used like Larry, Pitt could be better.

Pitt has the same smooth routes, same separation, same contested ability, and is little faster. 

But we use him with possession routes mostly. 

He looked great last year with 50/50s and deeper slants... more of those please.

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