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Rams vs Bengals tonight. Is it something or nothing?


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I was just curious if you thought this game was worth watching?  It's on at 6Pm tonight.    

Superbowl matchup teams from last season.   Apparently they got into a brawl yesterday.  



CINCINNATI -- A brawl between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams forced both teams to halt their intersquad practice Thursday, the teams' final day of joint practices.

On a day filled with post-snap affairs, a melee broke out during a team drill featuring the Bengals' first-team offense and the Rams' first-team defense. A Rams defender who was unable to be identified from a distance was engaged with Bengals right tackle La'el Collins. The defender had Collins wrapped up from behind, arms around his chest, seconds after Cincinnati running back Joe Mixon was a few yards downfield.

Collins took exception and swung punches once he was free, sparking a massive fracas that drew several whistles and flags from the officiating crew. Multiple helmets were removed, with a Cincinnati Enquirer photographer spotting Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald wielding a Bengals lid in each hand. After practice, a video circulated on Twitter appearing to show Donald swinging a helmet multiple times during the scrum.

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