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DISCLAIMER: All opinions offered here are the opinions of individual posters and do not reflect anything else. :) 


My risky but high reward bet would be the Bears upsetting the Packers OR Seahawks upsetting the 49ers. The Packers do not feature their TEs well and Eberflus led Ds play the run very well. So I expect a very close game that I feel the Bears can pull off if Justin Fields and the offense make enough plays. However, the big X factor is Aaron Rodgers, as always and he is not as inexperienced as Trey Lance is. 


Seahawks can be run on but they are very good inside the red zone and short yardage and the chemistry between Trey Lance and Deebo Samuel isn't the same as it is between Jimmy G and Deebo Samuel. Add to that, they played another mobile QB in RW that they handled pretty well. I think the Seahawks have the best shot of upsetting the house and if I were to pick an upset, I am betting against the 49ers and an inexperienced Trey Lance. I also feel the Steelers, even without Watt, are going to beat the Patriots.

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On 9/18/2022 at 5:03 PM, chad72 said:

Dang it, Trey Lance injury is Jimmy G’s gain. Seahawks have no chance now. All Jimmy G does is give you a very high playoff team floor, IMO. 

i agree. his stats dont jump off the page to often, but he wins games. hes a belicheck brady product though, not surprising.

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9 minutes ago, 4daUColts said:

any on draftkings care to share thier bets? ive got to post a couple on here


I "almost" cashed in on a bet where Josh Allen needed 1 rushing TD, 2+ passing TDs, Jalen Hurts needed 1 rushing TD, 1+ passing TDs on Monday Night. I got everything but Josh Allen's 1 rushing TD, that would have multiplied my $25 bet to $186, just was not meant to be. :( 


The house wins most of the time!!! You would think that with all the running Allen does and the scoring that the Bills do, the odds were good, oh well!!!

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