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I guess Mike Martz isn't impressed with Trey Lance


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2 hours ago, gspdx said:

Welp... That was fun to listen to. 


On a different note, did you see the headline to the side about our old Turay being elevated? Good for him! lol...

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Martz was also unimpressed with Justin Fields in the same game.  

So if you’re scoring at home…..


Lawrence….  Disappointing rookie season.  Not a great game in wk1 of season 2.


Wilson…..   disappointing rookie season..,   Hurt in season 2.   May be back around wk5.


Lance….   Didn’t play much his rookie year.  Underwhelming in season 2 including pre-season plus wk1.    Martz unimpressed. 


Fields….   Some flashes his rookie year, but mostly disappointing.   Martz also unimpressed. 

Jones…..   impressive rookie year.  Banged up in season 2.   Weird coaching staff (OC?) may impact growth. 

It’s too early to draw conclusions, but there’s not a lot of optimism to report on what was supposed to be a very good class of QBs.

Oh, and former HC Sean Payton just said he thinks Teddy Bridgewater may push Tua in Miami. 

it’s the hardest position in sports.  The failure rate is high. 

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